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06 March 2013

Pinterest: It's like Fantasy Football for Girls

I came across this while Pinteresting... 

No, no it isn't. Not even a little bit. 
If they had said...
Pinterest: It's like fantasy football for girls due to the fact that girls spend the same amount of time on Pinterest as a guy spends adjusting his roster.
Then I would have let it slide. But alas they didn't. So off on my tangent I go. 

For today's presentation, I will be explaining Fantasy Football by creating a Fantasy Singers League. I'm sorry in advance...

A Fantasy football league starts with a draft of different players for each team. You can draft online, you can set your computer to just auto-draft the best picks available for you or some leagues even take elaborate trips to somewhere like Vegas. 

After you draft your team, it is time to customize your profile...
I am on the left and playing in a standard fantasy football league. General is on the right, playing in a Singer's Fantasy league. 

Most leagues encourage funny team names and slogans. I let General pick his own name for this demo.  
He makes mama so proud!

First thing to look at in a matchup is Position 
in the singer's fantasy league, Genre
You start players in the following positions: 
Quarterback: One QB
Running Back: Two RB 
 Wide Receiver: Two WR
 Tight End: One TE
 Kicker: One K
Defense: One DEF

Or in the Singers League:
Rap: One Rapper
Country: Two Country Singers
Pop: Two Pop Singers
R&B: One R&B Singer
Rock: One Rock Star
Indie: One Indie Singer

Your starting lineup can include players from the same team {city}, if you like. 

Next: Player 
Singer's Name
Listed is the player {singer} name, name of team {city} they play for and position {genre} is listed again.

Next Up: Who your player's team is playing that week and time the game starts
-- or --
What Award Your Singer is Competing for: (Grammy, Billboard, MTV Music, etc.) and time the show starts.

Next: Projected Points Your PlayerWill Score
Projected Awards Your Singer Will Win
So you may be sitting with your man on a Tuesday night and he is on his Fantasy Football app.
You are all, "Why are you playing Fantasy Football right now? It is Tuesday, there is no football on!"

What he is doing is adjusting his lineup. 

Let's say General has Lil Wayne currently starting at Rapper.
Lil Wayne is projected by experts to score 16 points at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend. 
For the sake of this post, let's say winning 1 award = 8 points 

General sees there are other rappers that have not been picked up by anyone else in the league yet.
He then sees Jay Z is projected to score 24 points at the Billboard Music Awards.

So General takes a chance and substitues Jay Z for Lil Wayne because the experts think Jay Z will win more awards at the show than Lil Wayne. 

Since the Billboard Music Awards isn't until Sunday, General spends the week leading up to the show adjusting his lineup of singers.

Next: It's Game Time
It's Show Time!

As the categories are called and awards are given,
 you hope your singers score more awards than your opponent's singers. 

General has Miranda Lambert in at Country Singer
He is playing his friend Leslie this week.
Leslie has Carrie Underwood in at Country Singer

Carrie Underwood wins female country singer of the year = 8 points for Leslie's team
but then Miranda wins country artist of the year = 8 points for General's team.

Current Score is Tied = General 8 points, Leslie 8 points

Fantasy Football Example:
I have Peyton Manning in at QB
He throws a 50 yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker who my opponent has on her team playing in the Wide Receiver position.

I get 6 points for Peyton throwing the touchdown
I get 1 point for Peyton throwing it 50 yards

But my opponent gets...
 6 points for Eric Decker being the person that caught the touchdown pass
And another 5 points for him catching a 50 yard pass

Current Fantasy Score: Me: 7 points Her: 11 points

So that is a quick look into what Fantasy Football is and why your man plays it all week long and twice on Sunday.

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  1. hahahaha fantasy singers. yes!! this makes so much more sense to me. but really.

  2. I wish my fiance loved me half as much as he does his fantasy roster september-january.. I love your analogies, I am cracking up!

    1. I think our guys love us greater than or equal to their fantasy team. Probably more along the lines of equal to!

  3. I already play fantasy each season but I love the way you broker it down and explained it!!

    1. Doesn't it make Sunday so much more fun when you have someone to root for in each game?

  4. Woot wooooot! Love this post MUCHO MUCHO! I hosted an all-bloggers fantasy football league this past fall and it was a blast. I hope to do it again this year so I'll def be linking back to this post for the gals who don't know what's going on ;)

    1. SHUT UP Oh MY GOSH NO WAY!!! I want in on that next year!!!

  5. i could cry i'm so happy at finding this post.
    my league is one of the filthiest, trash-talking leagues and my fiance and i don't speak to each other much throughout football season much less when we're forced to play each other.

    the dennis raiders v. dead sea sproles


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