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29 July 2015

Breaking The Balls In

It's no big secret that I don't really care for Tom Brady. My boyfriend, well, he thinks Brady is the GLA, aka the Greatest Living American. As an obsessor of Peyton Manning, I simply cannot get onboard the Brady bus. He's been a bit of a toddler about this whole deflate-gate situation. Despite the previous sentence, I'm trying to take a neutral stand here, but Tom is making it hard for me. 

|| Here's a quick rundown of what has happened since the beginning ||

1. NFL found that all 11 of the Patriots' footballs during a playoff game were underinflated. 
So what, you ask? It was cold and rainy, making the ball easier to throw and catch. They tell me that's kind of a big deal in football. 

2. Brady says, "I'd never do anything to break the rules.
I'm also going to include an exact quote from the rest of his statement, purely for comedic value. I've highlighted the parts I think are hilarious. 

"I go in and I take the footballs that I want to use for the game," Brady said. "Our equipment guys do a great job with breaking the balls in. They have a process that they go through. When I pick those balls out, at that point to me they are perfect. I don't want anyone touching the balls after that, I don't want anyone rubbing them, putting any air in them, taking any air out.
"To me those balls are perfect and that's what I expect when I show up on the field. So that happened obviously on Sunday night, is the same process that I always go through. I didn't think anything of it."

3. Investigation shows Brady was at the very least, aware that the balls were deliberately deflated.

4. Brady suspended 4 games

5. Suspension appealed

6. NFL requests Brady's phone

7. Says they can't have it because he destroyed it

8. Says he destroys phones all the time (first world problems, amiright?) 

9. Brady's suspension upheld by commissioner Roger Goodell

Personally, I fully support Roger Goodell's decision, and that has nothing to do with the fact that the Cowboys and Patriots play each other during Brady's 4-game suspension. Absolutely nothing. 

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Brady takes to Facebook to defend himself, saying he did nothing wrong. Through this whole thing, the moment I truly lost respect for him was when he used Facebook to defend himself. I'm sorry, but when I post to my blog's Facebook fan page, it's only seen by 22 people. I could post naked pictures on Facebook and no one would see it. Be a man, use twitter/insta where we can all see what you're saying! Don't hide behind the Facebook fan page algorithm. 

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  1. I can not stand Tom Brady. I was behind a car today with a Steelers sign in their window (I hate Ben Roethlisberger too) It totally hit me that I hard core judge people based on what team/player they like. Pretty much you like Peyton or you're a loser in my opinion.

  2. Ugh, he's the worst! I've loved Peyton since college so I've never been a Brady/Patriots fan but at least I could moderately respect him but that's done. The destroying of the phone makes him look SO guilty and I feel like he's trying to put it off on any and everyone else instead of just owning the mistake (read cheating) and apologizing.

  3. I cannot stand Brady. I don't particularly feel one way or another about the Mannings, but I did buy a Peyton Manning Colts beanie baby when I was in 5th grade and I really wish I still had it.

  4. Brady is a local product and I am glad that the suspension was upheld.

  5. Someone liked his statement so OF COURSE it showed up on my feed. Thanks Facebook, I now know who to unfriend.. ANYWAYS. I tried to read it but after two sentences I came to the consensus that he is a whiny baby and that I'm super sad that the Broncos always play the Patriots at the end of the season. UGH. #PFM

  6. I can't stand Tom Brady, never have, never will, and yes the fact that I'm a die-hard Colts fan does play into that. And yes I am still bitter about that playoff game. I'm just giddy that his first game back will be here in Indy *maniacal laugh*

  7. LOL Gisele Bundchen likes this! :D OMG please tell me you have seen this video of his press conference, autotuned. It is gold.

  8. I not a Tom Brady fan.

  9. everyone's saying it's not that big of a deal what the PSI of the ball was. and yeah, when you win 45-7 it's not. but when you win 35-31 and at least 6 of those points come from pretty shady means? then one fumble means EVERYTHING and so the ball pressure also means EVERYTHING. not that I'm still bitter about it. -_-

    And Tom Brady sucks, just in general.

  10. "Don't hide behind facebook's algorithm." PERFECT. Yes, I'm glad he can't play against the Cowboys, because duh, the Cowboys. Also, he's just obnoxious.
    Now if Rodger Goodell could just be serious about all the other scandals embracing the NFL, he'd actually be doing his job.

  11. I love this haha. I am a New Englander and I despise Tom Brady - always have always will. I'm a Peyton fan in a general sense but I'm a Panthers fan. (so yeah, some hatred comes from the 2004 Super Bowl but we don't have to talk about that). It's the WORST when you live in the area where he's most loved. He deserves it, I'm happy it was upheld. DONE. (My mom is a Cowboys fan so I'm partial to them as well, so woohoo!!)

  12. Completely agree, except for the whole rooting for the Cowboys part. ;) Seriously though, it's super fishy you destroyed your phone. Am I the only one that usually keeps old phones in a drawer somewhere never to be touched again? Even if he didn't have any correspondence with the equipment managers, it looks really bad, Tom. Sorry not sorry.

  13. Oh my goodness I am not the only person who thinks Tom Brady is no the GLA lol. I've never been able to get on that buss either. I'm a Manning girl all the way.
    I don't believe he's all innocent in this whole thing either. If he was I don't think his phone would have been "destroyed"
    And while I'm not the biggest fan of Goodel either, I appreciate he upheld the suspension and isn't treating Brady like the god everyone see's him to be.

  14. I've always liked him as a player, but I'm at the point where I just can't stand him as a person. I'm glad Goodel upheld the suspension. Now if only he would uphold suspensions for players that beat up their girlfriends...

  15. Did you read the Wells report or any of the other information out there with actual facts or did you just base your opinion on the fact that you don't like him? All this does is show what a joke the NFL has become. The punishments for players have been inconsistent and all over the place while Goodell has been in charge and the way he handles these big cases is a giant cluster. They leak info that is incorrect, change facts so it fits their story and agenda and appear sometimes to make up rules as they go. Info was leaked that all the balls were 2 lbs PSI below the allowed range when really the only ball that measured that low was the one that the Colts had and tested on their sideline. That also could have been a really convenient way to let a little air out before giving the ball to an official---hmmmm. And at half time why were only 4 Colts balls measured (3 of 4 were too low) while each Patriot ball was measured?----hmmmm

    If he is guilty of not turning over his cellphone then the most comparable situation is when Brett Favre refused to turn over his cell phone and got a fine, no suspension. Many present and former quarter backs have also spoken up and said that they used footballs inflated higher than the allowable range or used products to aid in their performance but none of those players have been investigated to this degree or had any punishments this severe. Thats my biggest problem with the NFL, I just want them to be consistent in how they handle situations so that no team is singled out as being treated either favorable or at a disadvantage. The Chargers were caught using a sticky substance on the sidelines and were only fined 20k, Aaron Rodgers stated he uses balls that are overinflated, or during the Vikings-Panthers game who were also caught heating footballs on the sidelines? Those things are all VERY comparable to the allegations of Deflategate but yet again, there is no consistency in the punishment given out from the NFL especially knowing that the stated fine for "altering footballs" is only 25k.

    To me, this should have been handled so differently and its a joke that it became this witch hunt. The NFL has not had a procedure in place to measure or record the PSI for all the games which is their problem, not any one player or team. They even said in the Wells report they had no real proof so they need to shoulder some of the responsibility for this error. The NFL made an error by not having a plan in place to record the PSI information so the more logical thing to do would be to realize their error, make a plan for the next season and inform teams of the process. Instead, they jumped in and gave penalties to a player and a team without having ANY historical data to go by to see if any of the PSI readings for either team was normal or consistent given the conditions for that day.

    This lawyer is from Texas although she is not a Cowboys fan, if you read some of her answers to legal questions about this case, I think you'll find she is smart and thorough using facts rather than jumping on the opinion of other haters

  16. Ok well I must be the only fan here.. I love TB however if you break the rules you should be punished and I think his punishment is fair. But compared to Ray Rice's punishment is it not. Beat up your Wife? FOUR games. Know about under-inflated balls in a game that the other team never would have won anyway?? Four Games.. NFL is now a joke. with its punishments. But it is what it is... Go Pats! Hope we can still be friends. =) haha

  17. I am from Massachusetts and I am in the middle of Tom Brady and patriot's nation. I seriously never get into sports or football or anything. I thought tom was a great ball player and I thought the patriot's were a good team. first we got caught video taping and got caught 'cheating' that way. and then this all happened
    I think it's funny that your hubby thinks he's the greatest living American lol! I thought he was good but now it's hard to think he is good when it appears he knew of the ball pressure.....
    IDK.... I am just so sick of hearing about it all over the news.... that's all that is on the BOston news channels, all day, every day..... it is so annoying. anyway.... it sucks that we are labeled cheaters.;... we (Patriot's) are/were good ball players (I thought) and the superbowl we won regardless of the balls because at that point they were checking them (I think, I told you, I don't have much sports knowledge lol)....
    but the fact the brady and whomever else knew that he liked his balls soft (haha. deflated) because they were easier to catch...but we could've played that game with a bar of soap and still won..... that was one of the only games that I know about and kind of watched.... anyway.... that's my opinion....
    I agree with both sides :)

  18. Yeah this is all super ridiculous. Brady and the owner are being big babies about the whole thing. Do what you're supposed to, and don't do what you're not and there's no problem. It's called consequences, people!


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