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15 December 2014

Yeah Don't Put Me Down For Camping

On Mondays, the only thing that gets me out of bed is the promise of a coffee the size of my head being ever so gently placed in my hand. After watching the Cowboys WIN (how bout dat win doe?!?) at a downtown sports bar last night and hitting the snooze button twice, that promise of coffee was the only thing fueling my movement this morning. 

This Friday we had our company Christmas party at a club called La Cima. Although the party was way out on the outskirts of Dallas in a town called Irving, the party was on the 26th floor, which provided stunning views of the Metroplex! You could see everything up there... the Downtown Skyline, an abundance of planes hovering waiting their turn to land at the DFW airport, neighborhoods full of Christmas lights... it was stunning. 

Oh, and sushi. I work for a Japanese company, so this sushi appetizer selection wasn't messing around. Warning: these images will make you remarkably jealous. Scroll at your own risk. 

That last picture is of a Japanese delicacy called Uni. If I've done my research correctly, Uni is the gonads of a Sea Urchin. Ew. I was double dog dared into slurping this thing down last year. So naturally, this year I double dog dared CB to do so. He is a liar and said it was delicious. I don't believe him. Ew. Ok but, Sea Urchin Gonads.

We had a great time getting all festive for the event! CB even wore his finest bow-tie....

We helped ourselves to a night cap at a new bar that opened up a couple of hoods down from me! It wasn't Deep Ellum, but the glow of the Christmas lights called me in!

On Saturday I was supposed to go camping in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. You may remember that bet I lost? CB certainly hasn't forgotten. But last minute I said, "Yeah don't put me down for camping..." and hit up a Dallas Stars game with my friend Vanessa instead!

Not camping > Camping.
Cozy bed > Pitched Tent.
No Bears > Bears.

Need I continue? Or have I proven my point?! Moving on...

On Sunday, I finished up all of my Christmas shopping, and grabbed a couple of happy birthday to me presents while I was at it. AKA the sold out errrrywhere Duck Boots I've been lusting after, that I just so magically stumbled upon right as I was leaving the mall! They had one pair left, in the exact color I wanted, in the exact size I needed. It was a birthday miracle people. A birthday miracle.

I also found this awesome peace sign wreath from Urban Outfitters, and promptly forced the boyfriend to take ridiculous and unnecessary photos. Because it is my birthday week, dang it.

And if you remember from last year, I tend to want ridiculous things for my birthday.

And then, after waiting all day for Sunday Night, the Cowboys game finally arrived. Here in Dallas, the train system is called the DART. I'm lucky enough to live right on a DART stop on the Green Line. Other than going to American Airlines Center for Mavs and Stars games, we have yet to really explore the possibilities the DART provides. So last night we decided to get wild and crazy and watch the game at a downtown Dallas sports bar. This was a winning idea. I snapped pictures like I was a tourist that didn't live a mile down the road...

Pizza + Bar = Heaven. What more could a girl need? Oh yeah, a cowboys win doesn't hurt either! Happy Monday, may the coffee be over flowing for you and yours!



  1. Yay so glad the Cowboy's won!! Made my Sunday night! :)

  2. Speaking of camping, are you going to the Texas Style Council Camp in March?

  3. ahhhh I love your boots! I've been looking everywhere for some!

  4. Ahh, that sushi looks amazing and your new shoes are fantastic! Also, that green building you took a photo of? I was inside it for the first time on Saturday. We went to a wedding reception on the 69th floor, and it was so beautiful! Loved the view of Dallas and beyond (sounds similar to your party views!)

  5. I agree with you...not camping is better than camping! And so is all of that sushi!!
    Looks like a jam packed weekend full of fun!!

  6. Oh yes, coffee is so needed this Monday! I love your new shoes, isn't it great to find exactly what you want like that? Love the peace sign too, so fun! Congrats on the Cowboys win!

  7. I love camping - but let me phrase that as, I love camping for 1 day / night only. My husband has done two nights but I just like a hot shower too much and can only hack the air mattress that doesn't hold air for one evening.

    That sushi looks SO good!!! I have always been curious about Uni, then I found out what it was and thought ummm, maybe not. Kudos to CB for um, taking it like man? ;)

  8. Love the duck boots! I think the bean boots are sold out everywhere too! You got lucky girl! Happy early birthday! Ps- give me your black and red plaid shirt when you get sick of it?

  9. haha the duck boots. because we need those for all the snow we get! LOL sorry had to. they are super cute as is CB's outfit and your new peace sign.

  10. Holy cow, that sushi platter isn't messing around. I didn't realize that you guys could even get sushi that looks that gorgeous in Texas. I've never had uni before, despite being an adventurous eater. I love camping, but I'll definitely pass on gonads, thanks.


  11. Begrudging congratulations to your Cowboys.

    I totally want that sushi. Well, maybe not the sea urchin gonads...

  12. sounds like you had a great time. Also yay for you team winner. Mine won to yesterday.

  13. Solid weekend. I heard that Duck Boots were making a comeback...I remember my mom wearing them, those are too cute. Pizza Bar...I'm totally in.

  14. How bout them Cowboys! Still can't believe we are hanging in there this season!

  15. Not jealous of the sushi (veglife!), but I'm totally jealous about how amazing you look! I really like your hair & the statement necklace. :] // ▲ ▲

  16. I went camping once. I got pneumonia and had a horrible time. My ex husbands friends made fun of me because I am not out doorsy and actually told me to just go shopping instead. Like I chose to go camping instead of shopping. Stupid mean people.

  17. Haha uni is fantastic. (Correction: *good* uni is fantastic.) Try it next time!!

  18. Happy early birthday! So glad you had fun on your holiday party (sushi = yummy!) and the duck boots are awesome - I definitely want a pair, just like every woman in America. I love the color you chose.

    ~ Christina

  19. You're right, I'm jealous. of both the sushi AND the duck boots! I work for a Japanese company too and the sushi at events is very important...and VERY good!


  20. I have those boots too :) But I got the red plaid ones. They are pretty much the best boots ever and I have worn them to work several times. They are too cute not to wear all the time!


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