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20 December 2017

A Classic Favorite in a New Light

If you're on the hunt for last minute Christmas gifts this season, I feel like I'm your Christmas fairy godmother to the rescue today. I have a place that I guarantee you've heard of, and probably been to at least 10 times, but might not have considered them as a Christmas gift wonderland.... until NOW!

I bet you're wondering where I'm talking about? Well, I'll give you a hint; they're known for their rocking chairs and legit the best chicken n’ dumplins in all the land. Yup, today I'm teaming up with one of America's favorite places, Cracker Barrel, , to show you some killer last minute gifts for an insanely great value. Would you even believe they've given me a 30% off promo code to share with you guys? Use code JOY30 for 30% off your entire online order! 

When I first jumped on the Cracker Barrel website, I had NO IDEA they had so many amazing gifts, cute houseware, fashionable blanket scarves, cozy blankets and an absolute plethora of items you just simply won't be able to live without. Then when you look at the price in your cart, especially with that extra 30% off, you won't believe your eyes. Such a good deal for the cutest stuff. Let's dive right in – here is my Cracker Barrel gift guide for great last minute gifts this Christmas.

Crosley Cruiser Record Player
Ever since CB and I last visited Austin and stayed at Hotel Saint Cecilia (they have record players and records in the rooms), we've been dying to own our own record player. We picture ourselves dancing cheek to cheek in a candlelit living room while the records spins. There's just something so romantic about a record player, don't you think?

Although Cracker Barrel has three entire pages of record players, this pink one stole my heart!

Classic Records at a Great Price
What's a record player without any tunes to go with it?

I picked up the best from my boy George Strait, Lady A's Heart Break and the Walk The Line Soundtrack!

Your Favorite Team's Gear
You know my love for Tennessee, so I feel the need to push that love on to literally everyone I know at all times! This year, I picked up my mom two Tennessee beach towels and a Tennessee cooler bag she can bring her waters and soft drinks down to the beach in!

They have so many collegiate and NFL teams available! Most certainly something for every fan.

Cute Scarves for your Girlfriends
Scarves are always the best gift to give because you can never have too many of them! I, for one, probably have 20 scarves, but if someone gave me one for Christmas I'd be pumped. I just love scarves, they instantly make you look more fashionable and put together. 

I got my mom this houndstooth blanket scarf, but I also was really into this one and this one

A Fun Welcome Mat
I don't know about you, but we do not change our welcome mat out very often like we probably should. Welcome mats are a great gift because that's something you'd rarely think to buy for yourself. My mom lives at the beach and loves flamingos, so I got her this one!

A Classic Table Lamp
I couldn't help but do a little shopping for myself too. We recently redid our home office and CB and I each have back to back desks. We only had one lamp and really needed a second. I was so in love with this faux marble table lamp, it looks so cute in our office!

SOOOO, what do you think? Have I convinced you to click over to Shop at Cracker Barrel yet? What about that additional 30% off code Joy30?!?

Go forth, shop your heart out and Merry Christmas!
I'd love to know what you find, tell me in the comments below!

Thank you to Cracker Barrel for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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