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31 December 2014

Less Boring, More Awesome in the New Year

For my 28th birthday my mommy dearest so graciously gifted me 2.5 hour cleaning service for my apartment. I was SO excited, because attention to detail isn't really my thing when it comes to cleaning. Heck, I don't even own many of the cleaning tools that are really needed to achieve a thorough cleaning. My vacuum only cost about 20 bucks... that is what we are dealing with here. 

So about three weeks ago, when I decided I wanted to have everyone over for a New Year's Eve party, I booked an appointment for December 31st at 10:00am with Handy. I spent six solid hours last night picking things up, doing laundry, cleaning my closet, finally hanging all the prints I was too lazy to hang since moving in *cough* six months ago *cough*, washing the slipcover on my sofa.... you know cleaning for the cleaning people to come. Because that is normal. 

I woke up early on my day off to drop the dogs off at daycare. I knew the cleaning person wouldn't want two crazy dogs running around, how counter productive would that be? Daycare for both dogs, even at the cheapest place I've found in Dallas is still $20. By the way Downtown Dog is the bomb if you need a recommendation! Wonderful customer service, they always remember Gee and Vee the second we  walk in the door. 

I run to Starbucks, pop in the last little bit of laundry, and sit down around 9:45 to wait for the cleaning person to call. The phone rings.... they're early yay! Wrong. The person called out to work that day and they don't have anyone who can come out on such short notice. Waaaaaaaaahhhhh.

But thank goodness for me, I have my girl Steph taking over today because I'll be buying cleaning supplies and then firing off a bleach bomb in the bathroom for the remainder of the day. Steph and I have been blogging friends for as long as I can remember, and her adventures in New York are some of my very favorites to follow on Instagram. What can I say, I'm a sucker for good skyline pictures! 

Ok, off I go to clean... come on over and help if you want?! *crickets, crickets* Follow me on instagram for NYE party pics, if you're into that champagne, glitter and confetti kind of thing...


Hi, I'm Steph and I write over at Insert Classy Here.  I love nothing more than a fresh start.  It's time for people to get their fresh start and make their New Year's Resolutions.  The top resolutions made are boring and generic and most people don't actually follow them, so I'm going to give you a few ideas to replace those super lame and general resolutions with easier to follow but still awesome ones.

Replace Lose Weight with Walk/Dance.  It's amazing to me how much people avoid walking.  Use your lunch hour, walk to pick up pizza or candy from CVS.  Walk your dogs, walk someone else's dogs.  Just move your body and quit looking at the scale.  Also, daily dance parties are great ways to burn a few calories.

Replace Save Money with Finish your Chapstick.  Has anyone actually finished an entire stick of chapstick or finished an entire bottle of nail polish?  I challenge you to actually use up your inventory before restocking.  If you look at it as a game, you might actually accomplish it.

Replace Learn Something New to REALLY Learn Something New.  Buy yourself a glass blowing class on Groupon or line up all the newest documentaries in your instant queue on Netflix.  Also, read books, even if they are the trashy kind.  No judgments here.

Replace Drink Less with Drink Better.  Stop drinking as much cheap beer as you can shoot through a funnel (unless it's a very special occasion.)  Start trying new wines - trust me, it's fun.  Stop the hangovers - no one likes those.  Drink water with your cocktails.  Step down off the barstool and out on the dance floor.  Drinking is fun - just don't be crazy and don't always be "that girl/guy."

Replace Be Less Stressed with Unplug.  Sure, knowing what your blog friends are doing each afternoon on Instagram is fun, but try actually having a face to face conversation with your neighbor or your significant other.  Have a phone free dinner or weekend road trip.  You'll feel more connected and less stressed.  If you know more about the Kardashians than your college bestie, you might need to reprioritize.  And if you need to know what I'm doing on Instagram, follow me here.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, smart, sexy lipped New Year.  Come say hi and tell me what your awesome resolution is.

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  1. Happy New Years, Sarah and Steph! I completely agree! Less boring, more awesome is my theme for 2015!!!!!!! It's going to be a hell of an awesome year!!!!!

  2. OH no!!! I can't believe they didn't send someone else. Happy cleaning :(

  3. That is an awesome gift even this 28 year old can appreciate! Maybe you could use it to clean up after the party?! Have fun tonight. Happy New Year!

  4. I'm with Mar, you could use it after the party. and I love this post from Steph!! Such wise words!

  5. We have a cleaning lady who comes every other Friday (our marriage would implode without her) and I run around for a couple hours the night before every damn time. So worth it though.

  6. That suck the cleaner not coming. I hope you have a great party. Also a great 2015

  7. I love your re-adjusted goals!!! We all need to be doing more of each of them for sure! Happy New Year!

  8. This is awesome. I like how you think, Steph. sucks that your cleaner can't come today, that would have been such a nice treat! Hope the party goes well tonight, Happy New Year!

  9. Ah that's awful that the cleaner didn't come! I actually had the opposite problem. Spent all last night cleaning since all my friends were coming over to my place to pre-game and now we moved the party to another friend's place. Oh well. Here's to cleaning!

  10. I remember when we had a cleaning service come once growing up and that's exactly what we did. We spent HOURS cleaning for the cleaning people to come :) Totally normal.

    Midwest Darling

  11. Oh man, I would have had an anxiety attack, i think. haha! Yikes! So sorry they cancelled on you! I hope you were able to get everything done.

  12. Holy awesome gift! Womp womp.....I would have cancelled the party, just kidding...but I would have definitely had to relocate. Happy New Year to you Sarah!

  13. You are the best. Hope you are off to a sparkly 2015. You can come to NYC anytime you want... just saying.

  14. I can't believe they don't have people on backup for that stuff! And Steph, these goals are great! Much more enjoyable and less daunting than most...probably even more attainable too. :)


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