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04 March 2013

Go Home College Basketball #1, You're Drunk

Indiana is #1 Whoo foam finger yay for this foam finger for weeks 1-6

Oh Duke is now number 1 in week 7? Indiana loses? 
Ok I'll just get a Duke foam finger...

Week 11: No, Louisville now. Duke lost.
Ok, getting a bit irritated...

Ok Louisville loses in week 11, back to Duke again. At least I did the "Rent to own" option online and I can use my Duke finger again.

Psych Michigan now is number one starting week 13
 Spending my life savings on foam fingers is not how I wanted to spend this college basketball season. 

No, JK it was Indiana all along!!

Acutally JK JK JK LOLzzzzzz Gonzaga is #1
Screw it. I don't think they even make Gonzaga foam fingers.

Here is a glance at the #1 spot changes this season.
 Moral of the story... when it is time to fill out your March Madness bracket, keep in mind the teams on top this season...
Do not pick, Do Not Resuscitate
Do not pass go, Do not collect $100

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  1. My Vols lost this weekend....booooooo hisssssss!

    1. I know, but on the bright side... I was watching ESPN last night and they think we may be "last one in" on the tourney! Gotta beat Missouri this weekend! GBO!!


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