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29 October 2015

Drink On Fleek || Raspberry and Basil Whiskey Cocktail

Raspberry Basil Whiskey Cocktail

I'm getting super pumped for Halloween over here. I wish I could say that we're having this massive raging party -- wait, do I wish I could say that? -- but it sounds like just a handful of friends are going to be coming over for a few drinks before we hit up my old hood, Deep Ellum. No one has agreed on Deep Ellum yet, but I always want to go there and assume everyone else does too. Happy Sarah, happy life. That's the old saying right?

This will be the very first time I've ever had trick-or-treaters. CB has been asking our neighbors for the scoop on Halloween in our area, and they say it is absolutely nuts and goes for hours. Our neighborhood, although still very urban, has kids and families everywhere you turn. I mentioned on Monday that my costume is part of a 3 person group, and is 80s inspired. Considering I wasn't even alive for the majority of the 80s, I seriously doubt any kid that comes to our door will know who we are. 

Side note, Tennessee plays Kentucky on Saturday night at 7pm. I will not be capable of answering the door during this time, but I'm certain I will scare children from the sounds of my shrieking at the television. I read an article yesterday that said Tennessee is simply 4 plays from being undefeated this season. That is sickening.  

If you're looking for a cocktail to make for a Halloween party this weekend, I've got a great one for you today! Last year I made A Beautiful Mess's Candy Corn Jello Shots, and while they were very pretty, they were not even remotely edible. This is more than likely my fault, I'm sure it was user error. We'll put these under the Pinterest Fail category.

This year I'm going to make this whiskey concoction, since I know everyone at the party, myself included, is a Jack Daniels fan. If whiskey isn't your thing though, check out my full list of cocktails here

|| Ingredients ||  

1/2 Oz Whiskey (As a Tennessee girl, I prefer Jack, always)

3 Basil Leaves

6 Raspberries

1 tbsp. sugar

Sparkling Water

|| Directions ||  

Muddle Raspberries, Basil, Sugar and Whiskey in the bottom of your cocktail glass. Add crushed ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with basil -- I had a massive leaf which I thought looked cool, you certainly don't need one that large!! -- and raspberries. 

What are you guys being for Halloween this year??? Follow me on snapchat and insta to find out what our 80s trio costume is! 

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  1. i'm going as myself this year.

  2. I'll be shopping in Lexington this weekend....wearing my Tennessee gear.

  3. I'm not a big whiskey person but this sounds so good! and i love the candy corn shots. Your halloween plans sound so fun!!

  4. Dane would absolutely love this! We are big whisky drinkers (he got me into it) -- I should totally make these this weekend. Also, when are you coming to visit? We have a great pizza food truck her, just sayin' ;)

  5. I'm so glad I started following you on the Snap! I can't wait to see this costume. We have big crowds for Halloween and being that it's a Saturday this year we're anticipating even more. I'm having similar football/Halloween predicament, Notre Dame is playing Temple and it was pushed to prime time. Guess I'm just gonna have to bring the tv out front.

  6. well i know that i am drinking tonight!

  7. I'm not a whiskey fan but with raspberries and basil, I may just need to try this out! Saw your costume on IG and LOVED it - who cares if the kids know who you are or not :)


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