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17 February 2015

Let's Explore Dallas

The second nice weather hits the Dallas area, my mind conjures up ideas of taking a stroll downtown while sipping on a latte, grabbing a juicy patio table where you can watch people walk by or exploring nooks and crannies of the city I've never seen before. 

The weekend before I left for Miami, that is exactly what CB and I did. Deep Ellum is so conveniently located that you can easily walk to downtown or uptown, or jump on the DART light rail to get anywhere else for pretty cheap. Cars not necessary. Which is fantastic because we both despise driving. So we started the weekend with drinks at a location that is on my Dallas Staycation list, The Soda Bar at the NYLO hotel! The service was great, the view was spectacular... the drinks... meh.. not so good.... i.e. My $10 martini was served in a plastic shot glass. But the view totally made up for that!

I was kinda digging that blurry pic for some reason!

Then we met some friends at this bar called the Kennedy Room. Best service, best drinks and best ambiance in Dallas. If you're looking for a romantic, cozy fire-lit night for two... GO HERE! There, I said it. Statement made. Get the old fashioned and call me in the morning. 

On Saturday morning, we met CB's brother and nephew, Will, who is 4, for a trip to the zoo. I was given permission to use Will's name and picture on the blog... baby steps y'all! First a nephew's name, next CB to the world! Muahahahhahaaaaaa........... no? 

Ok anyway back to the point... the Dallas Zoo....

At the Dallas Zoo you can feed the giraffes. I am obsessed with giraffes so I made a beeline straight for their feeding area. I joked that I bought $100 and planned on spending every dime of that on lettuce.... joking not joking......

 Oh and there were other stuff there too... besides giraffes... who knew?
Like this little guy who smiled just for my camera! 
He is sitting just like Veenie sits... who wore it best?

Then Will and I did a little mini photoshoot!

After the zoo, we took the DART train back to Deep Ellum. We jumped off a couple of stops early, and walked the rest of the way back since it was so nice outside.  I figured I'd find some good photo opps... and I was correct! 

I was never a cheerleader.... I think I missed my calling in life don't you???

Not a bad last weekend in Dallas with my man before leaving for Miami for 10 days! Gotta tell ya, sure makes me excited for spring weather! 

In other news... only one more day in Miami! I head home tomorrow!! Hooray!!!!!!



  1. so it's now freezing in Dallas for no apparent reason. WHY. I haven't been to the zoo in forever and I need to go. I alsways love how much you explore your own city- I need to do more of that!

  2. Looks pretty and I loved the zoo!

  3. Girl, you got the cheer move down!! How fun to explore your city :) The zoo looks like fun but the downtown is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. You make Dallas look like so much fun! I mean, I already knew it was fun, but I've added so many places that I need to check out the next time I go there.

  5. Looks like so much fun!! I love the zoo but it's been forever since we've gone!

  6. I'm very jealous of the gorgeous weather during your adventures!! Looks like a fabulous place to be! Also-- Veenie totally wore it best. No contest.

  7. This looks like so much fun. It's been such a long time since I was in Dallas. I cannot wait to go back some day.

  8. My fiance's family is new to Dallas, so I've been mentally planning a trip there for a couple months now. This makes it look even better. Also, how cute is little Will?

  9. Me and my husband are coming down to Dallas this weekend and I'm wanting to hit a great rooftop bar! Since the one you mentioned at the hotel wasn't a great success, do you have recommendations for another?

  10. I have so much to say about this post...haha. First, I love all of the pictures-you always take great ones :) I had a previous marketing job where we worked with our local zoo and held a contest to name the new baby girafffe and I got to feed the momma and get all up close & was all sorts of awesome!! Every Sunday from 12-4 our zoo is free to get in and luckily Ethan never gets sick of going because I absolutely LOVE it. We go there about 18 times every summer haha!! And major steps on getting CB to reveal his identity ;)

  11. Baby steps are better than zero steps :)

    The giraffes!!!! Cuuuute!

  12. Sounds like you had a fun time. I think Veenie does the pose better.

  13. It looks like a pretty neat weekend! Deep Ellum definitely had some good finds for photo-ops. Will is a little cutie. But I have to say you fed giraffes and that's a major win!

  14. I really just want to know one thing-when you did that high kick did you fall backwards like you did the last time you did that at the fraternity house?!?! Just concerned about you ;)

    XOXO love the pics!

  15. That's awesome that you can feed the Giraffes. Jealous!

  16. Nice not a place I have ever thought about visiting


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