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09 August 2014

Saturday Sessions: Your Guide to the Bloglovin "Like" Button

I gotta admit, I'm not the biggest bloglovin reader user. I prefer to use the basic reading list in blogger. But there is one thing about bloglovin that I find just totally interesting that I'm not sure anyone has really discussed yet, and that's the "like" button. 
First things first...

This is....
And so are these....
When your post starts accumulating likes, your post will show up in the popular posts feed in your blog's category, i.e. beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. 
Even more likes, and your post could show up in the "all categories" section of popular posts. 
Clearly, this is beneficial to you, the blogger, because your post is getting shared with wayyyy more people than just those who follow you. Once your post gets on the bloglovin popular page, expect a gigantic traffic spike. 
 #1: Blog posts about blogging: personally, I love writing posts about design/blogging, but reading them is not my thing. I'm 100% in the minority here though. I'll never slight a blogger for blog posts about blogging though, because they will get read! Bloggers love blogs about blogging. 
#2 Teach Us Something: I guess everyone in blog land wants to be better at everything. Hair, makeup, how to guides for photography, build a better workspace, zen your apartment... yada yada yada. If you teach it they will come. 
*pro tip: stick an image on the post of an iMac sitting next to a bouquet of peonies, they will come. 
#3 Serious Posts: Get us all thinking, or crying, or worrying about your overall wellbeing... we eat that stuff up! 
Sponsored posts. 
Unless you're doing one of the three above things FOR a sponsored post. 
So what's in it for you? Why should you click like on my post, or her post, or anyone's post? 
Let's think about Pinterest. Why do you pin something? Because you want to be able to easily go back and find that pin again sometime, correct? You want to go back in two months, when you're planning on moving, and revisit that pin "10 steps the the easiest move ever in the history of the world checklist". Or when you get paid, you want to go buy that sundress from Asos you pinned 13 days earlier. 
Think of bloglovin the same way. Now like I said, I read blogs via the GFC Reading Panel (I'm one of the very few to do this) so I only have 2 liked posts. But for the other 99% of you who read via Bloglovin, this is great way to keep track of your favorite posts by your favorite bloggers! 
When you setup your rafflecopter, you usually have people tweet a message about the giveaway, right? Why do you do this? So you can quickly gain exposure. The next thing you need to include, going forward, is to request that anyone entering "like" your post on bloglovin. 
I had a lightbulb moment to do this a few months ago, and I swear it has transformed my giveaways. This past giveaway I hosted, I got so many new followers, which is crazy considering it was originally posted on my blog. Only visible to people that already follow me! The only explanation is that I received a bunch of new followers because they saw the giveaway in the Bloglovin Popular Posts section! 
So those are my thoughts on the Bloglovin Like Button! 
Anyone else have any words of wisdom to becoming Bloglovin famous? 
If so, leave a comment and let us know! 


  1. Ahhh Sarah you're a blogging GENIUS. Thanks for sharing!

    Ps. Heart eye emoji for the WIN

  2. AMAZING idea! Definitely will try this with my next giveaway. Thank you! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. You are a freaking genius!! I love this idea.

  4. I never really thought of this! Thanks so much - I'm definitely going to keep all this in mind going forward!

  5. Of course I liked this post and I've been using it sporadically, but now that I have a whole different perspective I'll be using it more. Love the giveaway idea!

  6. This is such a brilliant idea!!!! I love these Saturday sessions thank you!!

  7. I LIKE how the two posts you've liked are mine :))))). and agreed- this is so necessary and awesome. i think i'll like this post

  8. Very helpful! Thanks =] I admit even if I love a post I won't click like. I will now though xx.

  9. You are a baby genius my friend - blow me away every time!


  10. Thanks for the info! I always wondered if there was a point to the like button!

  11. i use bloglovin a lot. am yet to see its full potential for my blog

  12. Now, this deserves a super like, specially since I am putting a giveaway together with other bloggers, perfect timing Sarah. :)


  13. I love this list, so true! And then just outfit posts for the top fashion bloggers or recipes from foodies!

  14. having people like the post in a giveaway- genius! Also, I am one who reads with the blogger reader as well!! Sometimes I feel like the only one and I really don't get why! It's so convenient. *shrug*

  15. This is seriously SO SMART. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea that this is what the "like" button was for! I'm definitely using this during my next giveaway.


  16. I don't really like "likeing" stuff on bloglovin, but I see how it can be useful! and i'm one to read via the gfc reader panel too!


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