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14 July 2015

15 Easy DIY Projects

I came, I saw the pin, I never conquered. Story of my life. In my defense though, it is darn near impossible to do DIY projects in a one bedroom apartment. I'm making excuses. The real problem is that I'll have plans to do one of these projects, then someone will text and ask if I'd like to go grab a drink. Drink grabbing always wins. Also, I literally cut corners on DIY projects, so they always turn out horrific. I'm a living, breathing, Pinterest Fail. 

NOT ANYMORE THOUGH. This is where I draw the line. CB is the best teammate when it comes to this kind of thing. Not necessarily because he wants to do these projects with me, but I think he simply can't stand to watch me half ass it. For example, the kid got out a level yesterday to mount a shower curtain rod. A level. Bless his little heart. If it were up to me, the thing would've been hung in 29 seconds, aligned at a 60 degree angle and I would have patted myself on the back and encouraged myself to grab a glass of wine for my hard work. Meticulous DIY project completer,  I am not.  

With that said, here are the projects I CB and I will 100% be completing for the new house. Mark my words, and please no invitations to happy hour. Unless you're going? Are you going? How many people? What are the specials? What time should I meet you? Ok, I'll be there 10 minutes early. 

1. DIY Marble Tray 
via Almost Makes Perfect

 2. Ikea Picture Frame Hack 
via Style Caster

  3. Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set
via Home Depot

 4. Dipped Ikea Entry Table
via The Sweet Beast

5. Ikea Rug Hack
via Old House New Tricks

 6. Spotted DIY Curtains
via A Beautiful Mess

7. DIY Emoji Marquee
via A Beautiful Mess

8. Record Frame Instagram Wall
via A Beautiful Mess (yes, I clearly love this blog)  

9. Branch Wall Hanging
via Lets Fete

10. All the Faux Marble Countertops
via Style Me Pretty
-and- via A Thoughtful Place
  -and- via Poppy Talk

 11. Ikea Dresser Hack
via Sugar and Cloth

 12. Wire Basket Side Table
via I Spy DIY

  13. Yarn Wall Hang
via I Spy DIY

  14. DIY Hanging Mirror
via Sugar and Cloth

  15. Pom Pom Wall Hang
via Sugar and Cloth

Please leave any and all links for projects, like these, that you think everyone would like! OR, ALSO, please leave any and all links to happy hour specials around the greater DFW metro area. 
K, Thx. 


  1. it's like you read my mind! i love all theses ideas. pinning!

  2. "Drink grabbing always wins." Yes. We would get nothing done if we lived in the same city. :)

  3. So many fun DIY

  4. ABM has the best DIYs!

    Last summer (I think?) I did a couple fun DIYs with/for my kids: A dino succulent planter and abstract canvas art.


    And more!:

  5. What does it say about me that I got overwhelmed just by looking at all of the pictures?!

  6. These are so fun! I can't wait to move into a house that I get to decorate!

  7. I love all of these, but especially the gold-dipped Ikea table (I've pinned it myself!) and the Instagram wall!

  8. Ohhh yessss. I'm moving to a new apt and pinning DIYs all over the place. Because I'm cheap. And wanna be crafty. But I'm not.

  9. These are all so cute! I pin so many DIY's that I never do, lol!

  10. Record frame Instagram wall...GET IN MY LIFE! I was never a DIY person, but then one day I tried it and loved it. It was very therapeutic for me and I've come to enjoy trying new projects. Good luck girl!

  11. I'm currently living in corporate housing and it is squashing all of my DIY abilities. I can't wait until I finally have my own place again so I can decorate with this kind of stuff! So excited to see your house when this is all finished!

  12. Pinterest is my best friend and my worst enemy. Croquet set, yes please! Basket table, oh yeah!

  13. I am the SAME PERSON. Except you're getting all the invites, I'm just begging people to go with me! (Happy hour in Ireland next week?) Love this compilation of projects! Can't wait to see how some of them turn out x (No pressure!!)

  14. I love DIY I suck at DIY....................just saying

  15. I need those spotty curtains, but I lack the DIY genes to do it without completely ruining a nice pair of white curtains.

  16. I love these ideas! They're so inexpensive and easy. Using these for my house next year!


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