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04 January 2018

Long Overdue Life Update

I'm sure most of you have assumed I've disappeared for good, never to be heard from again except for the occasional Instagram post. I would venture to guess that if you follow me on Dallas Love List, you have come to the conclusion that I've since invested my time in that venture. To answer both of those questions: I hope that isn't true and that might be true. Dallas Love List is just so easy to run, the content is limitless and although it does feel like a new "localized" blogger/instagrammer pops up every 15 seconds, the market just really isn't oversaturated like it is in lifestyle blogging. 

Wait, lifestyle blogging, what the heck is lifestyle blogging even anymore anyways? I started Venus Trapped in Mars in February of 2013, blogging was CRAZY different then. Photos really didn't matter. I could open my laptop in the morning and crank out a post in an hour or two that was full of *gasp* WORDS! 

Although I don't think those days are totally gone, I do think photos are paramount now. I can't tell you the number of times I surprised someone when I told them I had THIS blog, they just thought I was on Instagram. That's nuts to me, and really damn sad. 

So yes, I did take a step back from this blog for a bit - months actually. I've been struggling for a year with trying to figure out what my purpose on this blog is. What IS a lifestyle blog anymore. I don't really travel too much, I don't do fashion posts, I don't cook. What is my point here on this internet? I'm not really sure, I need to figure it out otherwise Venus Trapped in Mars will cease to exist. 

I'll work on that, I promise. I have some ideas up my sleeve, we will see if I bring them to life or not. Time is a crazy thing you know, because I feel like I have none of it! 

WHY do I have no time? 

WELL - that brings me to the life update that I told you I'd update you on back in late September. Yup, over 3 months ago. Whoopsies on that. 

No I'm not pregnant, I drink too much for that to be a valid possibility. CB did not get a new job, we are not moving. CB owns a business in Denton, just outside Dallas so we are not going anywhere, probably ever and I'm A Ok with that! I love this city so much and I'm ok to be here for the rest of my days on this earth. 

A couple of people guessed that I quit my job to blog full time and while that is the MOST FLATTERING GUESS EVER, I think I'd need to put out a few more posts and a bit more content for that to be successful. If you thought I quit my job to run Dallas Love List, well to that I say BLESS YOUR HEART because Dallas Love List brings in very little income, it's mostly just free food and booze, which is fabulous with me. 

Nope, not one person guessed what my life announcement is! 

Back in September, I put in my two weeks notice with a company that I absolutely adored, Tohatsu Outboards. I loved that company, and I cried very hard when I gave them my notice, and then absolutely balled on my final exit from the building. They were so wonderful to me, and I will forever be grateful for my 5 years with them. Five 11 day trips to Miami, five trips to Canada, five photoshoots spent on the water for 2 weeks at a time. 

I really loved that job, and I was NOT looking for something new. 
Something new found me though while I was looking on The Adolphus website regarding some details for our wedding on March 3rd. 

There it sat, Social Media Manager. Wait - they're hiring a social media manager at our wedding hotel??? At the hotel I absolutely adore and cherish and holds a special place in my heart? And full time SOCIAL MEDIA of all things??? 

I had to go for it. After a two month long process, I accepted the position at The Adolphus and it was the best decision I think I've ever made, career wise. Every single day flies by, which is a dream come true for me. I hate being bored, but here it's like I blink and all of a sudden the day is done. 

I'm so overjoyed to be working with such an amazing team too. When I moved to Dallas I didn't know a soul. When I started at Tohatsu, I thought I'd make friends there but as only one of 4 girls in the whole building, that didn't exactly happen. It's just so damn cool that I get to come to work and have FRIENDS AT WORK! 

I'm so happy with my life right now, and I'm so sorry it took me so long to write this post. I was avoiding doing Instagram stories at work because I felt I owed you this post first! FINALLY, here it is!!!!! 

So, if you want to, come follow along! It'll be just like following me, if I were to post content 😂

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