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03 May 2013

A Quick Thought On Blogging Excitement

I see this status update a lot on Twitter

"I don't normally do this but I'm only 3 away from 1500, will y'all help me?"
"Sorry for this this type of status but I just hit 1000! Kind of excited."

Yes, we will help you!! We are following you, we must like you. Of course we will help you reach a milestone. Blogging is hard work. It takes creativity, persistance, TIME, effort, politeness, kindness, INTELLIGENCE! Not just anyone can do this and be successful.

You hit 50 followers. Pop bottles.
You hit 500 followers. Pop more bottles
You hit 1000 followers. Holy crap buy a liquor store.
You hit 3000+ well I hope you throw yourself a giant party at Chuck E Cheese or something because you are awesome and people love you and that is SUCH an accomplishment. 

GET EXCITED!!!! Don't be sorry. 

I have people living on my page now. They like me enough to pay rent and come LIVE WITH ME. Do you know how excited that makes me????????????? I've called my mom 112 times about it.


Be excited. It is fun to be liked and it is even more fun to like other people.
 I'll be excited with you. GO YOU. GO ME. GO US! 

Venus Trapped


  1. I am just as excited! Thanks for having me on your sidebar! :)

  2. I'm so excited to be chillin on your sidebar and you best believe I'm gonna keep paying rent to stay there :) I'm so glad we've become bloggy friends!

  3. Here's my thing about followers though - it often means NOTHING. I "follow" A LOT of blogs on GFC that I haven't read more than once.

    Now, bloglovin' I use as a reader now so I read those I follow there.

    But just because someone clicks a button doesn't mean they're reading the page. If you're just collecting followers, that means little.

    But ads - AWESOME! I've been trying to sell ads VERY CHEAP for awhile, without any success. Though to be fair, I don't pimp it out at all.

  4. Off topic but I love your blog design! Did you do it yourself?

  5. Your blog design is absolutely fabulous!

    1. Thank you!!! I am now dyslexic from fidgeting with it for so long so it is really nice to get good feedback :) :)

      Just kidding on the dyslexia! Sorta.

  6. I just started following you and I adore you! You're hilarious and sincere. So awesome!

  7. I just love you! Biiiig congrats on your new "roomies"!

  8. Hahaha yaaaaayyyyyyy! Congratulations on your new roomz! Hahaha I seriously think you are absolutely hilarious! I really want that Chuck E Cheeze party now!

  9. I freaking love your blog.

  10. Way to celebrate within the blogosphere because I've found so often people outside of it don't understand, but that's ok!

  11. Soooo... Will you be coming to my Chuck E Cheese party, orrr....?

  12. Living on your sidebar gives me the same kind of excitement!
    I pretty much celebrate any time I get a new follower... I am glad to know you support this.

  13. i should probably get my shit together and come to the sleepover.
    i swear if anyone dips my finger in warm water i'll be so upset but i'll secretly giggle because you got me.
    apologies in advance to the wet spot on your floor.

  14. Basically I wanna be your best friend. Also I may or may not have a sleeping bag that looks like a stuffed shark. I will have my mom find it.

    also I'll bring the bucket of cheeseballz. cuz what's a party with out cheeseballz


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