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02 January 2015

Because Who Doesn't Love A Singing Giraffe Video Message?

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I went back and forth on what to do about today's bowl game. It is a normal work day for our company, and I suffered serious inner turmoil with the decision to take the day off, take a half day or to just DVR the game and disconnect from my cell phone for the rest of the day. Well since CB is literally the only human I have ever met that can DVR sporting events and manage to stay away from social media spoilers, and since Tennessee hasn't been in a bowl game in three years, I came to the logical conclusion of the half-work day. Not to mention my mom is actually in Jacksonville with a pair of tickets to this afternoon's matchup. Lucky duck! 

I wanted to send her a message that showed off (see also: painted a picture / pretended to show off) how much fun I was having in Texas at the DFW Alum Club's Tennessee watch party. Heck, being in a sports bar in Frisco, Texas is just as good as actually being at the game in warm Jacksonville, Florida....right?! Right?!? I of course rarely doing anything without being totally silly, so I sent her a Pocket Avatar video message of a Giraffe singing Rocky Top... because, why the heck not? 

The Intel Pocket Avatars App helps you create and send fun, unique messages to your friends and family. It is very easy to use, even a Bama fan could figure it out. Yikes! Too Soon?! Fine fine, go ahead and come back at me with a "Tennessee fans have no teeth" joke. I deserve it. Just download it to your smartphone (either Google Play or the iTunes Store) and use the facial recognition tool and voice capture / recording tool to take your messages from boring to memorable.

There are tons of free Avatars to choose from.

I for one am totally obsessed with Giraffes, so my little Giraffe friend up there was a no-brainer decision. 

You then select the blue button labeled Free and your avatar immediately begins downloading. You will be able to record your own video by selecting the camera icon in the bottom center of the app. 

It helps if you get really into it, and start belting out those lyrics with a fiery giraffe-like passion.

Then when you're all done recording, hit the video icon again, preview your giraffe video and send to your mom in Jacksonville, Florida! 

My step Dad, Bobby, was kind enough to photograph her opening and watching the vide for me. Let's tune in and see her reaction to my vocal rendition....

I think that last look says, "Wow what an incredibly smart and magnificently talented singer of a daughter I raised."  
Yeah, let's go with that.... 
Want to see the video for yourself? No problem, just watch the video below! Warning: singing may cause ears to bleed. Please do not hold the artist, nor the giraffe accountable. That poor, poor giraffe.



  1. I am in Jacksonville! My husband got free tickets (military)! I am writing about Avatars today as well!

  2. LOL. that is all. PS. you look just like your mom!

  3. HA! TOO funny. Someone got her looks from her mama :) She's too cute!

  4. Hilarious! And so proud of Rocky Top! I faced a similar dilemma because I'm a high school basketball coach and we had our biggest conference game of the year last night. When the bowl schedule came out I was so annoyed. So I actually managed to stay away from social media, DVR the game and then press play about 10:30 last night. And I have to confess that after the third TD right before the first quarter expired, I decided to check the score and then allow myself to fall asleep knowing that we had the W wrapped up. Go Big Orange!

  5. Hey I liked this the video was bloody great



  7. Ha. That is something my Mom (in Florida) would do to me! Glad you were able to have so much fun with the app. Now I feel the need to download that giraffe too! #client

  8. Haaahahaha I did this shop too and OMG did I laugh with your song! :D That giraffe is one of my favourites, well done! :D

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