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23 May 2013

Baseball Board and Drinking Game

The game must be played in teams of two (or multiples of two). Each person (or group) picks a team.

There are two ways to play.
Way #1 - Just drink when instructed
Way #2 - Use the board (free printable, duh) and keep score to determine a winner.

I'm sure you know which one I would choose. 

When the team you selected is at bat, your opponent will be drinking (unless otherwise designated) and you will also have the ability to move spaces on the board! 

If your team is on defense, or in the field, you will get ready to drink

When your team is at bat, your opponent drinks the designated amount below & you move the designated spaces forward on the board.

Single - opponent drinks one (you move one space forward)
Double - opponent drinks two (you move two spaces forward)
Triple - opponent drinks six (you move six spaces forward)
Home Run - opponent drinks four (you move four spaces forward)
Grand Slam - opponent finishes drink (you move 8 spaces forward)
Player steals a base- opponent drinks three (you move three spaces forward)
Walk- opponent drinks one (you move one space forward)

When your team is at bat, you drink designated amount below and you move designated spaces backward when one of the following happens:

Strike Out - you drink one (you move one space backward)
Picked off while trying to steal - you drink three (you move three spaces backward)

These are optional add ons if you just want to drink more than the board game allocates:
(note: this will not move you any spaces forward or backward in the game)

Your team pops the ball in the air: all players drink until the ball is caught
Manager for either team walks on the field to talk to the pitcher: all players drink from the time he leaves the dugout until he gets to the mound.

I'm not freaking Milton Bradley, people. This is the best I could do.

 TO PRINT 8.5x11 Board Game:
Just click on the image of the board below which will take you to photo bucket. On the right side where it gives Media Options choose download, then print right to a standard size 8.5x11 sheet of paper!

Cut out and choose which game piece you want to use, and start playing! 
First person to cross home plate, wins! 

If you have any issues with printing or downloading or anything, of course can contact me and I'll be happy to help! Hope you kids have fun with this!

 photo boardgame-1.jpg

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  1. you and your drinking games, i love it

  2. OMG!!! I was just reading your post today and was thinking, this would be perfect for Thirsty Thursday!!! Haha. Thanks so much for linking up today!! We're on every week!!


  3. You know damn well I'm goign to try to play this. It may just be the only way I'll get into baseball whole-heartedly. And the boyfriend will LOVE that!

  4. One of my favorite things about this is that it is obvious that you actually know something about baseball. More drinks for a triple than a homerun? Most people would have flipped that. So I love this!

  5. sooooo what happens when there is a brawl on the field, both bench run out, and mass chaos ensues. Does everyone drink until they black out?!

  6. You have a gift. A true drinking game creation gift.

  7. This is so incredibly fantastic.

  8. Don't hate me but I don't like baseball :/ It may be worth watching to play this though..maybe..

  9. haha this would be fun and the way the yankees pitchers have been lately, I might be drinking quite a bit when the managers come to the mound.

  10. This is hilarious and definitely something I want to try!! Nicole from Teasure Tromp referred me to your page! It is glittery and AMAZING!!

  11. You really have way too much time on your hands. And you brain is way too in tune with helping me get drunk. I don't need any more help but there you go again aiding in my mess of a life.

  12. this is fantastic. no, beyond fantastic.

  13. YESSSSS!!!! I am playing this every day this summer. Have you ever played beer ball?? I feel like you would adore it. Best summer drinking game of all time.

  14. THIS IS FANTASTIC. not surprised. Tom's into it. Also we will be playing this when we go see the sox FO SHO #hammadatthaballpaakKID


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