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29 January 2015

The 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Super Bowl 2015

I'm so sorry to all you Patriots fans, but I am 100% rooting for the Seahawks this year. Well, maybe congrats to you Pats fans since this pretty much guarantees you a win, seeing as every team I root for loses. The Super Bowl is so much bigger and more exciting than just funny commercials, Katy Perry and cheese fries. Although, I'm not sure my boyfriend would agree that anything is better than Katy Perry, but that is neither here nor there. 

So for those of you who haven't been staying glued to NFL news, this post is for you! And to my girls who knew all this stuff already, maybe you'll still get a chuckle or two out of it... because discussing Tom Brady's deflated balls will never not be funny.

What is it? 

In what is still an ongoing investigation, the NFL thus far found that, in the first half of the AFC Championship game featuring the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New England Patriots, the balls were not inflated to the NFL regulations.

So what?

The conditions for that game were cold and rainy. Deflated balls are easier to hold on to (hah), grab (hah), catch (hah) and throw (that one was not as funny as the others).

Well, if the balls were deflated, wouldn't both teams have an advantage?

Good question! Oh, you didn't ask this? Well I asked this because I didn't understand how the NFL's balls were handled (hah).

A week prior to game day, each team is delivered their own set of 12 footballs. So New England plays offense with their own set of 12 balls, and Indianapolis plays with their own set of 12 balls. The quarterback is allowed to rough up their balls (hah), so they feel better in their hands (hah). Eli Manning is known for really roughing up his balls (hah) in a very specific way.

This is very much like in baseball, when a pitcher uses a Rosin Bag to rough up the ball before he pitches. Roughing up your game day balls is totally legal. Altering the pressure of the football, is not.

Ohhh, ok. I get it. So how did the NFL find out about it?

Tom Brady threw an interception in the second quarter. The Colts player who made the interception, D'Qwell Jackson, told his equipment manager that the ball felt under-inflated when he made the catch. That message got relayed to the coach, who, of course, relayed it to the NFL officials.

And thus, deflate-gate was born.

Marshawn Lynch is notorious for not wanting to talk to the media... or to well, anyone at all. He thinks actions are greater than words... more specifically he's self admittedly, "just bout that action boss."

So during Super Bowl Media day, the NFL threatened to fine him $500,000 if he didn't show up.

Well Marshawn showed, and answered every question, 29 questions to be exact, with the same answer, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

This. Was. Awesome.

Marshawn has a fan for life in me now, because if you were in a sorority, like I was, you know exactly where he was coming from!

Sorority Recruitment?
"YeahI'm just here so I won't get fined."

Homecoming float building?
"YeahI'm just here so I won't get fined."

7 Hour Long New Member Initiation?
"YeahI'm just here so I won't get fined."

Standards Board Hearing?
"YeahI'm just here so I won't get fined."

Study Hours?
"YeahI'm just here so I won't get fined."

I got you Marshawn. I got you. 

Many people are saying that a Super Bowl win for Tom Brady on Sunday could easily mark him as the greatest quarterback of all time. Here are the facts, I'll let you decide if he deserves the title of best ever, should he win. 

- A Win Will Bring Brady's Total Super Bowl Victories to 4

-Who holds the current QB Super Bowl Victory Record?
 Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, each with 4 victories

-Brady's 6th Super Bowl Appearance
Ties with one other guy you've never heard of. Mike Lodish (see told ya, never heard of him

- Patriot's coach Bill Belichick record with Brady as QB: 180-55
Without Brady... 52-63. Whomp Whomp.

-My Boyfriend thinks Brady is the Greatest Living American -- or the GLA for short 
I whole-heartedly disagree.


Read this mind blowing statistic...
When playing against QBs that have won a Super Bowl, Russell Wilson's record?
You know what that tells me? He has ice in his veins. 

Wilson on the free throw line for two shots with 1 second in the game, down by one?
He's gonna make em both. 

Wilson at bat, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by three? 
Wilson's gonna hit a walk-off grand slam

Wilson down by a stroke and putting for eagle on the 18th to win the Masters?***
Wilson's gonna drain that put to win the tournament
He may not have the flair, arm, or accuracy Brady does... but the kid wins football games. Watch out for Mr. Wilson, Patriot fans. 
***update: Upon CB reading my blog post today, he informed me of the following"Sarah... no one has ever gotten an Eagle on the 18th at the Masters, ever. No one drives the green on 18 at Augusta. They just don't."-------- ok but Russell Wilson could, that is how clutch he is... #justsayin

6:30pm EST

TV Channel:

University of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ

National Anthem: 
Idina Menzel

Halftime Show:
Katy Perry

Current Favorite in Vegas:
Patriots by 1 point

Here is another post from last year that might help you before you Super Bowl!
Basic Football Q&A as asked by YOU, and answered by ME!



  1. This is amazing! I will be rooting for those Seahawks along with you on Sunday. And even though I knew most of that . . . I still loved it all!!

  2. I love Lynch -- I mean, I would if his team didn't beat mine twice this year. And you are so right -- talking about Brady's deflated balls will NEVER get old. I'm pulling for Katy Perry.

  3. Deflated balls, hah! I got too many chuckles out of that. Lynch also did an interview where all he said was "yeah". His Skittles interview was pretty hilarious too! Wilson is so much better than Brady ;D Obviously I am rooting for the Seahawks :)

  4. Why thanks for sharing! Living with a Assistant AD for a husband, this stuff gets tossed around quite a bit at our house, but I never understand any of it. We had the same question regarding footballs ("Wait, what - they switch out footballs every play?")...and it's my personal opinion but I think the term "deflategate" is pretty ridiculous... It's not easy to say, and the whole issue has nothing to do with a damn gate! But who am I to know anything....

  5. This is perfect! I will also be rooting for the Seahawks because I think I may dislike Tom Brady even more than you do. Just typing his name makes me cringe!

  6. I laughed SO hard at the sorority comment, SO HARD.

  7. I don't think talking about Tom Brady's balls will ever get old.

  8. Rooting for the Seahawks too! I don't really know why, but I just don't like Tom Brady or the Patriots. Although they gave us Deflate-gate, which as your post proves, is pretty fun to talk about. ;)


    Although Marshawn Lynch is my current favorite person because I totally feel him from my DG days.

  10. You know I love all of your sports posts! This is great! I'll also be cheering for the Seahawks- honestly I love their uniforms and think the patriots are a bunch of cheaters. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the hilarious press conferences. I'm really curious to see if there will be consequences for this... maybe a Belichick suspension like Sean Peyton's?

  11. You're like the go to girl version of cliff notes for ESPN, love it! Since my 49ers aren't in it, I'm not really into it this year. But I am into anyone throwing a SB party with good food and booze, but I wouldn't mind if the Sea Chickens lost, but I don't want T. Brady to tie Montana's record (selfish, I know)! Oh and the commercials, that kind of 'marketing' person would I be if I didn't watch those?!? Happy SB weekend girlie! xoxo, ganeeban

    1. OK BUT YOU CALLED THEM THE SEA CHICKENS... this is without a doubt my new favorite nickname for them!!!! :) :)

  12. Great list! I'm on the fence still about watching the game on Sunday, I want to so I don't feel left out of the pomp and circumstance, but at the same time I want to protest (I'm a Colts fan so this whole deflategate thing really sucks). I don't want either team to win, so I'm rooting for the Budweiser Clydesdales and Katy Perry.

  13. Oh, this was definitely so helpful! I'm terrible for football things, but this has just cleared my mine a little. I hope I can watch the Super Bowl somewhere in Spain! With love,

  14. I'm only commenting so I won't get fined. I counted 11 "balls" in this post & I must say it tickled my fancy. Haha.

  15. Seahawks! Born and raised! Even though I knew all this, this post was great! Definitely shared it with a couple of my girlfriends who are football challenged. Brady is a pretty decent quarterback but I'm not sure about the greatest of all time. I think Brady better then most quarterbacks. Besides for Wilson of course. As for Lynch, I feel that the NFL is trying to force him to be a robot. He's just trying to be himself. He is truly uncomfortable in front of the camera. Just leave him alone. Let him play ball. He is good at that.

    Go Seahawks!

  16. I'm going to have to totally disagree with CB on the whole GLA of Tom Brady... um, EW!!!!

    I'll be rooting for the Seahawks.
    Girlie Reason: I love their uniforms and team colors.
    Fan Reason: I love their 12th Man fan base and love for their team.
    Bitter Football Fan: I hate the Patriots, more so Tom Brady and my Steelers aren't in the game.
    Seattle Fan Reason: Um, do you remember the 90's? I'm rooting for the team that most of my all time favorite musicians are rooting for this weekend.
    If I was a transplant Reason: If I moved to Seattle, I think it would take me all of 1 hour to become a full fledge Seahawk fan. True Story...

    Trust me I'm from Maryland and I loathe The Ravens... (Steelers fan!)... so yeah, just moving to a new town and "becoming" a fan of the local team is something I don't take lightly.

    PS Did I mention I hate Tom Brady?

    PSS - Sorry CB!

  17. Tom Brady might be the biggest baby I've ever seen. I mean, really? With the temper tantrums? Grow up. And obvs go Seahawks! Seahawk fan for life! Obviously, according to my blog and my obsession with my boys :)

  18. I am totally rooting for the Seahawks too! Mostly because I live in Washington state but also because I find Tom Brady annoying. Though I do like his Uggs and wife.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. The Marshawn Lynch one is hilarious and I looovveee your FB post. I was a Pi Phi and I can totally relate.

  21. I almost couldn't get through this because of all the (heh) about balls. But I loved it and read most of it out loud to Jarrod.

  22. I always get Russell Wilson confused with Russell Martin, the guy who used to catch for the Dodgers and who was NOT great but I still love(d) him.


    Also Keith and I are serious Packers fans so on principle we hate the Seahawks. And after this whole ball situation and the "filming the other team practicing" situation, I hate the Patriots so this Super Bowl basically doesn't exist for me BYE.

  23. Haha! looveeeddd this. and Russel Wilson but who doesn't. I'm hosting a Super Bowl party this year & I'm definitely going to have to share this post with some of my {not so into sports} girl friends....that way I don't have to answer questions while I'm watching commercials and eating too much cheese dip. I really really really don't like the Patriots but my dislike goes even further for Tom Brady...and I've been a bandwagon Seahawks fan since last year.....soooo Go Seahawks!

    Also-- I'm excited for the Superbowl, but so so so so so sad because it means football season is kinda makes me want to cry a bit. or a lot. until next year....

  24. Oh my god. I was reading this post to my boyfriend and just cracking up. We were both in greek life so the fining part really got us going. Thanks for the tips!

  25. I'm with you on the Seahawks. Even if they SLAUGHTERED the Broncos. I'd rather root for Russ Wilson than Shady Brady and his limp balls (hah). I feel like the NFL is a bunch of teenage girls. All year, while Peyton was chasing to break the record (and did) and continued to surpass it, HE was dubbed the "greatest quarterback of all time." But now it's Shady Brady? Make up your freakin' mind NFL!

    Go hawks. Russ is cuter anyway.

  26. I am definitely going to be rooting for the Seahawks too. I can't stand the Patriots. I laughed way too many times while reading about Tom Brady's balls. haha!

  27. Well, I guess I'll be the lone commenter rooting for the Patriots. I'm from Foxboro and grew up in FL and have put in plenty of time rooting for them when they SUCKED so I'm really enjoying knowing that they have had so many winning seasons under Belichick finally. I like that they are passionate about their sport and their team, even if that passion pisses people off :)

    I'm not sure about the D'Qwell thing though. He said he didn't point it out.

    For his sake, I do hope that they give D'Qwell back a ball. I'm sure that would be a nice souvenir for him later.

  28. I'm a Peyton Manning fan, but even I say the best QB of all time is Joe Montana. Hell a town in Montana changed their name to Joe....That's how awesome he is.

  29. I'm sitting here laughing picturing Marshawn Lynch showing up to a sorority meeting instead of the press conference. Thanks for that Sarah!

  30. this is badass- and was kind of interesting to read after the event. especially since i watched maybe a minute of the game. I KNOW, sorry. but the party i went to had lots of different food and drinks so i focused on that. whoops


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