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01 August 2014

Top 5 Auto Shows in the World: 2014

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Top five auto shows in the world 2014

Car enthusiasts and amateur mechanics get their information on what is new and unique on the market through many different sources. Some look to accessory retailers for information while others use websites such to research the technical aspects of the industry.

Others like to keep their eye on the various auto shows around the world where car makers preview new vehicles and accessories before releasing them on the open market. Most countries now host an auto show once or sometimes twice a year for industry professionals such as manufacturers and dealers to get together to trade and discuss the latest advances in automobiles. The auto shows also offer insights for the general public into what is coming up in the car industry. They are exciting and have a small but dedicated troupe of followers who travel the world for a glimpse of a new model before anyone else.

The auto show is also the home of the concept car. These are models produced by manufacturers to give an idea of what cars will look like in the future. Boasting new styling and technology they are often undersized and, frankly, impractical. Many of them are rarely seen again. But that is not to say the concept car has no use. People flock to them at auto shows because they give an insight into what manufactures are considering for their future mass produced vehicles.
Just a few of today’s modern innovations that were first been seen on an auto show concept car include hidden headlights, bumpers melded into the body, the rotary engine, the hatchback, suicide doors (not so common today), the four-door utility/pickup, the V12 (and a V16) engine, and the hybrid-electric drive train.

Here are five of the auto shows in 2014 considered by many experts to be among the best.

North American International Auto Show

This was held between January 13 and 26 in the one-time home of the American automobile and muscle car, Detroit.

Bangkok International Motor Show

This is one of South East Asia’s premium auto shows, and was held in 2014 between March 25 and April 6.

International Automotive Exhibition, Beijing

Held in Beijing, China from April 20 to 29, this is the chance for the growing Chinese automotive industry to show how far it has come in developing new cars in a relatively short time.

Mondial de l’Automobile, Paris

Europe ’s most prestigious motor show, industry heavyweights from across the world flock to Paris to see what is new on the continent. It will be held in 2014 between October 2 and 19.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Another Unites States auto show to grab world attention, the Los Angeles Auto Show will be held between November 19 and 30.

If you are lucky enough to get to one of these shows, you are not going to regret it. Otherwise, keep an eye on the motoring news coming out of the shows for an idea of what is hot for the coming year. In the meantime, follow Pure Performance Motorsports on Facebook or Pure Performance Motorsport on EBay for your news.



  1. i have been to a couple of auto shows, its amazing to see what cars will be available to drive.

  2. I used to go to the North American International Auto Show all the time. The last time I went I got mad due to my husband cousin wife wanted to go home. So we didn't get to see everything.

  3. Who knew?!?! I'd fancy going to an auto show. i'll bring the booze.

  4. CARS! Now you're talking my language. I think Tokyo has a pretty big show also. The NAIAS is the big one here, then LA, NY and Chicago are decent. Autoshows aren't what they used to be though.


  5. Never shop for a new car on weekends. Oldsmobile cars are in very high demand during weekends when a lot of other people have the extra time to be out shopping and comparing.


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