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30 January 2015

Super Bowl Drinking Game 2015

One of my favorite posts to make on this blog is a Super Bowl Drinking Game. So for Super Bowl 2015, I knew I had to make you guys the best 2015 Super Bowl Drinking Game! This would go perfectly with other Super Bowl party games too, like Super Bowl Squares 2015! I have also included a link for a printable version, so you can have them on the table at your Super Bowl Party!

Oh and a special special special shoutout to a very important part of my life whose birthday is today... and that would be Venus Trapped in Mars who is turning 2 years old! Girlfriend, you don't look a day over one and a half! I'm sorry your birthday is being overshadowed by Super Bowl Week, but hey, the Super Bowl made you... you! And what better day to have a birthday than on Fan Friday?! So don't worry, I promise we will celebrate in style next week will the full blog post your birthday so deserves!

Happy Birthday my little blog baby! Mama loves ya!

Super Bowl Party Games


  Download Printable Version Here
***sized to fit 8.5x11 sheet of paper in landscape


With even more Fan Friday goodness for you today, I've got Jenny here from Sprinkles and Sundresses with an awesome post about her Super Bowl viewing habits, as told through GIFs. I really need to think about embracing the idea of cheering for both teams... I know one thing, I sure would have a lot less, "Oh, she's an ANGRY ELF" nights!

Stupid Cowboys... BUT IT WAS A CATCH, DANGIT. 
Now y'all gotta chug. 

Take it away, Jenny!

It has come to my attention that Sarah has dedicated this week to a certain sporting event that is taking place this weekend. Now, I love Sarah's blog (is it going too far to say that I love Sarah too? I don't know if we have that kind of relationship) but I do not love sports. I also love GIFs, which you will see relatively quickly if you come visit me over at my blog. So, without further ado, here is how I enjoy the Super Bowl- as told through GIFs. 

Oh look the game is starting.

I don't remember which teams are playing. Eh, I'll just cheer for both teams. That way I'll end up happy either way. 

Finally, commercials. Time to actually pay attention. 

Maybe when nobody else is paying attention I can switch the channel over to the puppy bowl...

Okay nope back to football. 

Anyone else celebrate the Super Bowl my way? It's fun of course because it's all about being with friends. I guess sports are okay since they bring together friends and food! Still, I'll take my friends and food with a movie or something over "the big game."

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  1. I will be playing your drinking game on Sunday.....while talking about Brady's balls.

  2. I'm worried if we drink every time someone mentions deflated balls, we'll all be hammered by halftime!

  3. Love it!! The most epic drinking game...but my concern is missing those awesome commercials by being face planted in the middle of the living room by 2:00 pm...

  4. If I didn't have to work bright and early on Monday I'd be all about this!!! What a great drinking game line up girl!!! Well done!!!

  5. Love the game. So on-point! Can't wait to use it.

  6. Haha this game is so perfect! Cannot wait to use it. Thanks so much!

  7. This is amazing, as usual. Doin it!

  8. I know I 'm late. I KNOW. but this game is the prettiest you've made yet!! seriously, so impressed.


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