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01 March 2013

Grinds My Gears and One That Doesn't

Yo Yo Yo Yo... It's Friday. And I'm off work. How could anything possibly grind my gears?
Beeep. Wrong Answer. I'm still grouchy.

1.When guys get all hissy when you ask if they will take your picture.
Why else are you here if not to take our picture?
Don't you understand the front iphone camera is terrible? 
Last time I checked my go go gadget long arm hadn't arrived yet.
And crud, I forgot to bring my tripod to the bar.
I didn't ask you to hold my purse or go buy me tampons or put a ring on it.
Just shut up, take the dang picture and be grateful we are even speaking to you. 

Shut up Yolanda
Just shut up. 
Have you never seen the show??

3. Girls without cellulite. 
Get outta here with that.
I hate you. 

I learned a while ago that celulite is genetic and not everyone will have it. Cellulite is the way your body stores and distributes fat.  

Here are some pictures of skinny people with cellulite. This should perk you up. 
Scarlett Johansson // Lauren Conrad // Mischa Barton

and one that doesn't grind my gears?
Grumpy Cat. 
Not one bit. 


  1. people that don't have cellulite are not real. that's all there is. also my husband never wants to take pics. i hate him. jk i mean i love him.

    1. Just take the damn picture and go back to talking about boobs with your boys or whatever it is you talk about..

  2. This post cracked me up, I love the graphic at the top and "the grinds my gears" episode of Family Guy is one of my favorites! I am also obsessed with Grumpy Cat, he's freaking hilarious :) Btw, I just found your blog via Keep Calm & Carry On! xoxo

    1. YEAHHH!! I love finding another girl that likes family guy! I may or may not quote it 68 times a day. Give or take. Glad to have you!!

  3. Love this!!! #BOOOOM (that would be in best rapper voice) love you friend!

  4. Okay, yes, Yolanda has no place in the RHOBH. Glad I'm not alone in thinking that! I'm so glad I found your blog, girl, you're hilar.


    1. So glad to have you!! AND THANK YOU, YES!!! I swear that woman drives me bonkers. Don't even act like you had NO IDEA what these girls were like, YOLANDA... bah humbug.

  5. if you like grumpy cat then i'm going to tweet you a picture of sodium cat.
    you're welcome.

  6. Awww cute, I can't get over grumpy cat lol!

    Hope you have a great day!



  7. You Peter Griffin... I might love long time :)

  8. lol that grumpy cat makes me laugh every time!

  9. Thank you for the cellulite photos! I needed that today!
    Stop by some time
    PS Would love to follow you on twitter @ToriGStyled


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