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20 January 2015

19 Things I Think You Should Know About My Family

Guess who is here with you today??! That's right, it's a Veenie takeover day!

My mom is having a serious blogging rut lately, so she decided to take her own advice and just go through her list of Blog Post Ideas For When You're in a Rut! And wouldn't you dog gone know it (hah).... have your DOG take over is the very first thing on the list!

Mom told me I could post today about anything I wanted. I ran the first idea that came to mind by her, "Reasons why my pee smells better on that patch of grass than your dog's pee. Reason one, this is my patch of grass, bitch." Unfortunately, she stopped me right there in my tracks (hah, a little more dog humor) and ruled out that post topic even though I had about 47 more reasons to give.

So instead, I decided to spill some secrets about me and my family you might not know. I even have a few insider secrets about Mr. CB for you! Heck, Mr. CB has walked in on me on more than one occasion as I was getting out of the shower, so he might as well be family at this point right?

1. My mom eats pizza in bed. Like, really often.

2. When my mom leaves for work, I have to get locked in the bedroom because I thoroughly enjoy pooping and peeing in one very specific spot in the living room. I could get into the reasons that my poop and pee belong on that one spot in the living room, but my mom ruled that out, remember?

3. I don't believe in personal space. It's overrated.

4. Gee doesn't like to be touched while he's sleeping. Not so much as just light grazing on his fur, by a paw or fingernail. He gets angry and yells at me. I sometimes cry. I just want to make my big brother proud :(

5. Mr. Cb has two cats that he's had for 11 years. They do not like me and Gee.... at all. Well, I can honestly see why they wouldn't like Gee. I mean he tries to eat their poop AND their food. But how could you not like little ole me? I just want to be friends!

6. I know Mr. CB's real name and what he looks like.... and you don't!!! Nanny nanny boo boo!

7. My brother is obsessed with squirrels. We go to the dog park and all he does, the whole time, is bark up at the squirrels in the tree. He never even says hi to any of the other dogs. I'm for sure the social butterfly of the family, just like my mommy!

8. I either love you or hate you.... there is no in between. For example, if you're riding a bike, I hate you. What the heck do you think you are? Half man, half machine? I just don't understand, therefore, I do not approve.

9. The only thing I've ever seen Mr. CB choose over hanging with my mom on the weekend, is duck hunting. Otherwise the two of them are inseparable. Props to my momma on those weekends though, because she will usually steal Mr. CB's girl friends away that night for a girl's night out on the town! Mr. CB always ends up having a baaaaad case of FOMO. I can see it all over his face when he gets back!

10. Both Gee's birthday and my birthday is next month! He will be 7 years old and I will be 3! Do you guys think this is a good age for me to start wearing under eye cream before bed?

11. Playing fetch is my jam, but I like to make mom work for it too. I'll put the ball down just slightly out of her reach, to where she has to get up out of the chair to throw it for me. It's hilarious to see how irritated she gets!

12. Mom has never ever given us people food. But Mr. CB sneaks us some off his plate allllllll the time. Don't tell my mom ok?????

13. I've never seen mom happier. True story.

14. Mr. CB and mom turned the Seahawks vs. Packers game off with 6 minutes to go when the score was 19-7! Bahahahahahaha! They missed the greatest comeback ever! Suckers.

15. I love little kids and I'm really good with them! They are close to the ground, just like I am, so they don't scare me like those big scary men on the bicycles. I sit down and show my belly anytime a little boy or girl comes up for pets.... and get this, they always rub my belly and giggle! My mom is so proud of me for being so well behaved around kiddos. I get pets, and my mom tells me what a good girl I am... it's a win win!

16. Mom will drop money on literally anything if she thinks it will be hilarious. She is usually spot on..... exhibit A:

17. Giving face licks makes my world go round. My mom secretly looooooves my face licks, but pretends not to because Mr. CB doesn't like them for some ODD reason. I literally can't even imagine not liking them??!

18. We all snuggle together. A lot.
19. I often get so excited that I pee myself 
So those are just a sampling of things I think you should know about my family! I hope you learned something new today. Perhaps mom will let me return and spill even more beans in the near future! 


  1. So cute! lol.
    xoxo Aimee

  2. Don't worry, Veenie. I eat pizza in bed too. Your mum is perfectly cool.

  3. okay but I really do love it when the pups takeover. too cute!

  4. Love this post! I'm a sucker for posts that are from a pet's point of view. Just too entertaining!

  5. #6, I HAVE Nanny nanny boo boo. vee is the cutest, I'm not sure how she feels about me, I hope it's a like. also where were these pics of you are your friends taken? i can't place it!

  6. This was adorable and then I got to the last picture and giggled out loud.

  7. Heart eyes all around! Cute post Veenie and thanks for giving us the inside scoop!

  8. This is hands down the best blog post that I've read all day. Thank you so much for the great laugh. Now I'm questioning just what is going on in my dogs heads. LOL!!!

  9. This is awesome, Veenie is a natural! ;) LOL at the last picture!

  10. You are crazy! You can't call it a rut when you come up with this much stuff!!!

  11. I'm glad you took your own advice. Also... #19. Thanks for admitting it, Veenie, and thanks to your mom for taking a photo as proof. HAHAHA

  12. This is the cutest thing ever. :)

  13. Hahahaha I love posts written by dogs. :) And WHAT?! YOU MISSED THE COMEBACK?! I saw on Twitter that a bunch of Seahawks fans left the game early and were then denied re-entrance. Suckers!!! lol I'm actually not a Seahawks or a Packers fan, so I didn't really care, but it was exciting to watch!

  14. Is anyone else dying over the picture of him peeing himself?!? So much personality & sass in one photo!

  15. Veenie, you are SO photogenic and really write a good blog post! Way to go ;)

  16. haha I love the socks. I'm afraid to hear what Westley or the cats would say If I let them blog. Probably about how mean I am....oh wait that what the human kids would say

  17. Pizza in bed is quite possibly my favorite activity. Love when your dogs take over the blog! Such a cute idea!

  18. The personal space photo is pretty spectacular. My dog DeeDee also has the problem of #19 :(

  19. I have to say I quite enjoy Veenie's perspective! Maybe next time there will be even more hints about CB dropped!

  20. Aw I love this! One of my dogs, Gemma, will be 4 this Friday! During the day I have to put the older two dogs in the basement (the doggy room with their couch and t.v.) because Mowgli (the boy) will pee on furniture and rip couch cushions. He actually only likes ripping the couch cushions from the nice couch in the living room but doesn't bother with the crappy couch I got for free that is in their dog room. Audrey, the puppy, still has to be crated during the day because she still occasionally will use the other 2 dogs as teething toys. And I'm still working on house training her. She was kept in a cage or something in a barn pretty much all day every day before I got her. So she was used to going potty, sleeping, and eating all in the same spot. She has improved but were still working on it.

  21. Those two kiddos are THE BEST!!!

  22. I love all of these. She is such a good day. I'm shocked that you have never given him ppl food. Heisman is all about that food.

  23. Last night, I saw something on Shark Tank that would be perfect for your was called Paint Pet, and I really think your mom would take the bait if you asked her for a can. Just think, she could paint you up for all the occasions...ya know, football and whatever... #justsayin

  24. Don't worry about a thang, girl, I pee when I'm happy too--Chloe the golden retriever!

    So apparently my dog hasn't taken over my blog, just my comments! Haha.


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