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18 August 2014

That Weekend I Channeled My Inner Country Girl + $150 Paypal Ensemblr Giveaway

Insert every Monday morning expletive here. Time to get back to the grind after another fabulous weekend. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, so quickly and so out of left field... but I did. Funny how life can go from this to ridiculous happiness in the blink of an eye. Pretty cool, huh? I guess sometimes all those quotes I've pinned on Pinterest aren't BS at all!

That quote is actually kinda funny, considering that was not my approach in that post I linked to above. I guess that proves we may have one idea of what will work, but the universe has another idea. What is better, go with the flow or go out and get it girl, as I would say?

Anyway, before I get off on a tangent that probably deserves its own post (or 5 posts), on Mondays we discuss weekends! And mine was biz-ayy! Last minute on Friday I realized I would be leaving the apartment for the whole weekend. So this is legit how I walked to the car, two insane dogs on leashes, full overnight bag, cross body bag, backpack, set of golf clubs, dressed up and rocking cowboy boots... I then attempted to get in an elevator with a group of about 5 people and couldn't fit through the door. That wasn't embarrassing at all...

Not pictured... white dog going bonkers by the door.

Take two trips? Child please...

The three of us headed to Arlington for a White Trash Party hosted by the Russ Martin Show, at a place called Cowboys. For the first time in my nearly two years in Texas, I finally felt like I was back on good ole Rocky Top! These were my people!

This young man was dressed as Tina Turner and sang (by sang I mean #nailedit) Proud Mary!

Also, I learned that I'm a lousy redneck, so I borrowed someone's hat and I think that made me look a little more acceptable...

Saturday afternoon, four of us had a tee time for 12:10pm. I was so excited to get back on the links for my first real round of golf in over a year. Counting every single stroke I took, I shot an even 100. I think that is pretty good, plus I beat two of the boys I played with. As the late, great Spice Girls once said slam it to the left if you're having a good time GIRL POWER!

The only picture I took during golf... note to self: work on picture taking!

Directly after golf, Veenie and I headed fishing and camping! Gee stayed back to tend to the house and watch the Cowboys pre-season game.

See the title of this post? Yeah, here is where that comes in...

Well I made quick work of #2 on this list! Not pictured, how terrible I was, how far my shot went from where I was aiming, state of panic after pulling the trigger and immediately handing the gun off. Perhaps country bad ass is a learned trait, not one you're born with. Stay tuned...

Then I went home to dump a bucket of ice water on my head for charity. Naturally.

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  1. your weekend was awesome, and that quote makes my day. I haven't been to cowboys in FOREVER. i need to change that.

  2. ^^ I would like to go to said Cowboys game with you and Helene.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! And just who's hat was that you borrowed, hmmm??

    Also, that app sounds super fun!

  4. Looks like a fabulous weekend! PS I think I spotted a Fixer in one of those pics ;)

  5. Yay!! You finally got to shoot a gun :) And with a cowboys hat, girl you were all set!! lol

  6. I want to see the ice bucket video. Can we see it please? PLEEEASE?

  7. These pics look exactly like my friend Jackie- fishing, shooting guns, etc. Plus face looks just like her! Omg! Twins! Lol

  8. I love that the #icebucketchallenge is making its way across the US (and other countries)! Did it two weeks ago and love that its still going strong, makes me proud to be part of a movement that is raising awareness AND funds!!

    The dislocated shoulder ecard, I need it. I'd rather throw out my back, dislocate my should etc carrying up groceries/bringing down trash than take more than one trip!


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