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16 December 2014

Five Characteristics That Say You're born to have a Fitness Career

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Do you think you have what it takes to be in a fitness career? Were you born to be a personal trainer or run your own gym? A career where you are paid to keep fit and improve yourself sounds nothing short of a dream come true. Professional fitness courses, like those at Fitlink, can help you on your way to reaching that dream. Read on below to see if you have the characteristics of a fitness professional.


The fitness industry requires people who are driven by their passion to be successful. You can’t just be passionate about your own fitness either. You need the drive to share fitness with others, to constantly help them improve. In a fitness career, your passion has to be helping others. If you take great pride in sharing ideas and helping others, then a fitness career is perfect for you.


One of the biggest hurdles on the road to personal fitness is self-motivation. But as a trainer, this isn’t enough. You have to be prepared to go above and beyond to help complete strangers achieve their goals. If you see a fitness career as just another job then you will never make it. Fitness has to be everything your life is about.


It’s easy, as a fit and healthy person, to look down on the unfit and those that do not look after themselves. This mindset will quickly make you fail in any fitness career. You must be able to open your eyes and see where people are coming from. And if they are coming to you, it means they are ready to make a big change in their lives. You must have the empathy to see they made a great effort already, and it is your job to push them through and out the other side to a better life.


Communicating is big in most careers and the fitness world is no exception. It’s not all about being a confident speaker or being able to convey a point, you must be willing and able to listen to your clients, to hear their problems and issues, and understand what they want to achieve. With effective communication, you will be able to efficiently help them to achieve their goals by knowing what best motivates them.


In the end, the most important characteristic a fitness professional can have is patience. If you are planning on chasing a fitness career, chances are you are already on top of your game. You have already been through the slow start and the hardest parts. You have seen it all before. So you are going to need a lot of patience to watch all of your clients go through what you have seen before, over and over again. It will probably take many of your clients a long time to start seeing improvements and you must be ready to there with them every step of the way.
Fitness careers are both fun and rewarding. You get to go to sleep at night knowing you have help change someone’s life for the better. What characteristics do you think a fitness professional needs? Leave your comments in the section below.



  1. I can't even remember where my gym is located. I would not be suited for a fitness career.


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