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04 February 2015

Travel Tips for Couples

Today is a very, very important day. Other than the fact that I have a great guest post for you featuring travel tips for couples, today is National Signing Day. But that is quite literally all I will be saying about that. No details on anything, any player, any team. Not a peep from me other than these few sentences saying that I'm not going to say so much as a few sentences out of fear of jinxing everything. Follow coverage for yourself here. After you click there, then maybe you'll see why I'm not saying a dang thing... other than all those things I just said.

In an effort to keep silent, I've enlisted the help of my friend Olya to take over the blog today. Like me, Olya is currently a Texas transplant and blogs over at The Siberian American! A travel enthusiast, she is bringing you some tips today for traveling as a couple! CB and I had our first big trip as a couple, and other than getting punched in the face, I think we followed Olya's tips pretty darn well! Especially the not over planning part, had we planned better, then I wouldn't have gotten punched in the face, and I wouldn't have had an entire blog post about it. 

So voila, these tips are fabulous and I will let Olya take it away! Plus, we have teamed up for a beauty and ad space giveaway at the end! A Julep prize pack from Olya and ESPN sized ad space from me! 


Hello, Venus Trapped in Mars readers! My name is Olya, and I blog over at The Siberian American. I love writing about our travel adventures, our journey through my hubby's medical school and upcoming residency, my adorable Corgi mix, and all the things that make me happy.

Chris and I love traveling together, but after spending months of long-haul flights, constant train travel, and countless hours in the car, it can be hard not to get annoyed at each other. Here’s how we travel together for months at a time while keeping our relationship in tact:

Split up responsibilities: 

I am the planner, and Chris is the navigator. He usually doesn’t care we go, and I don’t care how we get there. By splitting up responsibilities, we both feel like we are doing our part.


Before we set our itinerary in stone, we sit down and discuss what we both want out of the trip. We each pick an attraction we really want to visit—he might pick a medieval torture museum (not my thing) while I might pick a musical (not his thing), and we pick everything else together. This way, neither one of us is disappointed.

Don’t plan every second of every day:

Chris and I love taking the time to enjoy being together in a new place. Some of my favorite travel moments have been us wandering the streets together and finding a random restaurant. Though I tend to try to pack as much as I can into our days, we are much less likely to get stressed and irritated at each other when we take the time to sleep and relax.

Don’t blame each other for mistakes:

Traveling can be stressful, and we have both made plenty of mistakes…and have said things we shouldn’t have. Instead of blaming each other for things going wrong, we now try to work together to solve the problem. We try to remind ourselves that we aren’t lost…we’re just exploring a new place! :)

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  1. The last two are huge! I travel tons with my boyfriend and we didn't do either of those when we first started traveling with each other and it can start a ton of fights. And yay for Julep! I love them.

  2. my comments are not going through.. what is my deal?? I think splitting up responsibility is so important!

  3. I always have to compromise with the planning. My boyfriend loves to just relax, and I do too, but I also want to SEE things. I can't stand just sitting around the hotel.

    Midwest Darling

  4. My husband normal make the packing list. Then I pack the items up.

  5. great tips Olya! I will say I am getting better with travelling with my husband.. it's hard to compromise with someone who never wants to do anything in particular, so it is all up to me - so when something goes wrong, or isn't as fun... its hard not to blame myself or feel like he is blaming me (not that he does, but you know). but i have definitely learned not to over plan!

  6. Lol @ your first paragraph. I probably shouldn't have tweeted as much as I did but whatever... Go Vols!

  7. Great tips, Olya! I totally agree with splitting up responsibilities... We do that when we travel, except for our honeymoon. Tim did all of that one!

  8. Chris and I went on a short trip a couple of months ago and we did really well. These are great tips to keep in mind when we go on a longer adventure!

  9. Such great tips indeed, Tim and I doing many of these things anyway

  10. Hi Olya! Great tips. Compromise and leaving a lot of free time is something we always try to do on vacations, after all, not every second has to be planned! :)

  11. Great tips, Olya! Dividing up responsibility is key for sure. As well, as having some free time. I like to plan stuff but I also need time to go with the flow. You never know what you might find that you need to do/explore that you hadn't planned before you got there. :)

  12. Really cool info you shared here and I love it a lot.
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  13. I think splitting up responsibilities is a great idea. And traveling together can be incredibly stressful, so it's good to go in with an open mind and willingness to compromise. Also love to remind myself (and my partner!) that getting lost just adds to the adventure :) Great post!


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