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20 March 2013

Has anyone ever told you who you look like?

417 other times today.
Lemme guess, Sandra Bullock?

The "You know who you look like?" happened to me twice yesterday.

So later that day I got to thinking about look-alikes. 
*Carrie Bradshaw Voice*

Look-alikes are totally intriguing to me. 
I wonder if there is someone in New Guinea sitting in a coffee shop right now lookin just like me?
But we will never meet, because that would be terrifying and God, he has our back on this one.
If the parent trap happened in real life I'd totally freak out. They were so calm and rational. Props.
image via
So I get it, yes, I look like Sandy.
How about athletes?
Who else looks like someone else...

This one is so creepy it hurts me to post it.
Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers Coach) - Omar Epps (Pittsburgh Steelers Coach the Sequel)

Rick Carlisle (Dallas Mavericks Coach) - Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas)
Warning: Don't stare directly at this picture or your brain will explode.

Can't believe I'm about to let this next guy on my blog I hate him so much.
Lane Kiffin (Jerkface - aka USC coach for now) - Daniel Tosh - (that cute comedian guy) 

Zach Randolph (NBA player for Memphis) - T-Dog (dead. I mean walking dead)

Clay Matthews (linebacker for GB Packers) - Thor (guy with a hammer and has wings for ears)

Brett Keisel (Defensive End for the Steelers) - Yukon Cornelius (Rudolph BFF and Peppermint lover)

Dan Marino (The guy from Ace Ventura) - David Hasselhoff (guy that was shirtless a lot in the 90s) 

Chris Bosh (NBA player for Maimi Heat) and Snoop Dogg (Snoop lion)

or Chris Bosh and this ostrich

Who do you get told you look like?
{Hopefully not Chris Bosh}

Venus Trapped


  1. This post made me laugh! And as a Tennesseean, I hate Lane Kiffin more than I hate many, many things in life.

  2. ok stop. because i literally only refer to tomlin as omar epps and then repeatedly make love and basketball references and shitler shoots me looks like he's going to start becoming an abusive boyfriend if i don't knock it off.

    also - clay matthews. LOVE him. like i want him to let me braid his braid. in bed.

    1. Hi. Love and Basketball is the greatest movie of all time. Damn girl, I didn't know Nike made dresses!

  3. Lane Kiffin does look like Daniel Tosh. Surprised I hadn't noticed this already.

  4. These are amazing! You should look at Ellen Degeneres and Aaron Rodgers. You'll thank me. :)

  5. I love this! I remember when I first realized the Lane Kiffin/Tosh look alike deal...I must admit I didn't like Tosh as much after that sadly. I never get told that I look like a celebrity! EVER!

  6. I totally got Ben Affleck and Paul Rudd confused during one of the Superbowl commercials this year (so embarrassing when I got called out for confusing these two):

    And if we're going for athletes... what about Kris Humphries and Taylor Lautner?

  7. I don't get confused for famous people I just get "you look SO much like this girl I know" or... "I JUST saw someone who looks just like you!" all the freakin time. I thought it was the school I was at and I had a twin walking around, but then I moved schools and it still happens just as often, if not MORE often. Love the last one!

  8. I just found your blog from the Daily Tay (she makes my life) and since you are in Dallas (I am too) I of course read your entire blog...stalker much? Anyway, I think you are great and you found a new reader! I'm not a blogger...I ain't good with them there words, but enjoy reading them and so glad I found someone who lives in Dallas and blogs and loves sports! I don't know how many more bubble necklace and Urban Decay Naked palette posts I can take anymore! Since it looks like maybe you moved to Dallas recently, if not then completely ignore me, but if you love sports as much as I think you do, you need to listen to The Ticket 1310AM. Best damn sports talk radio out sho! Okay, I'm going to stop being a weirdo now! ~Brandi

    1. When I see "annonymous has left a new comment" in my email I cringe and put off opening the email for fear of a negative comment! I can't take the negative, I'm a cryer!

      This wasn't negative at all!!! Let me address this comment in several parts because I think it is that important.
      1. I write this for people to stalk it. No sweeter words could ever pass my eyes on this blog than to see "I read your entire blog."
      2. Could not be happier to have you
      3. I know what you mean about the necklaces/urban... but youtube makeup videos are my kryptonite. Daily Tay is amazing by the way, girlfriend is hilarious. I stalk her blog daily.
      4. Yes, just moved to Dallas.. and YES I LISTEN TO THE TICKET! My boss kept suggesting I listen but I had satellite radio at the time so I personally liked Mike and Mike. But since I'm a cheap-o I let satellite run out and haven't renewed it so now ticket it is for me.... Funny and informative.

      You are a girl after my own heart... you don't find many others that even know AM radio is available at all hours of the day and not just the mornings. HAH.get it, AM? sigh...

      Glad you are here! :)

  9. haha this is hilarious. also love this anon comment above.

  10. I loved that. Too funny. I'm going to start following you not creepily like you know like other blogger types do. I came over from Bourbon and Glitter and The Pink Growl!

  11. Ahaha this is great! So far I haven't been told I look like anyone...

  12. Absolutely freaking love this! And yes, Tomlin and Epps is seriously scary. I think someone shares a parent...

  13. i absolutely LOVE this. i get told I look like Sarah Jessica Parker. I'll take it b/c she is fab. Seriously, wish I found you when I lived closer to Dallas b/c we are soo much alike.

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