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12 March 2013

I got me a new about me!

One bad thing about being into graphic design is the urge to change, change, change.
I got bored with not having an "about me" section so I decided to throw something together...
You can always check it out by clicking "about me" in the blog header, but because I know you care oh-so-much... I have just decided to paste it here for you too! 
You. Are. Welcome!

I love to do this design stuff here
If you like my work, we can come up with a Venus BFF
 *super special*
 *top secret* 
You get what I'm steppin in? 

Venus Trapped


  1. So glad I found your adorable blog through The Daily Tay!! New follower:)

  2. fucking love it.


  3. Dude, I may need to get hooked up with this discount. Love it!

  4. i love this. you are so creative.

  5. It looks awesome!!


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