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11 March 2013

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Go...

I love Cosmo Radio. 
If you do too, you will know where I get the idea for this Monday morning post. 
Wakeup With Taylor and Kenny makes me LOL so hard. 

So does this picture... 
I actually have to post this and keep going because if I look at it I will laugh until I cry or wet myself. 

Moving on. Here are the 5 Things You Need To Know Before You GO! {VTIM Edition of course}

1. Tiger Woods Receives His 76th PGA Tour Win
Celebrates with Hookers
image via
Celebrates with lovely ladies paying their way through med school...?

2. This dunk happened. 

Deandre Jordan dunked on former Kenutcky basketball player Brandon Knight. 
By dunked I mean...
 took his lunch money
insulted his mother

I'll just let the ACTUAL Wikipedia profile for Brandon Knight Take over here...

3. Championships start this week in college basketball.
Many teams are "on the bubble" and their performance in conference championships this week will determine if they get to go to the "dance" or not. 
Dance = Those teams in your brackets you randomly pick to win, for money.

More on this later in the week!

4. Fan Hits Half Court Shot To Win $50,000! 
--  oh wait --
No, no he doesn't. 
image via
This kid was instructed to hit the following shots in under 24 seconds:
-layup (check, made that)
-Free Throw (check, made that)
-Three point shot....
Half Court Shot (check, made that with 5 seconds to spare: GO NUTS!)


Moron missed the 3 point shot. Idiot. 
Bet he feels as dumb as Brandon Knight!

5. Player has tooth knocked out during game.
Tries to hand it {the tooth} to coach.

 I wouldn't touch that thing either coach. SICK.
Ok, you got me... I added that giant dog tooth to the pic.
But he really did try and hand his tooth to the coach, cross my heart, hope to die!

Ok so maybe you didn't NEED to know number 4 and 5 but I hope you got a quick laugh out of them to start your Monday morning!

See you kids tomorrow.

Venus Trapped


  1. My Wildcats really need to win the conference championship. Fingers & toes crossed!

  2. That totally creeps me out about losing the tooth! That's my worst fear is having a tooth knocked out - random but true! haha

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