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17 March 2013

Let's Get Mad!

March Madness! It's the most magnificent time of the year! 
Well, my birthday is better
And Christmas is better too
And New Years...
And football season...

Then, then comes March Madness! Yay!

So I am going to host a blogger/ non blogger online pool. 
Anyone can play. 
I don't have any sponsors or band of bloggers to chip in prizes like all the cool kids have...

So I'm asking so very kindly, will other bloggers be willing to chip in prizes for the winner of the bracket challenge, second place and third place? 

And ask your other bloggers to ask their bloggers and ask their bloggers and their bloggers?

Prizes could be: small gift cards, ad space, graphic design services, guest posts on your blog so on and so forth. Not that bragging rights isn't enough... 

I will donate a full blog redesign to the cause from social&chic!
If you are willing to donate, either comment or email me at
I'll be your BFF and you can come to my birthday party.

I'll be hosting at

League Name: VenusTrapped
Password: inmars

I will host a link up and make a button if anyone would want that?
Is anyone out there?
Are you there, Vodka? It's me Venus...

Venus Trapped


  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES - i can't wait.

  2. I want to play! I want to donate too, so sign me up for both.
    Well, I'll sign myself up for the bracket. Sign me up for donating a month of large ad space.

    1. Oh heck yes!!!!!!! Got you down for the ad space!!!! THANK YOU TIMES 12 million!

  3. I'm in! Definitely will spread the word!!!

    1. YAYAYAYAY!!

      Oh and ummm... Your blog is so stinkin cute! And I bet you are just tickled to death seein as you are an Ole Miss grad!!! I applaud any team that beats Florida in any sport :)


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