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15 August 2014

The All Girls Ultimate Fantasy Football Leauge

Have you been curious about Fantasy Football, but never played before? Or are you sick of dominating all the dudes leagues you've been part of? Or do you just have FOMO? Well then you're in luck, because The Ultimate Bloggers Fantasy League is BACK for season 2! 

::Step 1:: Review the 4 Different Leagues Listed Below

::Step 2:: Determine which league you want to join. Consider draft date and time, as well as entry fee and of course... your host, because we've got some good ones! 

::Step 3:: Pick your spot and DO IT FAST before that league fills up! (Only 12 per league!) Simply join that league like you would with a normal linkup! 

::Step 4:: Once your chosen league fills up, your host will email you with specific details on how to sign up for the draft and pay your entry fee! 

Need a Team Name for your league? Go HERE
Want some tips on having the best fantasy draft ever? Go HERE
Have no clue what fantasy football even is? Go HERE

Ok let's meet our hosts, shall we?

Draft Date = August 20th at 9:30pm EST


Draft Date =  Sunday, August 24th at 6pm EST


 Draft Date = Thursday, August 28th at 9pm EST

 Draft Date = Monday, August 25th at 9pm EST

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  1. Do you have to be a "real" blogger to participate? Because I would love to!

  2. haha your team name is the best. although i do love Nadine's just bc it speaks loudest to me :)

  3. hahaha 'Let's try to care.' Love it, Nadine! I find I have a hard time caring if I do a second or third team. Because I play with my hometown friends, we have since high school (AKA, pre-internet, POINTS ADDED BY HAND on a giant chalkboard) and there's a trophy involved so it's ridiculously competitive and I'm the only girl so I must crush them.

  4. Being that I generally don't follow Pro Football and have never done Fantasy Football before... I went with the league that has the lowest entry fee and highest likelihood of me getting some money back. Haha! So, yea, I definitely went with "Let's try to care."

  5. YES! I am so excited- sorry ladies, Erin got me with The Giants in the league title. And also Chipotle. And puppies, let's be honest ;) I can't wait to play!

  6. All those league names are perfect. When I saw this blog post I was trying to think of football which ones I actually know. I came up with Eli and Peyton Manning and I'm pretty sure they are the only players I know.

  7. Lol yes I've been waiting for this bc I need a way to care a little bit more about football (that is, more than none) bc my bf is in four fantasy leagues so I'm already dreading football season! This should help!

  8. Yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhh!!! I am so excited to get back at the fantasy football thang!!! I couldn't pass up a chance to be a black uni cause once you go black... uh huh and duh.. Whitney!

  9. dang it girl how unfair is this 4 of my fav bloggers and you are making me chose, its like Sophie's Choice only way less serious. So even though Erin's Giants beat the raiders while I was at the game, and I like kittens more I went with my fellow Riesling drinker.

  10. I'm giving it a shot this year. I'm going to go with Whitney's league and see what damage can be done! #getsome

  11. Ok I feel I need to be a part of this but maybe you can help a sister out? I'm PRETTY hardcore into football (especially when it comes to the seahawks)... Who's league is gonna be a good fit for me?

  12. Replies
    1. It looks like Erin's still has a spot open; Two Thirds Hazel

  13. I am SUPER excited! I've actually never done fantasy football before, but I have always wanted to give it a try! Looking forward to it! =]


  14. How fun!! I just joined a Fantasy Football league with my boyfriend's family & am so excited to get started!! I have no idea what to do or what to expect ;)

    xo, K

  15. Interesting game is football thanks for sharing the ideas.


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