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26 March 2013

Why Do Guys Watch Sports Center on Repeat?

Duh nuh nuh, duh nuh nuh
(That was my Sportscenter sound attempt)

This is a lovely question you ask... 
Seeing as I'm not a dude, maybe you should go ask someone with a bit more testosterone.

JK LOL. Totally playing wit u peeps. I have the answers (as usual)

Ok I can understand that. 
I would rather listen to house music with the base turned up over any other station while getting ready. 
House music or Saved By The Bell Reruns. Either will be suitable.
Again, understandable.
As a Vol fan, I always hope the result changes. 
Well there was that one time we won back in 1998. 
Livin the dream man, livin the dream.

Oh, and I wish that Big hadn't left Carrie at the altar.
 I know it all worked out but I still wish for change.

Last night I watched RHOBH while on my ipad the entire time. 
I heard yapping from Yolanda, but I wasn't actually focused and watching.
I will now need to watch that episode again. 
I get it. 

This one is lost on me. 
I receive all of my news, whether it is sports, or world, or gossip related via Facebook and Twitter.
Like a normal human being.

Compare this to when you hear a new song. 
Let's take JT's new jam, Suit And Tie.
What do you do when you get to 5 seconds left in the song?
You rewind and start over.

You want to hear that hook again...

...And as long as I got my suit and tie Ima leave it all on the floor tonight
And you got fixed up to the nines let me show you a few things...

End of the song hits again. Rewind, start over.

Dang Jay Z can rap. 
I can rap that part too, I just gotta hear it 345234 more times so I can memorize it.

...All black at the white shows, white shoes at the black shows
Green card for the cuban links, y'all sit back and enjoy the light show...

Dang this song is good. I wonder how I look shakin my fanny in the mirror to this?
Stop. Pause. Find mirror. Rewind. Play again.

... show you a few things, show you a few things...

Again, again, again. 
Turn it up louder this time!

Venus Trapped


  1. haha if my tv is just on, chances are it's SportsCenter, I love it.

  2. I personally have been known to put Sportscenter on at the gym when all the other channels bore me. I mean really out of the 20 channels my gym has, one of them is the Food Network. I know one of the last things i want to see when I am busting my butt is Giada's thin-self making fatty foods. But I digress- Sportscenter IS a great background tv program.

    1. Amen sista friend. Get outta here with that nonsense Giada!!

  3. "As a Vol fan, I always hope the result changes." Hi, you're in my head and I don't hate it one bit.

  4. I'll never understand people who don't like Suit & Tie or this new JT album. What the hell?!

  5. I am going to admit that I watch it on repeat. I don't really know which of these reasons I fit under, but I can NOT listen to a song on repeat haha.
    Maybe an occasional Jay Z song (I always say that if Jay Z showed up I would say "boyfriend who?")

    1. I will only watch Sportscenter on repeat if I can't find the remote. I just can't do it! And you just gotta love JayZ!!!!

  6. when i get home and sportscenter is on i just shut shit down and demand the television be switched to bravo.

  7. I watch it on repeat like a BOSS. I guess that's how I knew hubby and I were meant to be, we will both sit through infinite SC shows...


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