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26 October 2015

Looking Fore A Good Time?

Golf is one of my absolute favorite sports to not only watch, but also play. I grew up playing golf with both of my parents, but mostly with my Dad. We'd go out on the course, and I'd always ask to borrow my Dad's driver on the first hole. I'd step up to the tee with a club that was way too big for me, and whack it right down the middle. Please don't get too impressed by this though, the rest of my game was and is, horrific. Please don't ask me to putt, just please don't. 

*Hits first shot on to green, putts 12 times before hitting it in the hole*

My poor Dad so desperately wanted me to fall in love with the game of golf and get a full-ride to play in college so my parents could use that tuition money on a 3 month elaborate Bali getaway. Alas, when I was a kid though, my two favorite things about golf were getting to drive the cart and buying ice cream from the cart girl. 

Fast forward to today, and I've certainly learned to love golf a lot more. I still get excited when the cart girl comes around, but now mostly because it means an ice cold beer is in my near future!

Lucky for me, CB is an avid golfer. We have a blast playing together, and anytime we finish a round of 18, we look at each other and say, "Why don't we do this more often?" We tend to make everything a competition, and golf is no different. He's much better than I am, but there is one way I'm able to pull off a rare golf win against him, and that's at Topgolf.

This past week, a big group of 8 of us met up for a couple hours of friendly competition at one of our local Topgolf locations here in DFW, The Colony, Tx.

If you've never played Topgolf before, the first thing you need to know is that you're going to do great. It's just like bowling in the sense that everyone can play, no matter your skill level. To prove my point, there's a red target so close to where you shoot from, that you could almost underhand toss the ball in the target and score points. Don't be intimidated, it's seriously fun for all skill levels. 

There are a variety of different games you can play at Topgolf. The golf ball you're hitting has a microchip in it, and your goal is to hit it in one of 7 targets. The targets range from very close to very, very far away. My favorite game is Topshot, but a full list of game options can be found here. Don't just play the basic "Topgolf" when you go, try a few different challenges! TopChip would be a good game to start with if you're new. 

We had a big group of people, split up into two "bays." The term bay is just like a lane in bowling. The service was absolutely fantastic, our waitress was quick and very attentive. She honestly seemed to be having a blast, as was the same with the rest of the Topgolf staff. 

Our group had a diverse range of golf experience, everything from first time to ever pick up a club, to players who never miss a weekend on the links. Everyone had a fantastic time. 

My mission, as I'm sure you guessed, was simply to win at least ONE GAME against CB. 

Just ONCE. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Apparently yes, it is too much to ask. I lost every time. I guess that means we'll just have to go back every single week until I beat him. I don't think that's unreasonable do you? 

Have you been thinking about trying Topgolf in your area? This weekend they'll be hosting the Zombies Ball complete with a costume contest and awesome prizes, as well as Putts and Pumpkins, an event for the kiddos!

Have you ever played Topgolf before?? Did you love it? More importantly, did you win???

Thank you to Topgolf for providing me with a free Topgolf experience, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Just googled to see if there was one in Chicago, YUP!! Well I know what I am doing this weekend :)

  2. It's been a long time since I've heard The Colony mentioned -- it's where my big brother went to high school.

    I'm not into golf, but I've been told by my sister-in-law that I should tag along to Top Golf for the margaritas.

  3. TopGolf is the best. I always have so much fun, even if I'm losing. Which is often.

  4. What a cool Golf Course.

  5. We should scramble together.. I can't drive for shit but my putting game is on point.

    I'm golfing at the Ritz in Naples on Saturday with my mom. She's really good. So I may just end up driving her cart around and drinking some brews.

  6. So fun!! We are getting one NEXT summer and I am already excited about it :)

  7. Topgolf is one of my favorite places to go out here. Their beer queso is so good too!

  8. Ohmygosh that sounds like so much fun!!! Unfortunately, the closest one to me is in Vegas, 4 hours and a whole state away. Seriously? No Southern California locations?? That needs to change!

  9. LOVE Top Golf....but I think I've said that before! It's too bad Dallas (5 hours away) is the closest one to us. Definitely not something we can do spur the moment.

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  11. I never realized this is what Topgolf is like. I think there's one in tampa, now I kinda wanna go. and no I've never picked up a club other than putt putt golfing lol

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