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23 July 2015

The Best Outdoor Patio String Lights + Patio Reveal

Thank you to Hometown Evolution for providing me their patio string lights for my review, and for their ideas and inspiration on this project. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In case you missed this post, I'll give you the quick and dirty rundown of the things that are going on in my life right now.... fill boxes, clean, unpack boxes, tear down boxes, build the things that came in boxes, drink wine, build more things in boxes.

We had a party last weekend for CB's birthday (yes, we're nuts, who has a party 2 weeks after moving in?!) and made it our priority to get the patio and backyard up and running. Sure the rest of the house looks like a war zone, but boy was our backyard patio party ready! 

As I mentioned in my "home help" post we were both blindsided by the cost of patio furniture. I mean, good lord y'all. The very best set I found was this one from Joss and Main, but we are still gun shy on pulling the trigger with all of the money we've already spent. 

Enter... budget patio decorating with Sarah Webb.

The vast majority of everything you're about to see, I had already owned in my old apartment (which didn't even have a full patio, just a balconette). Does it look like a Real Housewives of NYC chic Hampton's getaway? Well maybe not, but I was certainly proud to have our friends drink their beer on it! 

Let's talk about my favorite part, the string lights! CB was a saint for being so kind as to hang these for me in the 102 degree Dallas afternoon. I was actually browsing Pinterest one day and found this amazing company, Hometown Evolution, that sells everything from string lights, to paper lanterns, to tin star lights. They legit have everything you could ever dream of for creating a backyard and patio oasis. 

When I first stepped foot on our patio, I knew it was screaming for string lights to be hung through the rafters. Hometown Evolution was so easy to work with. I explained what kind of look I was going for, and showed them the Pinterest picture I had found. They then suggested the C7 Base Light Strings, and the clear G40 globe light bulbs. I absolutely adore how they turned out!


The rest of the items were either dirt cheap, or I had already owned. 

Coffee Tables // Old, $7 each from Ikea 
3 years old, no longer needed them inside

Yellow Side Table // Free 
CB's step dad was going to throw it away. I asked to have it, then spray painted it yellow 

White Chair + Ottoman // Old, Ikea
Owned for 2 years, about $80 total when I originally bought it.

Wicker/Ratan Chairs // $20 each, Thrift Shop
Even came with those cushions too. I might paint them white, we'll see! 

Rainbow Streamer // $2.49 World Market

Flower Pots // $2.79 each Crate & Barrel Outlet

Everything else is old stuff that didn't really fit in the house anywhere else. I think it turned out pretty darn cute, and I'm super proud of it considering I hardly spent any money. Here are some more snaps of the finished product. 

 Drink on Fleek Recipe can be found here!
So what do you guys think?? Be gentle... 



  1. It looks great!!!! I love your bright style! I can't wait to see how you decorate the rest of the house!!! :)

  2. apartment therapy needs to be contacted. this is so freaking beautiful!

  3. This looks truly awesome! I would love to spend afternoons out there after work and it definitely looks like the perfect place to host an outdoor party! Pretty jealous because my apartment doesn't have a patio or balcony! :(

  4. Looks great! I love string lights. And I'm dying over the flamingo glasses!

  5. Love the lights! Everything looks great, so cute and cozy and welcoming!

  6. This turned out so great! Love how bright and cheery it is, yet still cool and modern. Excellent choice of throw pillows :)


  7. Your patio is sooo cute and inviting. I love all the pops of color. The lights are amazing and so is the ribbon streamer!!!

  8. Your patio is so cute! The string lights look perfect, and I love that you re-purposed some older items that you weren't using in the new house.

  9. OMG I love it!! Your patio is the cutest!

  10. I looove what you did with the patio!! It looks fun & inviting!!!

  11. I love it! I dream of the day I have a porch to decorate!

  12. I adore this, you have made the porch so live in friendly. and I can just imagine sitting there with drink in hand ( PS dont be surprised when we all stop by)

  13. Love how this turned out! I'd be sipping some drinks every evening in that patio!

  14. I love how colorful your patio is! So cute!

  15. your patio turned out super cute and cozy.

  16. so cute! I need some ideas for our front porch too. All we have is some lonesome rockers. I know once we get past our rainy season here in florida we will be spending more time on our porch meaning we need to spruce it up a little.

  17. Umm.. patio cuteness overload!! Love the lights so much!

  18. Be gentle?! With what, you (and CB) did an awesome job! I would happily spend my entire day out there with cocktails!

  19. Love what you did! So perfect for that space! Makes me want a porch really bad!

  20. Your patio looks absolutely amazing! And I absolutely LOVE those lights! I'm going to try that on the little roof covering we have on our back porch!

  21. I love the porch lights! Nothing better than spending summer nights hanging out on an adorable porch!

  22. You did an amaze-balls job!!!! We just (seriously, last week) bought some G40 globe string lights for our back patio, which is still in the works since we have been building a huge awningr, digging dirt, shoveling gravel, and (eventually) will be putting in pavers ourselves. Whew. But yours is sooooo cute and looked really easy and breezy! Love it!! By the way, I say keep the chairs the natural wood color to bring in the natural wood colors of the rafters and railing. I really do love it! Job well done!!


  23. I just love these porch lightings! Your patio is so pretty. It’s perfect for an outdoor party. But dear I don’t have any space for party in my house so I always go for local party venue rentals for my private parties.


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