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11 December 2014

Chalupa Batman Guest Posts

Chalupa Batman here. I am stepping in for a blogger with her first case of writer’s block that she has made me aware of. Usually she just pulls the blogs out of a hat somewhere and like 5 minutes later they are up on the site looking all touched up and beautiful. I think she must wake up at night and work on them while the rest of us sleep.

I was completely new to the whole world of blogging that y’all (yes, I am Texan) live in, prior to meeting Sarah. I was instantly hooked on her blog for obvious reasons after she and I started dating, and was kind of waiting for my first mention with a little bit of anticipation. She of course did not mention me without asking my permission first, and I was very grateful about that.

I run my own business, and have a number of employees who work for me and my partners. As a result of that, I am very hesitant to put any personal information out on the internet. I don’t have facebook, instagram, and do not use twitter at all anymore either. I want to be able to control the image I portray to my staff, and don’t want them to see me for the fake that I really am!!! Haha, just kidding of course! I keep my work relationships very professional, almost to the point of boring, but I do that for my own reasons.

Ok, so now that I got past all of that…. Sarah and the rest of the blog world are on the complete other end of the spectrum. Y’all have absolutely no problem (in fact some even make a career of it so I'm told) posting every single detail of your lives out in the permanent record books of the world wide interwebz. This would terrify me. I cannot imagine putting all of that out there for fear that someday it would be used against me in some malicious way.

However, I have figured out over time that this is why I really enjoy reading some of your blogs. I am oddly interested in the random and often personal information that you are willing to put out there. As I started reading a TON of Sarah’s blogs, and even some of the others she has linked on her site (Hi Helene), I have gained a lot of respect for what it is you bloggers do.

First off, I have realized that it is very hard work to put good content out on a regular basis, and secondly that it is something that you have to be conscious of all day every day. Sarah is constantly thinking about taking pictures to keep up with her activities for her blog, and is very mindful of what would look good and what things would not come across very well. She has a lot of “Aha” moments where she turns to me and says “That would make for a great blog!” That big ole brain of hers is always working.

In addition to blogging, y’all kill social media!! I am fairly certain that without bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest would not be anywhere near as cool of a place for women to spend their time. I constantly find myself peeking over at Sarah’s screen when she is flipping through instagram straight flexin, and for the most part, I am very entertained with what I see. If I had a vote though, less wine glass photos, and more pictures of you out and about enjoying yourselves! I think this is good Instagram advice for either male or females. I don’t really ever see myself getting into Instagram or Pinterest on my own, but I also wouldn’t consider it that far of a reach now having seen some of the amazing things that Sarah shows me from day to day.

I think that as far as your world of blogging goes, it will be pretty tough sledding to get regular male readers, but I don’t think it is outside of the realm of possibility though. Obviously, I am not your primary demographic of course, but throw a baseball game, or a brewery tour or two in there from time to time and you may just get a few male followers out of the deal. We can tolerate a lot more of the girl stuff than y’all think!

Well, I feel like I rambled on here with no real objective, but I am a complete novice to all of this. I told Sarah that if some ideas come to me for a guest post from time to time that I would ask her if I could throw them on here. She was pretty excited about it, so I would imagine she will pressure me to do that!

Until next time, CB

But but but... what do you mean no more wine glass photos? 
Well there goes my whole instagram account...



  1. Is it ok if I'm a little gushy and just say Awwwww?! Love that CB guest posted!
    ~Elise @

  2. Wow! I love this post because it's so real! Thanks Chalupa Batman for giving us your take on us bloggers and how it really is hard work.

    Looking forward to seeing many more posts of you in the future! if it comes to that :)

  3. Dear CB,
    As someone that knows you and Sarah, I am so impressed by your debut to the blogging world. I appreciate the compliments (and the shoutout!). Blogging is hard work and it's really nice to hear from a completely different perspective about it.
    I will say this though, since you know me and all, I think being on the blog and showing your face on social media isn't damaging. Michael doesn't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- any of it. He never has and he never will. I talk about him all the time, but I do it in a way that isn't damaging to him (nor would I want to talk about myself in a way that's damaging). Just throwing that out there. I know it's something you don't want to do and I applaud you for sticking to your guns, but I think you should think about it! Now who rambled more??

  4. This is too cute. It's a shame we can't actually meet this lovely fella!

  5. Ahh love this! Thanks for the blogging motivation, CB. Also, cool mask :)

  6. So cool to hear from the man behind the mask! :) Welcome to the blogging world, CB!

  7. Dear Chalupa Batman, while your guest posting skills are awesome (compliments go quite well in the blog world) I will not be satisfied until you reveal your identity in the form of a picture that your face is not blocked in. That is all.

  8. Hi, Chalupa Batman! It's nice to hear from you!

  9. I love this post! It's so well written, you go CB!!!!

  10. Eeek I loved this! Blogging is life anything else in life -- practice makes progress. I am so down for brewery tours. Females dig that kind of stuff too. :] // ▲ ▲

  11. AHH This is my face to see Chalupa batman posting on the blog ---> :D I do have to say, though, I'm kind of glad that bloggers don't have quite as many "out and about" photos. It means that we're enjoying life without stopping to take that perfect picture for the blog!

  12. Love it! I always think it's fun when guys take over blogs. Considering this was your first time I think you did the perfect amount of rambling with no real objective!

  13. This is the best thing ever! Must remember the whole brewery tour-thing *frantically takes notes*
    But for realz, what a cool thing of CB to do - fistbumps all 'round!

  14. First off, gotta say Sarah you scored yourself a looker with CB ;) I have to say though, my favorite part of CB writing this post was seeing what the blogger world looks like to someone completely new to this. Many of the significant others that post their thoughts have been around from the beginning and have grown to understand so it's cool hearing these new opinions.

  15. HURRAY CB SPEAKS! I love this - and I completely agree. Blogging is hard work, and it's why mine stands dormant for so long with barely any content between posts. Keep up the great work and CB thanks for stopping by!

  16. The first guy that gets it!!!! Yay!! Good choice!

  17. Nice to finally meet you "CB"! Psst..Sarah I think he may be a keeper! :)


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