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07 March 2013

Most Powerful People In Sports: Girlfriends

Sports Illustrated released their list of the 50 Most Powerful People in Sports.

Of course it contained 
NFL, NBA, MLB commissioners (presidents basically)...
A bunch of grey haired guys I had no idea who they were...
Team owners...

I thought the list was pretty legit until I arrived at this one...

Hedge fund DUDE? 
I attempted to read that description of who the hedge fund dude is but then my head exploded.

The list only contained one woman, the chick from coca cola. (Unless you count a guy named Dana, then there were two women) 

So that leads me to my point. They TOTALLY missed the most powerful force in sports...


No, really freaking crazy.
 As in catfish crazy. 
As in here is my {imaginary}girlfriend 
I'm sad that she just died. 
I loved her.
Go Notre Dame.

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Did I mention I hate Jessica Simpson?

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  1. hahahaha this cracked me up! Remember at the national championship game when everybody went CRAZY over the Bama QB's hot gf?

    1. UH, DUH!!! That was so insanely ridiculous! It was her and then Nick Saban's daughter got a lot of buzz too. So silly, but maybe it was because the game itself was so boring everyone had to find something else to entertain them.

  2. Ha, I love this. I really don't like Jessica Simpson either.

    1. YES! I love bonding with new friends over a hatred of Jessica!

  3. hahaha this is perfect. i hate jsimp too.

    1. Yes!!! I am going to start a Jessica Simpson hating club, I hope to have lots-o-members.


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