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22 May 2013

No Luck Needed!

Let me start by announcing the winner of the Blating Game before Sara hurts me. 

YOU ALL WIN. I will be visiting:
And "Back East" Nadine<--- where the flip do you live, why do I not know this????

WHOOO HOOOO!!! Come on now, you knew I'd do this to y'all. I love all 4 of you, I'm not going to make people choose! PSSSHT. So please have pizza and dirty gin martinis available upon my arrival.


If you recall this post here you know that I am not physically luckily capable of winning anything, ever. My dream is to find that casino from Vegas Vacation that houses actual games of skill (well, sorta). So with my first month of taking sponsors, I wanted to do a group giveaway/guest post that requires skill/effort to win. Not just luck. 

First person to match up each of the Sponsors (numbered 1-10) with their Fact (listed A-J, which can easily be found on their blog), wins....

See Sara's post here about how beautiful their necklaces are if you don't believe me. 
p.s. hey I'm stylish (sorta) so you should believe me, regardless.

Easy right? 
Just comment with your guess. You may guess more than once but don't just start listing at chronological random (the heck is that?! I just made it up) because I'll be annoyed with you and I'm the boss of this contest. #boom. 


a. I monogram everything
b. I am an English Teacher at a University in Southern California
c. I have parallel parking listed as a skill on my resume
d. I love peppermint ice cream 
e. My Grandma Thinks Elvis is Still Alive
f. I am currently OBSESSED with the TV show Scandal
g. I'm a Florida Gator fan living in the heart of Roll Tide country
h. I will Dance at any given moment
i. I love the Miami Heat and UK basketball
j. I'm 24 years old and I refuse to grow up! 

P.S. if this gets too difficult, I may start dropping hints on twitter!
Venus Trapped


  1. So, due to a lot of vodka consumption, I have a TERRIBLE memory and in no way can recall any of that information except that Helene loves to dance. :)

    I am commenting to say that your blog has energy and wakes me up more than coffee or Ginseng tea. Yup. And the glitter. Oh, the glitter. :)

  2. Hi, I'm a pretty new follower, through Bloglovin'! I've been reading for a few weeks now. Your blog is a lifesaver! Now I can talk to my bf about sports & he's so impressed by my "knowledge" lol. You rock girl!

    1. Helene in Between H
    2. It's All in the Details E
    3. Mess in the Making C
    4. Friday Morning Buzz G
    5. Handbags and Handguns F
    6.Tales from my Fairytale I
    7. With love, Rachel B
    8. Southern Sass A
    9. What's New Nini Kat J
    10. Confessions of a Busy Bee D

    1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!! YOU WON!!!! YES! yayyyy! (is my excitement coming across accurately??)

      And not just because you left such a sweet comment ;) I don't have your email!! What is it? I hope you see this!

    2. Yay! Winner winner chicken dinner!

  3. This is too hard so I quit. HOWEVER, the fact that you don't know where I live is intentional. I'm trying not to get murdered, yo. Who knows who is reading my blog?

  4. HOT DAMN you go LIZA!!!! she's like quick draw mcgraw!

  5. I feel like mines so easy.. Come on people!!!!

  6. Gah I was going to go for the win but someone beat me to it. Sore loser here. Anyway, when is Germany being added to the list?

  7. Heyyy! I love Jackie's blog design! You do great work!
    Holly Foxen Wells

  8. Thank you thank you!! I'll email you from the top of your blog?


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