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29 May 2013

All these Photo-A-Day Challenges....

If you are new to these there parts of the internets I call Venus Trapped in Mars, well you may not know that I am over the top competitive. I compete with the girl in front of me at turbo kick, I compete with the random stranger in the OTHER popcorn line to see who makes it to the front first, I even compete to get in and out of the bathroom faster than the guys. 
Side note: How do they pee, wash and dry their hands THAT fast? I'll never know.
Check. Geeze we got it, you like to compete...

Well when I heard from Jess that ESPNW was doing a photo a day challenge on the insta-machine here... well I'm sure you could guess this girl wanted to play. 

Then I thought, who needs someone else's contest when you can make your own contest? I post such a wide variety of pictures, I have insane amounts of creativity oozing from my pores, I am a professional photographer (since I own an iphone5) I'll just build a challenge based on pictures I already have on my Instagram.

Let's see...
First things first. Need a Name and a Tagline.
Next: What kind of pictures to post...
Day #1: Post a picture of your dog named General Neyland
Day #2: Post a Picture of Your Food

Day #3: Post a picture of what you are currently drinking

This is too easy... how many days? 30? Psssht, no problem.
Day #4: Post a selfie

Day #5: Post Some Inspirational Words 

Day #6: Post a picture of something beautiful

Day #7: Post a picture without a filter



This contest is stupid, anyways. 
How about you just enter one of the Photo-a-day contests already happening? 
Like the ESPNW #98daystoshine Photo Challenge. 
Each day, you post a new picture to Instagram with the tag #98daystoshine + that day's number.

Example, Today's theme is "Your Playlist"
I would post...
@iamsarahwebb: "Listenin to Notorious B.I.G. Radio #98daystoshine #day3 @espnw #boom"

And then I would be showered with prizes, love and admiration by all. 
Now everyone go play.
But remember, I'll be competing against you. 
Venus Trapped


  1. You are just too fun.

  2. Sounds like fun too bad I don't take that many pics. Lol need to start doing that ASAP.

  3. Confession: I have a Blackberry, but I take all my Instagram pictures off my crappy iPod touch. I'm out until I get a better phone!

  4. OK. Things I learned from this post. You take awesome selfies. You should run all photo a day contests. You can make a ham sandwich fun.

    Also, things I learned from your email to me a second ago. You should totally make your own award. Something tells me that post is already in the making.

  5. Random but looking at all those selfies you look like Sandra Bullock....if she was young and really hot. win.

  6. for the record, i love all of your collages

  7. does mean i have to keep track of the days?! i am not good with math ugh.

  8. I agree with your talent for selfies. You look great in all of them!

  9. Your playlist is that shit I do like.

  10. Ha ha I love this post. You crack me up!

  11. LOVE THIS POST!! How did I not know about ESPNW??? And I totally love the hot mens you have on the side here... Except Romo... hahahahaha

  12. I'm a little sad you aren't still rocking out to Justin's Birthday mix, but I should probably add a little B.I.G. to it. Done.

  13. uhhhh 75% of my insta photos are of my dogs, 23% are of food and 2% are other. I think that makes me the winner of my own contest? yay!
    -- jackie - jade and oak
    -- jewelry giveaway

  14. how many beats do you actually drop?


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