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20 August 2014

28 Things I'd Rather Do Than Attend My 10 Year High School Reunion

High school was totally not my thing. I only keep up with one or two people from high school, but only because they ended up at Tennessee with me, in my sorority. Truthfully, I didn't really know those girls in high school nearly as well as I did come college. I had a long-term boyfriend who I spent all of my time with, I had his friends and the girl I would consider to be my closest friend went to a totally different school. Like I said, high school just wasn't my thing and come August 2004, I was ready to peace out of Midlothian, Virginia, bound for KnoxVegas where I would make too many friendships to count, all that will be lifelong. 

Obviously family is everything to me, and my mom is my best friend, but when I go home now, I'd rather visit her in Virginia Beach than go back to Midlothian. After tons of changes, and losing my dad, I just don't have much of a connection to anything in the Midlothian realm. 

Over the weekend, I received a Facebook notification that made me seriously LOL... 

So here is a list of things I would rather do than attend that

1. Get tricked by the gas station pumps. Why must you put premium on the left and unleaded in the middle, dang it. Stop tricking me. 

2. Watch that 3 minute long Bravo clip that gets sandwiched in between 10 minutes of commercials. Argh. I thought RHNY was back on, I don't care about Sonja's lack of underwear at a dinner party. 

3. Take my shoes off at a bar at 2am and walk around barefoot on broken glass

4. Cook
5. Hot Yoga

6. Cheer for Kentucky wait, no. Never mind. I'll pick the reunion. 

7. Let someone over who waited until the last minute, and have them make it through the red light when I get stuck for another cycle. 

8. Use a flooded, outdoor gas station bathroom
9. Watch a 3 hour netflix movie over a wifi signal that looks like this 

10. Deal with someone who doesn't understand how to use the "reply all" button properly
11. Have 100 email requests a day that go like this, "Dear Administrator. We love your blog Will you post this article about our company. No we aren't paying. Thank you. Love your blog" 

12. Have a hangover when I didn't have a drop of alcohol the night before

13. Send a question via text message to someone that doesn't reply for 14 hours

14. Post a picture to Instagram that causes me to lose 368 followers

15. Listen to a sportscaster that says things like "The team that has more points is going to have quite the advantage at becoming the winner of this game."

16. Watch an entire episode of Family Guy where Peter fights the giant chicken for 30 minutes. "SSSSSSSSSSSS ahhhhhhhhhh" 
17. Have my Facebook feed default to showing Top Stories instead of most recent. Oh wait....

18. Be tagged in 100 pictures where I look terrible and the person with me looks like a super model

19.  Spend a day with Aviva and her leg and I'm not allowed access to any booze

20. Go on a road trip in a Prius with an ex and his new girlfriend and I'm not allowed access to any booze

21. Watch the 10 o'clock news ahhhh I'm learning. Must not learn. Change channel. 

22. Turn down

23. Watch someone play video games and I'm not allowed access to any booze

24. Have my stomach growl the entire time I'm in a business meeting 
25. Call an automated phone system that says I don't understand that command when you press 0. 

26. Use Siri
27. Spend 24 hours with a subtle bragger
28. Put a duvet cover on the comforter

Although that doesn't necessarily conclude everything I would rather do than attend my 10 year high school reunion, it concludes today's post regarding the matter. 




  1. Yikes! You must realllllyyy not want to go. I don't want to go to mine either haha.

  2. Ahhhhahahaha. That's about how I feel about going back to my hometown as well. The only reason I want to go to my high school reunion is because I want to see how many people are engaged/pregnant/fat. And we have Facebook for that. The thought of being fake for a whole evening sounds miserable.

  3. cheer for KY? yeah me either.
    Seriously I hated high school, and it hated me right back. you'd have to pay me a million dollars, no less, to see those awful people again.

  4. Holy cow. That make me laugh so much. You're from Midlothian? I feel for you. I'm from a small town semi-close(ish) that you've still never heard of.

  5. I got married instead of going to my high school reunion this summer :) I feel like it was totally worth it. I feel like between Facebook and still living in KC where I grew up, I don't really need to see the 5 people who actually showed up to the "reunion", which was bowling.

  6. GO WILDCATS!!!!! haha I didn't attend my 10 year. I stay in touch with 2 girls from my grade. 3 if you count John's sister. I prefer it that way :) Not that high school sucked or anything, I mostly enjoyed it. I just wasn't ever close with anyone there (I had my hometown friends and boyfriend, but went to private school) so why keep in touch now?

  7. Your list of things you would rather do crack me up. Perhaps because that is the way I felt about my ten year reunion too. I spent four years trying to get out of that hell, why would I want to go back? I didn't even like those people then, imagine how they are now?!

    It drives me INSANE when I am watching football and they say something like "If he wouldn't have just been tackled he would have had a touch down!" Gee thanks, I was wondering how this sport worked. I mean.....

  8. LMAO! I wasn't a huge fan of high school, but I don't have quite the conviction you have. But I am relieved to see that you have some standards (#6) that don't fall to the wayside before the horror that is high school reunions.

    I don't know if this question is going to come up for me. I didn't even hear about a 5 year one until it was over, and someone said they've organized them through FB, and it was some unofficial "Come to some bar's happy hour." I guess the rest of my high school is about as indifferent as I am.

  9. I don't even like going back to the town I went to high school in, no one leaves + it's still the same drama from seven years ago. NOPE!

    I feel like those sportscasters just run out of things to say, like when they argue "well if the Braves hadn't gone on that 14 game winning streak, they wouldn't have this much of a lead in the East" well DUH.

  10. I avoided my five year like the plague and plan on doing the same for my 10 year!

  11. The Veronika Mars movie summed it up perfectly High School Reunions are for the geeks/not cool kids to go back and rub it in how great their life has turned out. Love your list though

  12. Preach! I went to two different high schools and therefore don't really count as an alumni for either. Thus no invite, and thus the 10 year reunion few by without me even noticing! (Though, that was 4 years ago when no everyone was on FB, so maybe I'll accidentally find out about the 20 year... Maybe FB will no longer exist by then and I'll be spared...)

    Keys To The Game: Score Points - Ford must be thrilled that their sponsored segment is so intellectual!

    (I'm off to try some mock drafts in advance of tonight's! I heard a podcast with some really interesting strategies - besides the "draft player with most point potential" - and I need a testing ground!)

  13. ok i'm totally opposite, mine is next year and I can't wait! I also go to my highschool homecoming Every. single. year. but then again we are all still very close. and i live here!

  14. Love this list! And I absolutely do not get why reunions are still a thing. Anyone from high school that I remotely care about, I'm friends with on FB. So if I'm curious about their life, I'll just go to their FB page. I don't need to have awkward conversations with people I never spoke to in high school or pay to see the people I do see/talk to on a regular basis!

  15. My 10 year reunion was this month and I wasnt paying $75 for a ticket to a bar that I already go to. Whoever planned this one failed miserably.

  16. #6 was just not cool, girl. Not cool at all.

  17. Now now now, before you get upset I planned and LOVED my high school reunion. It was so much fun....and not as expensive as people thought it was going to be.

    Tear, literal tears from reading this. You are perfect.

  19. GO WILDCATS!!!

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who said this. ;)

  20. My 10 year was this month. I didn't go I used the money I would have spent to go to it and went to Berlin instead.

  21. Yes! I love finding new Vol fans in Blogland. I seriously feel like we're the best out there because duh. I haveta say I'm a bit of a traitor because I attend UK for grad school but I don't own a single UK anything (minus my work badge) and I rock the orange on campus just so everyone knows where I stand! haha

    1. I can forgive you for wearing the badge as long as it comes off the moment you hit your car. ;)
      Go Vols!

  22. haha! #28 especially! gahh why is it so hard????? but seriously, mine was last year and I didn't go. My class had 500+ people and it looked like only about 50 ppl went. I'm not sure if that is typical for HS reunions, but I feel like FB has really caused less people to go to HS reunions because in the past probably a lot of people went because they were nosy about what everyone looked like/was doing/etc. but now noone needs to do that because . . . FB! But yeah, I would be much more interested in going to a reunion of like all the people who I worked with my first year as a teacher. hah.

  23. I didn't attend my 10 year high school reunion either. I decided that spending time with my family was more important as mine was held the weekend after Thanksgiving and since I don't get home very often family trumped reunion. Plus, I see the few people from high school that I want to see. Now 10 year college reunion, you better bet your butt that I will be there for that!

  24. I had no idea that you went to high school so close to where I live now! I actually just went to my 10 year reunion in the Dallas area last Fall. It wasn't what I expected but I am glad that I went. I really ended up only spending time with a handful of people the entire weekend!

  25. I literally spit out my drink when I read #2. I HATE that Bravo does that little teaser. What is the point of that. Also, what is the point of their First Look episodes that are 10 minutes that air on Sundays? C'mon Andy Cohen!

  26. The Netflix signal issue makes my blood boil. literally boil. Also, my 10 year reunion wasn't SO bad- you might not hate it as much as you think ;) haha

  27. Excellent list! Post that to the Facebook invite. ;)

  28. I didn't go to my 20th reunion and I feel VERY GOOD ABOUT THAT CHOICE. Reunions are overrated. The only good thing about them is the alcohol, and since I don't drink there is NO POINT.

    Also, what an awesome girl! I'm glad she finally got brave enough to start that blog!

  29. this list is hilarious! No one ever wants to go to their high school reunion.

  30. I think the team that scores more points will win this game tonight, Bob. What do you think?! Let's hear Steve's thoughts on the matter. Steve - It's all about the hussle factor for me. UGH announcers

  31. God, no, I don't want to go to my HS reunion next year. I'm pretty positive if I did, I'd talk to only the people I still hang out with (all three of them) and hide from a few other people and hope they don't notice I'm there.

  32. You're from Midlothian?? I used to coach high school cheerleading and attended a camp with that team one year and swear to God I keep meeting random people from there ever since. I'm assuming you were a cheerleader just throwing Kentucky out there like that. You must have some background knowledge. Small world. And I tot agree, I missed my 10 year reunion too ;)

  33. Yeah I am with you there is no way I would go to a high school reunion

  34. I literally just yelled to my roommate while watching Real Housewives on DVR "I HATE THAT 30 sec clip they through in at the 40 minute mark!!! Screws up my FastForwarding!!!!" I always think I am missing something and its always something #LAME

  35. I still have 4 years to mentally prepare for my 10 year reunion. The only, only reason I'm planning on attending is because I want to show all the awful bullies how wonderful and well I'm doing, and then kill them with smiles and pleasantries, just to really piss them off. High school was hell for me, but I'll be damned if I let those horrible people get the better of me! I'm still working on getting Ryan Reynolds to be my date for the night, just to really rub in how well I'm doing ;)

  36. I agree with you entirely!!!

  37. Lol. This is greatness!! I totally get it. We didn't go to mine (last year) and I am perfectly content. I love all your references to real housewives - totally agree. oxox, Amanda

  38. First, I love this post.

    Aside from that, I'll tell you, I didn't want to go to my reunion either, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    Everyone hated high school, everyone felt like they were trying to find their place, and everyone thinks they never want to see those people again. But those people aren't the same people anymore, and, I'm betting you aren't either.

    No one should be judged for who they were as a teenager. I see where you're coming from, but, I'd encourage you to at least entertain the idea. My reunion was an awesome experience. Really.

  39. LMAO, I'm actually going to my 10 year reunion in two weeks time and I'm not sure what to think but I'm nervous and excited, I have no idea how it's going to go down *sigh*

  40. Dude you're so funny. BUT. What about ripping off eyelashes and/or having just NO booze at all??? Because, I mean, that would be awful and I'm not sure how that's play out with the big 1-0 reunion...


  41. Um - small freaking blogging world. I went to school in Ovilla and my best friend graduated from Midlo! But you would have to gag and blindfold me to get me into my high school reunion.


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