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27 February 2015

What to Wear To A Game / Match / Race / Event...

In my perfect world, I would have a pair of tickets in my hand 24/7/365. I will go to any and all sporting events in Dallas. Well, that is too specific. I will go to any sporting event, period. There is living proof of this when I agreed to go to a soccer match on my second date with Chalupa Batman. I'm used to flexing my sports knowledge muscle in front of the guys. Heck, I am pretty proud to flex that muscle, I think it helps on dates! But this man took me to the one sporting event where I have absolutely no idea what's going on.  I guess it worked out ok in the end, huh? 
Today, I thought I would compile a list of my recommendations, using past outfits and past blog posts, for what to wear to any and all sporting events!

 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute Baseball Game //
Logo Baseball Hat
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What To Wear To A Baseball Game
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shirt via 
 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute College Basketball Game //
Vintage/ Graphic T-Shirt
// Full Blog Post //  
What To Wear To A Basketball Game

 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute NBA Basketball Game //
Meh! Wear whatever you like. Comfy, chic, casual

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What To Wear To A Basketball Game 

 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute NFL Football Game //
Jersey... I suggest a little boys size to save a few bucks!

// Don't Forget the Purse Rules //  
NFL Approved Purses

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 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute College Football Game //
Logo T-shirt / Logo Sweatshirt

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What To Wear on Gameday

// One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute SEC Football Game //
Solid Color Sundress in Your Team's Color

// Other important additions //
Cheek tattoo, pom pom, cowboy boots

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What To Wear To An NCAA Southern Football Game

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 // One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute Hockey Game //
Jersey or Beanie

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// One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute Nascar Race //
Cutoff Shorts or Merica Tank Top

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What to Wear To A Nascar Race

// One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute Soccer Game //

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What to Wear To A Soccer Game

// One Thing I Recommend Having on Hand for a Last Minute Horse Race //

// Full Blog Post // 
What to Wear To The Kentucky Derby

If I missed a sport that you would love to see a "what to wear to..." post on, leave me a comment! 

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  1. Love it. We usually go to so many basketball games but we just haven't been able to this year and I miss it like crazy! And then there's this post that makes me miss it even more :( But for real, great outfits, great pictures, go vols!

  2. When Mizzou moved from Big12 to SEC I was concerned that I was going to have to toss aside my hoodies and replace them with sundresses. But I don't go to enough Mizzou games, so I still wear my old t-shirts and hoodies from freshman year with pride. Thank goodness Penn State isn't SEC - it is too cold in State College for anything other than hoodies, beanies, gloves and boots come November!

  3. You're spot on with the SEC football attire, for sure!

    I do what I want.

  4. Love this! Wish I had read the NFL approved post before I went to my first Redskins game this year. I almost had to throw away my $100 crossbody (which still is pretty small!) but then hid it in the bushes after it all.

  5. I totally agree with everything you said for each sport. I would also point that whatever you wear, make sure it's easily washable in case you inadvertently spill beer or dribble cheese/ketchup on yourself. Not that I've ever done that before *coughs*

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I just love everything about this post and all the ones linked to it! :)

  7. I'm sorry, I'm confused, I don't see high heels. weird.

  8. I have no clue about the purse rule. Good to know. Since I'm going to the London games in November.

    P.S. My blog has moved to

  9. I haven't seen any sports in person in so long, I will need this if I ever manage to go to a game again. Jarrod would like to mention that you left out soccer and I wouldn't mind another post like this.

  10. I love your posts. and true confession I have a whole new series of purses for football games based on the purse rule ( go figure).

  11. I love the fact that you differentiated SEC football from NCAA football. It's a totally different lifestyle that northern folks just don't understand.

  12. We would so be BFF's if we lived closer to each other! I would be at any and all the sporting events that I could! Best date nights ever! A soccer game for your first date? That had to be rough! That is the only sport I have no knowledge of as well...with good reason! lol! Unfortunately, this mommy is probably going to be living at the soccer fields if my 3 year old has anything to say about it :( He is pretty darn good and he hasn't actually played in a game yet!

  13. I still think it's so cool that you went to the Kentucky Derby! As a Big 10 person for life, I'm always baffled by the apparel at SEC football games, but you're right - it deserves two separate categories. Soccer is also my weak spot for sports, but I do like going to games!

  14. I love that SEC girls get dressed up for football. It makes me think we are better than everyone else. I say this like I don't have an OVC team in my backyard but seriously does anyone even attend OVC games?

  15. I'm so glad my man isn't into soccer. That's the one sport I just don't get.

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  17. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.


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