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08 August 2014

VS // Fantasy Football Girl's League Update // Before You Go

I don't believe it. 

Let me say this again....

I. Do. Not. Believe. It. 

The Victoria's Secret NFL collection was released, and after years of horrid crap crop (a little crop top humor, no?) they finally released a great collection! 

I. Do. Not. Believe. It. 

No stupid sayings? I don't have to be anyone's halftime show this year? No announcing that I'm "playing the field" or asking that someone "tailgate with me" via my t-shirt? No crop tops?! Like, what?

I'm just going to narcissistically throw this out there.... they read my buzzfeed article

I'm just so proud of you guys right now, VS! Maybe go ahead and send me some free gear for the suggestions?! For my troubles? For making this sweet collage that will become Pinterest Famous? Please? You can go ahead and email me right here. #Mmmmmkthnxs 

Today I was going to have a big Fantasy Football League announcement, but the details are not 100% finished. I'm at about 83% done, so alas, this big announcement is going to have to wait until Monday! It will be worth it though, I promise. The hosts I have on board already (hint, hint) are going to help me rock this year's blogger fantasy league. I also have a couple other hosts up my sleeve.... 

So since I dropped the ball, so to speak, on the fantasy announcement today, I'll instead leave you with some images from the fab night Helene and I had last night! She was the guest speaker at the Southwest Blogger Society's workshop last night, and totally rocked it! We then promptly galavanted around Deep Ellum, conveniently enough where the event was held, and Helene toured my new digs! 


We then took some selfies on my balcony at the new apartment, because why not right? Note to self, gotta work on finishing unpacking so I can post pictures on the blog! 

Then Veenie and I showed off to Helene our sweet tricks, high fives! Yes, I have my pajamas on, no I did not wear them in public (that night at least). 

Oh, and just to close with a couple of Things You Need to Know Before you Go:

1. Welcome back NFL! Preseason started last night, and even though the majority of our favorite boys don't get to play, I sure love seein ya back in uniform. 

2. The PGA Championship started yesterday and continues through the weekend. Golf is the best sport to watch in the summertime. Pick a golfer to root for, may I recommend Sergio Garcia? Sergio isn't exactly the most loved on the tour, Rory is and would be a good bandwagon to join. But if you want something a little prettier to look at try Adam Scott. 


See y'all Monday, promise we'll talk Fantasy!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Adam Scott!!! Also, blogger fantasy football sounds like SO much fun!! I would love that!

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. As a Giants fan {don't shoot please!} I wish there were a sliiiightly more creative slogan on the NYG shirt, but still, at least it isn't pink!! ;)

  3. I got invited to a FF league at work and told them I could play since I can learn all about it from YOU so excited to look through all your old posts! Also, hi fives?! *heart squeeze*

  4. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to buy anything from the new collection, I'm not sure I need anything... I can't wait until Monday, I am all signed up for my work Fantasy league and have been waiting to sign up for one of these as well.

  5. This year I am totally in, and loving the raiders front and center so now I have to repin this pin from you. see Victoria Secret owes you big time

  6. Ugh! I'm so bummed about not hosting this year, last year was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!!

  7. Love this. I may actually buy something Pink this year! Who am I?
    Can not wait for your fantasy post- I'm allll over that!!!

  8. Mmmm Adam Scott :) I love watching that boy golf! My favorite is good ol' Bubba because how can you not like someone with the name Bubba!

  9. oh, Adam Scott.. I'd like him even more if he'd stop using that stupid putter of his.

    also, may or may not have ordered some falcons gear from VS...

  10. ahhh blogger fantasy football again this year!?? YAY!!!! Last year I think everyone else in my league quit by like week 5 :(

  11. I refuse to root for Sergio. REFUSE

  12. so i REALLy like the VS stuff. i have one of those sweatshirts that are more like shirts, shirts in bright pink ( i wore it in Prague) and now i must have a sports one. i love them.

    1. You know when you hit comment and you're not done? Yeah. Had an absolute blast last night!

  13. So would you hate me if I own one of the Tailgate With Me shirts from last year? Because I do. But these new ones are ohhhh so much better and I am so happy!

  14. Going to go check out VS NFL line. Old Navy has a NFL line out too but I wasn't that impressed with it.

  15. I've been anxiously waiting for your fantasy league and I would have been mad if you didn't do one, so thank you for taking care of that for me :) Also, VS should pay you to wear their stuff. Duh.

  16. I REALLY hated those crop tops though!

  17. Can you please write another article, but this time make it only about the MLB. This year was the worst, a fringe halter top with the SF Giants logo! It was like Forever 21 meets SF Giants, which is all B-A-D! Sadly, I buy this stuff every year, at least one thing. I didn't realized they dropped the new NFL line, gonna go look up the Niners gear! xoxo, ganeeban

  18. Eek! The high five. Walty does that, too. :)

  19. I need to teach Heisman to high 5. That might be awhile. I like it better than the past but I'm still not in love with any of them.

  20. Finally team clothes for girls that aren't all icky?? I'm there!

  21. I can't do it. I can't get into golf. I'm trying REALLY hard.

    And thank God on the VS. Take all the credit you want for that, I'm also convinced you were involved. From all of us, thank you.

  22. VS did better this year than in years past. I'm SHOCKED that you are actually ok with the line! And watching golf makes me want to take a nap...which is usually what my dad and grandpa do when they are "watching golf"



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