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02 January 2015

Reasons to Love Iowa. Reasons to Love Detroit.

// Reasons Why I like Absolutely Freaking Love Iowa and You Should Too // 

1. The movie Field of Dreams takes place in Iowa. 

2. John Wayne came from Iowa. He is a dead movie star, and by dead I mean for the past 35 years, but your grandma probably still loves him. I know mine does. 

3. In 1958 Iowa won a national championship in college football. Way to go guys! If you need a comparison, Tennessee has six, but this isn't pertinent information to today's topic.

4. Ashton Kutcher is from Iowa. I don't know about you but I totally made an Ashton Kutcher fan club scrap book. The fan club consisted of me, my American Girl Doll Samantha, my tamagotchi and a select few of my care bears but again, not pertinent info.  

5. Iowa is home to the ice cream capital of the world. How bomb is that?? 

6. I did a google search for "celebrities from Iowa" and look at all of 'em... there certainly are some big names on here! 

7. Corn is yummy. 

// Reasons Why I like Absolutely Freaking Love Detroit and You Should Too // 

1. One of my favorite shows is Hardcore Pawn. I'm pretty sure every member of the family only owns one outfit (one leather jacket, one black cardigan, and one stripped button down) but that show provides hours of back-to-back-to-back hilarious entertainment on Sundays. Much like the Detroit Lions provide hours of hilarious entertainment on Sundays too.

2. To quote the very articulate Chalupa Batman, "If it wasn't for Detroit, our country wouldn't be where it is today. Detroit is the home of the auto industry that just murdered it during the industrial revolution." Murdered it is of course the technical term.

3. Detroit ranks first in the nation in potato chip consumption per capita. I mean, I freaking love potato chips. Preferably baked lays and/or kettle chips if you are ever sending a care package. 

4. Detroit Rock City. Home to Techno and Motown and Alice Cooper and Eminem and 8 Mile and Aretha Franklin and Kid Rock. Also, for those interested, I can rap every word to the song "Cleaning Out My Closet." Like, seriously, every word. I should put that on a resume. 

5. When google searching, "Reasons to love Detroit" since I've never actually been there... I stumbled on the BEST reason to love Detroit, directly from the mouth of a local."I can buy back the wheels stolen off of my car yesterday. Pretty cool, if you ask me." Not bad, Detroit. Not bad. Glass half full attitudes, I like it. 

6. Detroit professed their love of Peyton Manning, instead of, say, I dunno, Matthew Stafford. I find it a little odd that a Detroit news station posted an article about their love of the Denver QB, but honestly, what is not to love?? #GBO #VFL.

This list in no way reflects the fact that I am a horrific jinx and my two teams play very important football games today at 2:20pm against Iowa and Sunday at 3:40pm against Detroit. It isn't like I successfully jinxed Andrew Luck by endorsing him right before he played the cowboys, and it isn't like I'm trying that strategy again. It isn't like that at all. 

Yay Iowa. Yay Detroit. 

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  1. I feel like even though there was a very important reason for this post, it was still incredibly difficult to write. I, for one, am incredibly surprised you even got 6 things to like about Detroit. Bravo!

  2. haha I knew this had something to do with sports but now it's very clear. i like the reasons CB gave to love Detroit. SO SPOT ON.

  3. I'm from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Once, "Criminal Minds" had an episode that took place here. It's like they didn't even google what it looked like. We're a decent sized city with lots of trees. They showed a Mayberry-esque Main Street with the California mountains in the background. It was kind of sad, and I can only suspend disbelief so far.

  4. I see what you did there. ;) Good luck to Tennessee, because for the love, SOMEONE in the SEC should win their bowl game!

  5. hahahahah dying love it. I grew up on the border of Detroit and the suburbs off 8 mile and when I take people to sports games downtown they get all freaked out because I pay a random homeless looking dude on the street to watch my car. Go LIONS!!

  6. I'm in Iowa. That's another reason to love it. :) However, I'm not a Hawkeyes fan, so I care little about the bowl game today.

  7. I am from Detroit and the thing about the wheels is true. We do love the Lions but jeez... it's like you love your ugly stepchild sometimes:) Tough. Go Lions!!!

  8. I can't wait for the play off game on Sunday. I'm going to have to take a nap. Due to it come's on pretty late in Germany. Go Lions. Also happy my man Suh is able to play in the game.

  9. hahaha too funny! Maybe I should have tried this strategy for my Rebels the other day

  10. I always root for Iowa! My fiance grew up there :)

  11. Having lived in Detroit for a year and now currently residing in Hawaii, I WOULD MOVE BACK TO DETROIT TOMORROW WITHOUT HESITATION! It's the most underrated city in this country and I'll tell anyone who asks me! :)

  12. Big fan of Detroit. Played a lot of soccer there growing up and my husband played junior hockey just outside of the city. Lots of good memories in that place.

  13. My mom is from Detroit. It is a city that has been completely destroyed and it literally looks like a war zone. Ruins everywhere. So dangerous. The mayor is now in prison for being in the mobs pockets. #awesome but I know this is about sports which I know nothing about!!

  14. "Detroit murdered it." Hilarious! Considering Detroit is, like, the murder capital of the United States...

  15. lol.. I love these reasons for loving Iowa Detroit. Corn is very yummy!! I didn't know about the ice cream.

  16. Ahhh...yes. This makes so much more sense now after having read the last bit. I honestly thought to myself when I saw the title, "No. Absolutely not. Iowa is the worst state in the union and I hate that I have to spend time there (family lives there). Also, Detroit? No. Scary and boring - although, I do love me some Motown." Well, you'll be thrilled now because your jinxes worked! Boyfriend was OVER THE MOON after that Tennessee game.

  17. Glad you brought this one together for us at the end... :)


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