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30 December 2014

A Very Electronic Christmas

Have you guys seen that "Sarah's Year" thing on Facebook? Well, obviously it would say *insert_your_name_here*'s year, but you know what I'm talking about? Well since literally everyone in my feed was taking part, I thought I would take part too. And yes, I might just jump off a bridge if Facebook tells me to!

Well I pulled mine up and it was so bland. Sure there were adorable pictures of Gee and Vee, countless pictures of my cocktail du jour (that's the cocktail of the day...mmm that sounds good I'll have that) and of course lots of memes... but nothing that really showed the year I've had.

There were obviously no pictures of CB and me having an absolute blast over these last 7 months, no status updates or mention of him, no relationship changes. Of the very few pictures I have even posted with the new friends I've met this year, none showed up in the random "Sarah's year" feed. To the outsider, let's say my college friends, for example, who don't read my blog, they would have no earthly idea of the happiness that surrounds my life these days.

I kinda like that. Maybe next time I see my sorority sisters for the first time in a couple years, the catchup will be more involved than "Oh yeah I know, I saw that on Facebook!"

This Christmas, I didn't get to go home to Virginia. I have a VA trip planned to see my family with CB in just a few weeks though, and get this BOTH round trip plane tickets were $270 total, for both... $270 I say! Thanks Virgin! So instead, I spent Christmas here in Texas and CB's family was not only so kind to include me in their festivities, but I got the coolest present ever.

CB's mom, we will call her Chalupa Batwoman - she reads here too btw so hiiiiiiii Chalupa Batwoman - made (yes I said MADE) me the most incredible gift ever. This stained glass Power T for the window right above my patio door. Check out how absolutely beautiful this is.... talk about the potential to be pinterest famous! She needs a blog and etsy shop ASAP!

I felt pretty spoiled this Christmas. I went from opening the beautiful stained glass piece, to getting woken up with breakfast. CB's culinary history is about on the same level as mine is, so this was such a thoughtful surprise!

On Christmas Day, in between the different family gatherings, we had to make a two hour detour to Denton, Texas. Instead of getting cranky or pouty, we both just took the approach of my favorite quote, "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure," and set off to explore Denton, a college town I had never visited.

And I found this bomb pink wall and the trip was suddenly all worth it for the photo opp!

And then, it was finally time for what we had been waiting an entire month for, Lights All Night! I'm going to leave the full expert recap and Lights All Night details up to Helene (which can be found here, here and here) and instead show you the pictures I deemed blogworthy from the two day festival.

::: Lights All Night Day 1 ::: 
I changed clothes like twelve times before I felt comfortable. Ah well, that is part of our basic rights as women, correct? I also believe we get unlimited mind and attitude changes. I think that is written in the constitution, look it up. 

:::  Lights All Night Day 2 ::: 
Also known as the very first day in my entire life I've ever worn lipstick. No joke. Sephora gave me lipstick in that birthday gift they give everyone, and I decided to run with it. I felt like I was messing with it, and reapplying the entire evening. I don't like feeling high maintenance when I'm out, so if you have any lipstick tips for me, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear them!  

In this picture below, I was trying to point out this guy's Rondo jersey. Rondo joined the team like AAAAHHHHHH minute ago, how did he already get a jersey!? Mavs fans are speedy, yet I don't even own a current player's t-shirt. Doesn't that make you feel so sad for me? I thought it might.

Totally kidding. Not even mad. #MFFLStrong

Now on to the next party.... New Years Eve! Who is ready?



  1. ohhh love your recap! you did it justice for sure. so glad you got to go!! and that christmas gift is AMAZING. so impressed. Looks like you had a great time in Denton :)

  2. Wow she did an amazing job with your gift!!! And the lipstick looks so good on you!!

  3. AAHHH This looks like so much fun!!! I want to do this :) I love your blue sunglasses.

  4. oh wow they pumped out those jerseys fast! I'm sad my GREEN Rondo jersey is now useless haha. My facebook year thing was pretty bland too, I don't post much on there so it was basically a year of my cat. Ok ok time flies, you and the CB ... 7 months already! exciting! Chalupa Batwoman's gift is so thoughtful and beautiful! Oh and lipstick tips if you don't want to apply all night long, go for a longwear Matte or a lipstain.

  5. This looks like a blast!!! And C.Batwoman's gift to you was on point! That's amazing and so well done!!!!

  6. That christmas gift is crazy! so cute. Loving the lipstick on you--you rocked it!

  7. Oh my goodness, red lips are amazing on you.

  8. Glad you had a great Christmas. My facebook year was boring too and didn't show any of the fun place. I got to visit. Then I try to updated it and just ended up getting mad at it. So I gave up.

  9. You rock the lipstick. Just saying. And the picture of you with the pink wall? I've said it before and I'll say it again - style icon.

  10. Seriously she MADE that.. That is the best thing ever!! I love it. She needs an etsy store ASAP!!!

  11. So glad you had a great Christmas. And I LOVE that stained glass piece, it's beautiful.

  12. That is such a great looking and heart-felt gift! I'm not a big fan of lipstick because I do feel like I have to keep checking it and reapplying it and not smearing it all over my face when I'm eating. I'm such a lip gloss/chapstick girl but I'm trying to be better! Looks like a great way to spend Christmas weekend!!

  13. Go Vols! I just always feel so connected with you because you're such a TENNESSEE fan!


  14. Love the red lipstick on you!! Sounds like you had a great time :D

  15. I'm glad you had a great Christmas, despite not being in VA with your family. I'm glad CB's family is taking good care of you!

  16. WOW, CB's mom is a total keeper too!! Lucky Lady! Glad you had a nice holiday even though you weren't with your family.

  17. That glass is gorgeous! She did an amazing job. I need that fun tank, so do tell where you got it, and gurrrrrrl, you look fabulous in red lipstick!

  18. Yeah...those Year(s) in Review were pretty bland on my end too...and I'm with you on that freeing feeling of not having every Facebook friend know all the details of your life. I really have no interest in people from home knowing what I'm up to these days or any of that biz-naz. Totally off subject - are you a Bassnectar fan? We happened upon their New Year's event in Nashville and the crowd totally blew my mind. Go ahead, laugh... :)


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