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21 July 2015

That DVR Contraption

I don't know a whole lot about the innerworkings of the DVR machine that sits in four rooms of our home. (Yes, I said we have 4 televisions hooked up to cable. Hello, FOOTBALL SEASON Y'ALL, don't judge.) I've never actually had DVR for an extended period of time before, and I can't quite say I understand the concept. 

I could live off two channels, ESPN and Bravo. If the cable companies offered a service that just provided those two channels, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Bravo shows don't need to be DVR'd because if you happen to miss one, they are all found On Demand, not to mention played a trillion more times throughout the week. As far as sporting events go, the idea of DVR'ing sports is just absolutely downright absurd to me. This is one rare time that my boyfriend's and my opinion differ drastically. 

CB often DVRs sports, and it boggles my mind every time. Now granted, yes, I am more heavily involved in Social Media than most normal human beings, but how does one stay away from all forms of spoilers for days at a time? 

For example, CB still has no idea who won the Open yesterday. I had started the day planning on trying my darndest to stay away from updates so I could watch the recording with him after work. I caved and checked the scores about 35 minutes into the final group teeing off. It wouldn't have mattered though, because my boss was watching from his deck and screamed, "JORDAN BLEW IT!" #SMH.

So we watched the recording together last night, I of course knew who had won and had to stay silent. This is very difficult for me, keeping a secret really isn't my thing. It was about 10:30pm when the 3 golfers that were tied at the end of regulation, started the 4 hole playoff. 
CB THEN TURNS OFF THE TELEVISION and says, "Time for bed, I'll pick this up tomorrow night

This is the part of the post where I insert the most applicable GIF ever created to accurately express the way women feel about men on a regular basis.

Bro. There are 4 holes to go?! I couldn't make it 35 minutes into competition without checking the scores, you want to go another full day? I understand you don't have social media, but what about your friends? What about your family? What about the radio? What about co-workers? What about VENUS TRAPPED IN FREAKING MARS, you read her and she might just write about it!! She might just say WAY TO GO George Glass, congratulations on your Claret Jug. 

Whatever, I just don't get it. 

Also, for those who don't follow golf, George Glass is not a golfer, that I'm aware of. He was the made up name of Jan's boyfriend from the movie, The Brady Bunch. I'm not a jerk. I will continue to stay silent because I'm just THAT good of a girlfriend. Bah humbug. 

Damn DVR. 




  1. You're my kind of a girl! We have 5 tv's in the house just for football season...and baseball. I fall asleep to ESPN almost every night. LOL. I think the only reason why my husband fell in love with me was because of my obession of football. XO

    1. I can't think of a better reason to love someone!! :) :)

  2. LOVE me some DVR! I try not to watch anything live if I can help it. Commercials are the worst and they take so much freaking extra time! (Side note: We have two TVs with cable - one in the guest room and one in the living room. Only one of those - living room - has DVR and HD. Someone once told me nothing good happens in a bedroom with a television set and I have to say I agree!)

  3. Hahaha...this is phenomenal. I love DVR, but only for TV shows in the middle of the week. I would never, under any circumstances, wait to watch a DVRed sporting event. Absolutely not. My fiance, however, will DVR a game, follow it intensely on social media, KNOW THE OUTCOME, then watch it anyway to see the highlights and major plays. At that point, the game is ruined for me. I suppose that's the difference between guys and girls. If a play is that spectacular, I'll see it on Sportscenter or my Twitter feed. Of course, my fiance has also said that if a baseball swing was a work of art, then Ken Griffey Jr.'s should be in the I guess we're talking about someone who loves the mechanics.

  4. While I'm not as into sports, i would totally have to seen the ending! how does he do it?! that's just nuts.

  5. I totally don't understand the DVR-ing of sports either! I've actually blown it for a coworker who had a game DVR'd and I didn't realize it at the time. I felt so bad!

  6. I don't get DVRing sports either! It's way too easy to accidentally hear or see the score and then what's the point in watching the game?? Plus even if I'm away from home during a game or can't watch it, if it's my team I'm obsessively checking the score on my phone the whole time. I'm worse than a guy, lol!

  7. That is the only way to live! TV's and DVR's in all the rooms :) We are Browns fans through and through, but you better belive on Thanksgiving day during our meal that TV was sitting front in center to the dining room table! lol! #iwasraisedright ;)
    I can't lie, I do DVR Browns games. I never did before Xavier came along, but I have to now. At 3 he doesn't quite get the idea that he must remain silent and not bother mommy during the games. Also, games are usually during nap time. Meaning I have to stop watching to get him to sleep before I return to the game. It actually makes things rather enjoyable. I can buzz through commercials, timeouts, injuries, etc.
    DVR's in general are just the bee's knees for me :) Some nights I have all of our DVR's recording the max amount of shows at one time. #tvjunkie #icantgetenough

  8. holy cow, stopping a sporting thing 4 holes till the end?! That is just plain crazy. I know my husband records almost all of his sporting events, but starts watching them 1-2 hours after they start so he can fast forward through commercials. There have been quite a few times that I've had to turn on the tv with no sound, just in case the sporting event is on...then I start up the DVR. But mostly I record because I can't stand commercials! I feel like most of them don't apply to me and I'm just wasting precious time.

  9. I don't know whether to be astounded or impressed. TWO days for four wholes remaining? Not looking up spoilers? I know spoilers to tv shows I don't even watch within minutes usually because I'm just so curious what all the fuss is about.

  10. DVR + sports do not belong together. That is all.

  11. Yeah, not acceptable. Sorry, CB. The only time we DVR golf is when we are going to play golf, which we consider an acceptable trade-off haha. Even then, about half the time we ruin it and forget we aren't supposed to look at Twitter. Does he know who won yet??

  12. LOL!!! I cannot do DVR and sports, Jared has done it on occasion too and I'm all, "Hellooooo, I am reading live tweets! This will not work!"

  13. Oh, you are so young and adorable. George Glass was first the made up boyfriend of Jan Brady in the television series, decades before the movie.

    And also, guys are weird.

  14. I don't get DVRing Sports events either - I could never avoid spoilers... and I love sports. We gave up on DVR and just started getting Hulu each month when it's "TV season" for us. Sports we will watch live, as much as we can. I gave up on NFL. I still love my Steelers but between Bama and their last season, and Steelers I get a football ulcer so I read highlights about the Steelers game and then FULLY focus on Bama football. (sorry... I'll save the RTR for later). ;) Just so you know I'm not a Vol hater at all... I'm originally from Maryland so my 'Bama-ness doesn't date back to the good ole' days and I will say this I'm actually frightened of the Vols and a few other teams this year!!! Coach S has some SERIOUS work to do!!! On a plus side... it's almost FOOTBALL SEASON!

  15. Love my DVR, but don't use it for sports. I watch all those live. Duh.

  16. I love the DVR. It saves me on Tuesday nights when SO much is on. However, DVR-ing sports is just absurd to me. I, like you, am on social media all day so it's impossible to avoid spoilers. Plus sports are a live-in-the-moment kinda deal. CB is crazy. At least on this one point.

  17. George Glass! I knew I recognized that name.. Am I total nerd for knowing that reference...?? Yes, yes I am.
    I can never turn a show off or something that is nearly over. That's craziness!!


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