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14 August 2014

10+ Game Shows I Would Go HAM On (And One That I Would Not) + August Total Social

Have I ever mentioned that my level of competitiveness is through the roof. No really, I am way more competitive than you are. Are you doubting me? You want to take this outside and we will prove that I am the more competitive person? Let's go, bro. Right now, let's do this.

Ok, sorry. Kinda blacked out there for a minute, what just happened? I'm not only competitive but I'm a horribly sore loser that sometimes pouts --- I can't help it, I must win all of the things.

It may come as no surprise when I tell you that Game Show Network is my favorite channel (well, other than Bravo), I DVR Jeopardy every night and all I requested for my going away party when I left Knoxville was to play beer pong all night long. I'm not having fun unless the activity on deck includes crowning a winner and a loser.

With all of that said, it would be my dream in life to get to go on a game show. Here are my top choices of game shows that I would totally DOMINATE, in no particular order, should I be lucky enough for the opportunity to arise. I'd have to be really lucky because several of these are no longer on the air...

1. What would you do what what what what... what would you do? Please oh please all I want to do is go in the pie pod and then pick number 10 from the wall-o-stuff.

2. Bozo super Sunday show "Bucket three, whenever you're ready, bucket three..." But WHY did the contestants always chuck it at bucket three. Just gently toss it into bucket 3, then 4, then 5.... etc. You win a family vacation if you get it to bucket 6 and I never once saw that happen. Gahhh why couldn't I have been chosen? My fam would be sitting pretty up at NASA space camp right now.

3. Get out of debt Obviously in 1997 I was 11 and my only debt consisted of the $2.75 in lunch money I borrowed from the kid that sat behind me with the super long rat tail. This show was lesser known, but at the end of the show, you could pick any topic you considered yourself an expert in, they would ask you a simple question on that topic, and you could either double the money you had won so far, or lose it all.

I used to fantasize about picking the topic "Saved by the Bell", and they would ask me some obscure question like, "Name the final trivia question Zack failed to answer, which would have won him a trip to Hawaii from Ken Kelly who was broadcasting at the Max."

Or today I'd pick Sex and the City and they would ask, "How did Berger break up with Carrie?" or "What did Big mistakenly call Berger when he was on the phone with Carrie one afternoon?" Apparently all of my hypothetical questions would have to do with Jack Berger?

---go ahead and leave your answer to any of those questions in the comment box to double your money... (not really giving you any money)

4. Legends of the hidden temple because Blue Barracudas. The big question, who will my partner be? And the even bigger question... where would I buy khakis like these?

5. Guts I can't even tell you how easy it would be to own every competition and hold up that piece of the Aggro Crag. I'd kneeboard through water jets, bungee basketball, spill my guts... whatever, I'd dominate it all.

6. Supermarket Sweep Ok but, why didn't everyone just hold their hand out while running down the aisles, so literally everything went in their cart? And why did everyone go for the ham, what about filet or how about women's moisturizer, or maybe some of those OTC heart medications? They should have gone HAM in the medicine aisle, not for the actual ham... hah, sorry. Also, would I get to keep the groceries? Because that might change my strategy... #leancuisines

7. Nick Arcade Man these kids really knew how to make things look difficult. Haven't you guys ever played the Wii before?? Avoid the shooting green spout thing, the monster guy will eventually disappear... then run your ass up there do your little white kid jump and get that dang blue ball. Oh, and I would so dominate those points, puzzles, pop quizzes and prizes....

8. Match Game "Howwww biggg wassss heeeeee?" My only dilemma on this show would be do I team up with Brett, or get felt up by Richard?! 

9. Newlywed Game again, but who would the partner be? For the juicy 5 grand prize pack, I'd fake marry someone. 

10. Card Sharks I may be the only person who watched this. It was so easy though, you just said higher or lower or freeze... and then answered questions about how far in the gutter the minds of a 100 men surveyed, really are. 

Honorable Mention to these game shows that I certainly wouldn't turn down an appearance on: Family Fued (only with Richard Dawson though), Double Dare, Figure it Out (just so I could get slimed), Get the Picture, Password, The Dating Game, Let's Make a Deal (although this one may stress me to the brink of heart failure), Plinko on the Price is right (but only plinko, if they tried to pull any other BS on me I'd walk off the stage), Love Connection. 

It's time for Helene and me to announce this month's Total Social! 

Topic: Guilty Pleasures 
Official Hashtag: #GuiltyTotalSocial
Date: Tuesday, August 19th

Link up with us, across all social media platforms including blog, twitter, facebook, insta, pinterest etc., and tell us all about your guilty pleasures! 

For more details about #TotalSocial check out this post

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  1. legends of the hidden temple... YES YES! i knew you were competitive but I didn't know you liked game shows this much. especially jeopardy! that's awesome.

  2. I think I lived under a rock or got a totally different cable network, I feel like I was just dropped on this planet, oh wait maybe I was based on my reading lists hmmm. I can so see you on jeopardy and pray that you do better then that poor kid from Indiana who tatlly blew millions when he could not pronounce Achilles on Wheel of Fortune ( google it if ya missed it)

    1. I'm going to have to google this immedietly because it sounds EPIC

  3. OMG I was on a game show years is soooo much harder when you are there with a million lights and cameras all over the place...and sucks EVEN MORE when you lose horribly!!!! But it was an amazing time and I would def recommend it!! And all of your shows---I would be right there with you!!! Legends of the hidden temple (green monkeys all the way), What Would you do (which by the way I am singing the theme song to in my head right now..what..wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-what...)...GUTS!!!, Supermarket sweep (I used to DREAM about being on this show as a kid! OMG I completely forgot about Nick arcade until I just saw that picture!!

  4. Legends of the Hidden Temple! I was always so jealous of those kids!!

  5. hahahaa plinko is all i care about too.
    my mom and all her siblings were on Bozo!
    the bf and i fall asleep to the GSN every night and when i wake up, it's always Match Game haha

  6. ALL. OF. THESE. I want to dominate them all right now.

  7. True story. I got picked for Bozo Buckets when I was there with my girl scout troop. But I was a shy kid and GODDAMN TERRIFIED of Bozo (my mother forced me to go, tears flowed immediately following this picture: so I refused to get up there and made my friend do it instead. She didn't do very good haha.

  8. Legends of the Hidden Temple was the bomb! Haha, they need to bring that back!

  9. A POST IT NOTE!!!!!

    We sound like the exact same person.
    I am SO competitive and such a sore loser. I'd love to change that about myself (or would I?) but I just can't make it happen. I just can't.

  10. This post legit cracked me up. What a blast from the past! How the hell do you remember all of these?! I watched card sharks too with my babysitter on Game Show Network. Obvi had no clue what was going on

  11. Oh I love ALLLLL of these!!!! Don't forget Shop til You Drop and Double Dare :)

  12. All of these. Every single one. WHY COULD THEY NEVER PUT THE SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY TOGETHER RIGHT WHEN IT WAS 3 PIECES I MEAN SERIOUSLY !?!?!? Sorry, I obviously have some issues to work out. BTW I have 2 Legends of the Hidden Temple shirts and an "Are you afraid of the dark" shirt from these guys:

  13. I dreamed of being on Card Sharks! We had a show in Indiana called Hoosier Millionaire and I always wanted my parents to try and get on the show (because I wasn't old enough) - they are bringing it back so maybe I can have a shot!

  14. I'm going to go out on a limb with Legends of the Hidden Temple and ask why couldn't ANY OF THOSE DUMB KIDS figure out the shrine of the silver monkey?! It's literally three pieces!!!

    I'm Getting There

  15. It is my life goal to be on wheel of fortune! But that's only because legends of the hidden temple isn't on anymore!

  16. OMG YOU JUST TOOK ME WAY BACK!! Guts and Hidden Temple were favorites of mine growing up!

  17. I'm SO upset now that they don't have a Game Show Network here in Germany, I can't even tell you! We only have gameshows on regular channels, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, Save The Million, etc. I always think I would so super well on the Real World/Road Rules challenges, but then I remember I have no upper body strength and forget about it.
    I feel you on the sore loser part! But really, if we were men, it'd be cool because we're focused and determined and driven, so I choose to see it that way ;)
    (PS: it must seem like I'm stalking you - only now discovered your blog, and I'm kinda in love!)

  18. My sister was on the Bozo show once- she won a Minnie Mouse towel, it was pretty epic.

  19. I used to LOVE Card Sharks!!!! My brother and I watched it every single day during summer vacations.

  20. Supermarket Sweep and Shop Til You Drop were the BEST. Now on to the important topic, Plinko. It always was and still is my favorite game. I'm glad I'm not the only one who would have freaked out if I didn't get to play Plinko. And that wheel. It better give me a dollar TWICE.

  21. Legends of the Hidden Temple was the bomb on Nick! It was my absolute favorite game show to watch as a child. If only they could bring that majestic one back to the tube.

  22. Those are some old school game shows. I don't recognize any of them. Were they on cable? I didn't have cable growing up.

  23. I'd go HAM on double date, wild and crazy kids, legends, supermarket sweep... And no doubt family feud!

  24. i saw these shows a while ago, great selection

  25. Match Game is back, and I definitely applied to be a contestant. Cross your fingers for me!!

  26. The blue barracudas win the half-pendant of life! Also, I'm all about Richard Dawson. Jeopardy! would be my #1 pick, but your arguments for some of the other shows has me questioning my choice. BRING BACK SUPER MARKET SWEEP!

  27. Oh my gosh, you are a girl after my own heart.
    I LOVE GSN - though lately I have been totally disappointed in what games they are playing. *sighs* I need me some Match Game or 25,000 Pyramid or Let's Make a Deal or or ...not this newer crap. lol

    My sister and I LOVE Supermarket Sweep and Shop Til' You Drop. They need to bring back Supermarket Sweep already. I loved watching Bozo early in the morning and wishing I could throw the balls into the buckets.

    There are just WAY too many good game shows. More please. We watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune each night. Love it!

  28. Wait, I missed which one you wouldn't have gone HAM on? I don't recognize #2 and #3, but all the rest, I would TOTALLY be your partner! And any of them that have a SATC domination.


  29. I would own Wheel of Fortune. I'd also love to be on Supermarket Sweep. I always thought that looked so fun. Cheesy, but fun!

  30. Awesome post! You really took me back with this one. I want to go on Guts right now, and I wish I could find supermarket sweep in 2014. Thanks for this trip down memory lane!

  31. Do any of these (other than the Newlywed Game) actually still play on TV?!


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