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25 February 2015

$175 Target Giveaway

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I bring you some new friends, some weekend plan ideas and free money to spend at Target. All I'm missing is some Starbs and a classic blanket scarf and you would need to start calling me Basic Santa! #JK #LOL #LYLAS

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 /// 5 Things Brittany Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans ///
1. Binge watch some TV! There's plenty of Netflix and Hulu to keep me entertained.
2. Read a new book.
3. Workout! Best days for long runs are weekend mornings.
4. Brunch, because brunch plans are the best plans.

5. Clean...but this should really be your last resort.

Route Bliss

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/// 5 Things Christina Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans ///
1. Sleep in
2. Play tourist in my hometown
3. Hog a table at a local deli for a few hours (for the free wifi)
4. Read a novel or two
5. Window shop somewhere I can't afford to otherwise shop

 Hel on Heels

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/// 5 Things Helen Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans ///
1. Go exploring! Pack up the car and take a little spontaneous road trip. I live in the south, there is plenty of crazy to go see.
2. Get mango frozen yogurt, or as I affectionately call it ""fro yo,"" with extra cheesecake bites and sprinkles to balance out my fruit and granola.
3. Sign up for a fun new fitness class. The stranger the better. Hot yoga, alright? Aerial fitness, why not?
4. Go to happy hour. Or mimosa brunch. Or both! Definitely both!
5. If I'm too tired after the work week to do any of that, a little Netflix binge is never out of the question. I'm almost done with Gilmore Girls, so suggestions are welcome!

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