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21 March 2013

Hi, I'm Thirsty. Are You? March Madness Drinking Game

March Madness Drinking Game

Obama's bracket is mentioned
You hear "Cinderella"
A player misses a free throw
You see a foam finger
Every time someone spots a giant cardboard head in the student section
Someone checks their cell phone - that person drinks
Someone complains about their bracket - that person drinks

 Dick Vitale says the word baby
Dick Vitale says the phrase "Diaper Dandy"
They show a parent / parents of a specific player
You see a commercial for the school that is playing
They show a girl in the stands with a temporary tattoo on her cheek

Everytime a white guy checks into the game
You see a commercial for the Big Bang Theory
They show a fan with full facepaint
The ref calls a charge (offensive foul)
They talk about the women's NCAA tournament

There is an upset - the team with the lower ranking wins
The announcer mentions a player's wingspan
Closeup of a MALE cheerleader
The game goes into overtime

Someone at the table says how good they were in high school - could have played D3 if they wanted.
A player misses an open dunk
Someone mentions a team that got snubbed from the tournament
A 1 or 2 seed loses.

{If you are watching the tournament while at work... just cut the recommended amounts in half}


  1. new follower here, I also entered your bracket group. I love sports, LOVE. I also think this drinking game is brilliant! good luck with your brackets!

    1. YAY YAY! Glad to have you... and good luck to you too.... sorta.... we are competing now so I'll wish you HALF good luck :)

  2. DV saying baby? Cinderella? Obama's bracket? Missed free throws? I will be drunk in the first quarter of every game.

  3. Love this! Although I would add "see replay of 'the shot' from 1998." Although, I went to Valpo so I'm a bit biased ;-)

    1. Most beautiful, well designed play I think I have ever seen. I really love college basketball because they still run plays (somewhat) you get into NBA and it may as well be a pickup game.

      Bout to ask you the dumbest question ever, where is Valparaiso? Illinois?

      Oh, and I say we add it to the list under chug. :)

  4. Yes! I will refer to this non-stop.

  5. Win. I've already complained about my bracket 4 times today. And I've seen foam fingers and cheek tats galore. This is going to get messy real quick, and I like it.

    1. I haven't even looked at scores/bracket yet! TOo nervous!!

  6. Omg I love this!! The amount that I have complained about my bracket already I should be blacked out...and will be dead by the end of the first round!

    I did my entire post today about how terrible my bracket is doing...I would imagine that is a three shots :)

    Just found your blog! Love it. Happy Friday

  7. Annnnnndddd...I'm drunk just reading that....I like it!

    By the way, this is the anon that was stalking you earlier this week...decided to get a name as to not freak anyone out. I totally understand the whole cringe thing...I get that way when ANYONE leaves me a voicemail, whether it be at work or on my cell. Don't know why, just always figures its bad news and the longer I keep from listening to it the worse the news gets.

    1. I'm 100% the same way. The iphone alert saying my Voicemail box is 98% full is like my daily anxiety attack!

  8. Girl, you are a RIOT. You had me at drinking game. Then throw in some basketball ALONG with the booze, win win.

    1. YES!!!!!! So glad to have you playing along! I was told that I got a little out of control when I made this drinking game. I just gave a blank stare back to the person who said that... I don't see what the problem is :)

  9. LOL- this is great. I haven't been keeping up with the March Madness, but this gives me a reason to now!


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