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06 July 2015

Summer To Do List: Watch All of the Sunsets

This year for the 4th, CB and I headed out to his parent's house on Lake Granbury. What started as just a few of us heading to the lake to celebrate, somehow turned into a group of about 15! I've got to say, I did feel a little guilty being there seeing as we had about a trillion other things we should have been doing. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know what I'm talking about. I sure am glad we went though, it was an absolute blast. Literally, (I think I'm going to use that word correctly in 3...2...1...) a blast complete with fireworks galore. 

Lake Granbury, about an hour and a half from Dallas, had been in a multi-year draught. Each time I had visited, the water was so low that it didn't even come within 100 yards of the retaining wall that lines the property. After the Texas flooding in the month of May though, Lake Granbury was full and glistening with beauty! 

I could be found enjoying the sunset in the hammock. Because, Summer.

The award for cutest ever goes to Will, CB's nephew, who helped deliver all of the essentials from the car to the dock. Now that's what I call service with a smile! 

Oh, and this happened. 

BRB, we'll talk more on that tomorrow. 



  1. congrats on getting a house.

  2. Your pictures are always so bright, colorful and FULL of happiness! I love it! :) !!

  3. Love your pictures! Looks like fun!!

  4. The lake is gorgeous! What an amazing sunset!

  5. the lake is GORGEOUS. looks like y'all had a blast. i can barely stand how excited I am for your news!!!!!

  6. I saw a post on the best swimming holes and most were in Texas...Texas is beautiful!

  7. That looks like a lovely weekend!

    And I can't wait to hear about your latest adventure!

  8. Gorgeous picture of the lake. After I finish school Nikki and I can't decide whether to go to Texas or Oregon? These lake pictures got me leaning towards Texas!

  9. Sunsets will never get old to take pictures of or to look at. They're so pretty. And perfect golden hour light!

  10. Sunsets never get old. Come on out to Hawaii and we will watch them every day! XO


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