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29 December 2014

50% Off Ad Sale + 15 Weekend Plans

I like to introduce my ESPN2 sponsors in a way that gives you a little more insight into who they are and what they blog about. I've had them pick GIFs before that describe them best, but I've really enjoyed having these ladies list what they would do on a weekend with no plans. Not only do you learn a little more details about their lives and personalities, but it also hooks you up with some ideas for your weekend! Because there is nothing worse than the back-and-forth of "What do you want to do? Well I don't know what do you want to do?" 

And since I'm in such a good mood on this short work week (I have both Wednesday and Thursday off hooray!) I've decided to run an ad sale. Use code STARBUCKSLOVERS to take 50% off any ad spaces between now and continuing through December 31st. Yes, I know that isn't the lyric, but that is what I hear. Sorry Taylor, maybe enunciate better next time. 

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5 Things Christina Would Do On a Weekend With No Plans
(and by locally I mean within an hour and a half of where I live in East Texas, including DFW)
1. Hit up Plano & Frisco to shop at Trader Joes, REI, and Ikea

2. Spend a day at either the Dallas Arboretum or the Fort Worth Arboretum

3. Explore Nacogdoches on a weekend when they have a festival

4. Explore Waco (just not in the summertime when its hot)

5. Attend a festival/event in a nearby town -- like the Tyler Rose Festival, the East Texas Balloon Race in Longview, the Azalea Trail in Tyler or Dogwood Trails in Palestine

 Uncustomary Art

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5 Things Mary Would Do On a Weekend With No Plans

+ Yarnbomb a pole

+ Drive down streets I've never been through in Baltimore, searching for new street art

+ Write letters to penpals

+ Dance with strangers, or on bar counter tops

+ Binge watch It's Always Sunny or Arrested Development

 Holland's Reverie

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5 Things Chelsea Would Do On a Weekend With No Plans

1. Whisk away on a mini adventure- camp, hike, etc.

2. Find a babysitter and go on our first date in two years:)

3. Convince my hubby to get up with kiddos and then sleep all day

4. go to a movie- it's the little things, right?

5. spend all day exploring around the farm, with snacks, a camera and kids in tow- it really doesn't get better.



  1. umm 50% off?! that is huge. also so excited to see yo for NYE!

  2. *jazz hands* Thanks for the 50% off girl!! I love the weekend plans, now I'm trying to think what mine would be! Hoping for a short day tomorrow and then off Thursday!!


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