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10 May 2018

Festival Style with Forever 21

Thank you to Forever 21 for providing the outfit in this blog post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

WATCH OUT, fashion blog post coming at you. Pick your jaw up off the floor, I can totally write a fashion post.

Totally kidding, I have no idea how to write a fashion post. I honestly just checked out some of my favorite fashion bloggers to see HOW they construct a fashion blog post. Do you need more than photos? What kind of words do I include here? What on earth is there to SAY about an outfit.

I often get stumped when writing food blog posts for Dallas Love List too. I am NOT a food critic, nor have I ever claimed to be one. I'm just a fan of taking photos of my food.

I tend to get on restaurant review blog posts and stumble through some variation of repeating the phrase, "IT WAS GOOOOOOD" 48 different ways. 

Perhaps that's how I'll tackle this post too. I THINK MY OUTFIT HERE IS GOOD. You can really taste the paprika in the denim.

Ok, I promise I'll do better than that. Truth be told, I haven't REALLY written consistently since I started at The Adolphus. I HAVE NO TIME. I'm lying again, I have all night long. I literally sit on the couch when I get home and watch reruns of Sex and the City while simultaneously being engrossed in Instagram stories from people I've never actually met. 

Side note, apparently I'm the only person who watches stories with the sound on. This blows my mind, what's the point without sound?? 

Anyway, outfits, y'all! 

Let's play two truths and a lie. 
1. I'm not too old to go to music festivals 
2. I'm not cool enough for music festivals 
3. I know just where to shop for a music festival outfit at any age. 

If you said 2 is the lie, then you are CORRECT! I'm V COOL, I'm certainly not too old (CB and I are ok with being the oldest there - aka us at JMBLYA in Dallas last weekend) and I have the perfect place to find cute festival outfits no matter your age. LONG LIVE THE MUSIC FESTIVAL ATTENDANCE!!

I bring you a place I'm confident you've heard of but might not have shopped at in a while: Forever 31. Errrr, I mean Forever 21, of course! 

And now here's where I start to panic when writing this blog post because I don't know what to say about the outfit...

Here are some fabulous shorts (GREAT FOR SUMMER)
An AWE SOME tie front t-shirt (GREAT FOR SUMMER)
An embroidered kimono - SO GREAT FOR SUMMER, Y'ALL!

Oh, and I also got a really cute ruffled bodysuit that I'll wear with a cute skirt, because y'all know I'm the queen of skirts. 

Did I kill it or did I kill it on writing this fashion blog post? 
I hope it was SO GREAT! 5 out of 5 stars. 
Would shop on Venus Trapped in Mars again. 

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