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18 March 2013

The 5 Things You Need to Know, Before You Go!

{what your boyfriend is happy/complaining about this time: march madness edition}

I heard this on the radio this morning. This is the first time since 1977 that there was not a single team from the state of Texas in the tournament. 

Not one.

Is that not odd to anyone else?

Here are the teams you are going to hear people bitching about...

Not me but other people

I'm not telling you that, crazies!
We are officially in competition mode.

I posted about the Venus Trapped league here

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I know I would... 
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  1. I'll donate ad space! I'm in!!

    And even though my Cats are out, I'm not bitching. 11 losses will do that ya...

    1. YES!!! LOVE IT! I'm going to add that prize to this post!
      You say 11 losses will do that to ya, but Iona, with 13 losses is sittin pretty in the big dance right now... just sayin!

    2. How about 11 HORRIBLE LOSSES... some to teams better than us, some to teams not better than us... And we're the champs from last year & lots of people hate us! LOL

  2. I just noticed Chipper in your sidebar. Aw, he's one of my fave athletes too. Love that man!

    1. I met him when I was in 5th grade... He had a Bill Cosby sweater on and kissed me on the cheek. I about died right then and there. Not from the Bill Cosby sweater, from the kiss.

  3. As a hokie (let's not even talk about their bball team lol) married to a wahoo, I am thrilled that UVA is out ;) Call me a bad sport but when our team is this bad, the only saving grace is his team being disappointed haha

    1. Whoa whoa whoa.... Hokie married to a cavalier? Doesn't Virginia have laws against that now? Are you from va? I grew up in Richmond!

  4. This is fun for me because now I can pretend I kind of know what I'm talking about next time I'm at a bar and basketball is on. You win!

  5. I love this. I'll donate ad space if you still want it. And your button is on my sidebar front and center (well on top)

    Happy Tuesday friend.


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