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13 August 2014

Like, Um, Anyways...

Before starting VTIM, I had a blog for a hot minute called Like, Um, Anyways. I actually loved that blog title. The idea behind the blog was all about growing up. In my opinion, using the words like and um scream youth. Plus, the word anyways is probably the most self-centered, self-absorbed word you could ever use.

Example: say you're having a conversation with a friend. They are telling you this long, in-depth and emotional story about the love of their life or some crap like that (read: a story more boring than this season of RHOC). When they are finally finished you say... "Anywayssss..."

You are essentially saying, "ANYWAYSSSSSS. Now that you're done ranting and raving about whatever the hell it was that you were talking about, back to me and what I want to say and what I want to talk about because um, like, me me me me MEEE."

I started that blog with a goal of dropping the words like, um and anyways from my vocabulary. Clearly, like, I've like, um like, totally failed and junk.

But Anywaysssss... now that I'm done with what I was saying back to what I was saying...

There was one post I put together on that blog that I want to talk about today, and that was my 30 by 30 list. On December 17, 2016 I will turn 30 years old. I know what you're  thinking... "Whoa Sarah, calm down, that is like, um, like totally a billion years away." But when I initially made my list, that date was over 4 years away, so I thought I would revisit the list today, make changes to the ones I think are really freaking stupid (in red), and cross off some that I've accomplished (in pink)! 

1. Attend a charity gala

2. Own a nice piece of furniture not owned by anyone else in the family (thanks for this Glamour) Dumb. Here is my new number two...
2. Learn how to shoot a gun (and not be terrified of it) 

3. Have a savings account with more than $2000 in it 

4. Own a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra (Glamour again!) I'm changing this one because of the black lace bra. That is dumb, too. Every girl already has that, and what does that have to do with screwdrivers and drills? So the new number four...
4. Own a tool box and know how to use the contents

5. Develop and stick to a skin care regimen

6. Visit half of all MLB stadiums (8 down, 7 to go)

7. Learn how to change a tire

8. Host a dinner party

9. Visit a well-known winery

10. Read one of the Barnes and Noble classic novels (much harder for me than you would think)

11. Give up social media for Lent

12. Run a 5k

13. Attend a playoff game in any sport 
Texas Rangers vs Oakland A's 2012. Mavs vs Spurs 2014 with Helene

14. Say yes to everything for an entire month

15. Reach my goal weight, if even for a day

16. Own a pair of Louboutins again, dumb..... new number sixteen is...
16. Take a real vacation (not a staycation)

17. Buy someone a very expensive gift  
Bought my mom an iPad for Christmas in 2012 

18. Take a photo with a celebrity  
I'm going to go ahead and count Jep from Duck Dynasty. April 2014. 

19. Donate hair to locks of love  
Chopped and donated July 2013

20. Live in a trendy area of town (uptown/downtown)  
Deep Ellum! 2013 to present! Love love love! 

21. Get a psychic reading

22. Owe nothing

23. Work out every day for 30 days straight

24. Go back to Disney World 

25. Start my own business and have more than just one client  
Social&Chic, founded October 2012. 

26. Do Something Totally Insane

27. Visit Las Vegas

28. Send personalized Christmas Cards

29. Throw a party at the zoo

30. Give Blood why is this even here, I should make this first priority!



  1. Wow, you planned so far ahead! I'm currently working on my "25 before 26" list, and I've only managed to fill in about 11 slots haha I may have to steal some of these ;)

  2. ohh you got this! I will help you check many of these things off your list!!

  3. These are great & I love the updates, haha. And I agree, reading a "classic" is way harder than it seems.

  4. Great list! #14 could get you into some trouble though lol

  5. HAHAHA I love how you replaced furniture with a gun.

  6. Awesome list, Sarah! You have a lot of inspiring stuff on there. Thanks for the post idea :)!

  7. I love that you reevaluate the list. It shows growth! I need to redo mine too.

  8. Not a bad list. I feel like I should probably make one of those soon too.

  9. Great list!!! A winery is still on mine...and I live 2 hours away from THE wine country of Napa. Where have my priorities gone??

  10. When you decide to hit Wisconsin Miller Park Brewers, you need to let me know. We will teach you how us Wisconsin folk tailgate (Brats, Burgers and Beer here like as soon as the lot opens), where to find the margaritas at the stadium, and the joys of watching the sausage races. Love your list.

  11. Hooray for starting a business! I have so many friends who say, "I'd really like to start a ___" and then when I get all excited and start talking about websites and marketing, they back down.

    Also, donating blood is easy and fun, and you get cookies, and sometimes t-shirts. (I'm not doing it for a year since I got a tattoo, so in lieu of that I need to convince other people to do it) Cross that sucker off! (sucker - blood - there's a joke in there somewhere)

  12. I'm still trying to run a 5K ... just keep movin it from list to list lol

  13. I love this list! I'm not normally a "goal oriented" person, but I especially like the little ones like learning how to learn tools and change a tire. That's stuff everyone should know, and this is a good way to make sure you actually learn it!


  14. Wow I really LOVE that blog title!!! It's perfect, Anywayyyyyyyyys, I love your 30 by 30 list, I should be starting mine, because like you I'll be 30 in 2016.... echk that's way too close for my comfort. haha♥

  15. I love lists like these! Shooting a gun is an amazing feeling - but of course learning how to do it safely is the first step (glad you included that!) Don't be scared!

  16. Great list and great changes to the list but I have to be honest I am sitting here a little speechless, you have not yet been to a vineyard/winery. Come North Girl, we will show you some world glass vineyards.

    1. oh yea, next time you are in Toronto, if that happens again, Niagara on the lake for tons of wineries.

  17. Wouldn't #22 be nice!? I wouldn't mind it! And #23... actually, all of it! You an do it!

  18. We should tackle #23 together and maybe we can also cross #15 at the end, I need to drop my "I can eat ck wings and fries whenever" weight like yesterday, before none of my pants fit. You can even come up with a hash tag to keep each other, and anyone who wants to do it, accountable.


  19. #11 - are you crazy? Haha, jk! That's a good one to give up! Love #6, when I retire I want to travel to ALL of them and the HOF! Can you please invite me when you do #29, I'd love that! Love your 30 in 30! xoxo, ganeeban

  20. This is awesome! :) Love it, and loooove the revisions. Those revisions are also a reminder why we should never listen to women's magazines ever.

  21. I am really impressed with your goals. I hope you get to achieve all of them. you are right though anyways is very condescending

  22. I love this list!

    I think your real vacation should include a trip to California. If you came to LA you could cross off three ballparks in one trip with Angels, Dodgers, and Padres...Just sayin'...

  23. Your goals are awesome! I also want to shoot a gun.. I never have before. I once went on a date to an indoor shooting range, but I freaked out! haha

  24. You're making good progress on the list! Hey, does a vacation in Vegas count for 2 of them? Because if so, I think you should totally make that happen soon. You'll love Vegas!

  25. Love all of these, especially the Duck Dynasty counts as a celeb! And I know work so close to your apartment that I feel Happy Hour is a must soon.!

  26. You are from Dallas and you have never shot a gun?! :o Girl you are going to lose your Texas card! Are you still in Dallas, I can bring mine and we can go practice :)

  27. Oooohh did #27 Vegas last weekend. Do it, do it!! I totally agree on those fancy L shoes (didn't know how to spell it and don't want to spell it wrong so L works). If it's a high heel they probably hurt like hell just like any other shoes. Shoes that can cost as much as a vacation is not worth it!!!

  28. I think I stopped reading Glamour probably around the age of 26 or 27. I didn't like a lot of their ideas either.

  29. My sorry self is too small to give blood or I would get right on that! Great goals girlfran!

  30. I was just saying I need to do a 30 before 30 list. November 13, 2016 is right around the corner...

  31. Okay, I must say. I really love your list (& think it's all totally doable). Shout out to another December baby, Sagittarius - what what!!! I love this idea, and would totally do one myself, but I'll be thirty this YEAR!! I'm already having a meltdown & not from this Texas heat. Keep at it girl. You've got some great goals!! oxox, Amanda

  32. Classic novels ARE THE BANE OF MY READING EXISTENCE. I love to read, but I can't, just can't, make it through those. But girl YOU CAN DO IT. And when it's tough I'll encourage you on.

    Also, San Diego and Anaheim aren't too far from the wine country I live in. Just sayin'. :)

  33. I can help with two. Vegas and the gun. (Shotgun, M4, and sig sauer). Let's do it!

  34. love this. let's change half the stadiums to all! and a playoff game is on my list too! yanks v. angels and jets v. chargers a few years ago! how much hair did you donate to locks of love? thinking of donating mine...not sure if i have enough. word on classic novels. which i need to learn to love since i'm becoming an english teacher! last but not least...thinking of moving to dallas. your deep ellum posts and pics have me looking in that area! in the most non-stalker status way.

  35. Let me know when you visit safeco field in Seattle... I'll hook you up with free tickets; as long as you take me! :)

  36. Fun list, I think you can fit all that in especially if you combined some. Like visit major league parks on real vacations!

  37. Real glad I could help you accomplish #13 ;)

  38. I'd say you're doing pretty good with your list! My 101 in 1001 needs some love. A lot of things will be checked off next year though.

  39. Awesome list! I am visiting Napa in September! Meet you there! :-)

  40. Totally doable! I enjoyed the several of your "freaking stupid" ones. I just 'finished' my 30 by 30 only because I turned 30 this week... and I had some lousy ones on there too! I did complete more than half, but I plan to roll over some of those that didn't get completed! Keep us updated!

  41. wow that is so inspiring! I never thought of doing a mini bucket list as way of celebrating a milestone in life! Hmm I think I will do one too! My 30th birthday is in 2017, so i have some time! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION and great post!

  42. Not a bad list! You have some work to do in the next 2 years :-) If you are ever in the Cincinnati area and want to hit up a Reds game, let me know!


  43. Love it! You have so much longer to do yours than I did/do since mine's about 6 months away. :\ I've been doing pretty good and am about half way through it!

  44. Fun list (and great idea to revisit it). I did a list for 2014, and already I find it interesting how easy it was to cross some things off, and what has changed priority in my life just since January.


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