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28 January 2015

Super Bowl Squares 2015 Free Printable + How To Play Super Bowl Squares 2015

I love Super Bowl party games. My favorite is hands down Super Bowl Squares. Today I've got a Super Bowl Squares 2015 free sheet for you to use at your party! Plus, I've got instructions on the Super Bowl Squares Rules! 

To download the FREE 8.5x11 Super Bowl Squares 2015 Free Sheet click here 
To Download Instructions (if you need them printed) click here


So if these instructions are a bit confusing, and you are more of a hands on learner, like I am, here is an example:

Let's say I'm having a party and I ask my party guests if they would like to buy squares. The squares cost just $1 a piece. Here are what my party guests buy...

Oscar the Grouch (OTG) - Asks for 10 squares - puts in $10

Miley Cyrus (MC) - Asks for 5 squares - puts in $5 (cheap ass)

Peter Griffin (PG)-Asks for 10 squares and a Pawtucket Patriot- puts in $10 but no money for the beer

General Neyland (GN) asks for 5 squares - but just gives me a high 5. So, I go ahead and cover his $5

You know I wouldn't skip a gambling opportunity. Sarah buys 10 squares - $10 (SRW)

Terrell Owens - (TO) tries to buy just 5 squares, I tell him if he buys more I'll be his Facebook friend, so he buys 20 - $20 (He ended up having to take out a loan for the $20)

Buggs Bunny (BB) comes in and scoops up the rest ($40)

With $100 in the pot. We will have 4 winners, each winner gets $25! Our board now looks like this...

Our next step is to randomly list our numbers across the top and down the side. 

We sit down and start shoveling cheese dip and funneling beers into our belly, while watching the game.

The first quarter ends, and the score is Seattle 7 - New England 10. Find 7 on Seattle's side, and 0 on New England's side, then you find your winner! 

And Buggs is your first quarter winner! Yay Buggs, get it! Any questions??! I'm here to help! 
*Warning* Always play with ice cold (Miller light) beer! And of course drink responsibly and junk. 

BTW-- I'm just here today so I won't get fined. Anyone else on board with this?
 Marshawn for president! 



  1. I wish we were doing a party but my friends here could care less for football - I used to participate in this for years back home but it seemed the hosts always seemed to win the most - I think it was rigged ;) haha

    PS Can I have an Iced Cold Craft beer, is that ok? ;)

  2. "I'm only here so I don't get fined." Words to live by. Hawk yeah! Go Seahawks!!

  3. Thanks for the print out. I going to try my best to stay up and watch the game. Since it comes on at 2:30am here in Germany.

  4. Marshawn's press conference was fantastic. Can't wait for Superbowl Sunday. We have our squares ready to go at work!

  5. Ahh, I've played this for my state's rivalry college football game and it's so fun! I'll have to see if I can find people to play with me this year. :D

  6. That Marshawn Lynch "interview" was FREAKING HILARIOUS!

    1. The "interview" made my week actually! Go HAWKS!

  7. I'm definitely going to try this!

  8. hey thats my fav superbowl game, I don't need to know anything... we play this one every year


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