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19 February 2015

Miami's Food, Surf and Turf

"But Sarah... how could you ever fit a 10 day trip to Miami into just one blog post?"

Well, Little Timmy thanks for asking, but that is easy to answer... when you go for work it makes it much easier! 

You guys reading this post are Little Timmy in this scenario, in case you didn't know. My brain is a little fried at the moment, and I am exhausted, so bare with me here! You may be getting some really obscure, out of nowhere content.... i.e. exhibit A, Little Timmy, shown above. 

I flew back into Dallas yesterday after a 10 day trip to the Miami International Boat Show! It was hard work and long hours on my feet, but it was also a lot of fun! I maximized my lunch break on a couple of different occasions, and was able to explore and snap some great pictures. Of course it certainly helps the picture quality when the subject you're photographing is the unbelievably colorful and stunning, South Beach Miami! 

Ok Little Timmy... how about we organize this blog post. Let's split it into three parts; Food, Surf and Turf. 

My best friend Magen texted me as soon as she realized I was in Miami and told me I HAD to eat at Shake Shack. Magen has never let me down on any kind of recommendation, so I knew this was a place I needed to go. And boy was she right! 
NOM NOM NOM, Little Timmy! I highly recommend you go there if you're ever near a city with a Shake Shack!

Oh man Little Timmy... we are just getting started with this post and I know you're already totes jeal and totes hangry. 

Let's ease back... I also tried Escargot. My general reaction was this:¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Not that good... not that bad. Meh!

I also ate pizza like 6 times.What can I say? When one boyfriend is away, it gives me time to spend some QT with my other love, Pete Za.  I'll spare me you the pictures of all of the pizza, Little Timmy. 
Ok fine here are two to get the juices flowing...

Ok Little Timmy, let's move on to surf before we both die of hanger.  I had very little time to get acquainted with the Miami Surf. I didn't even touch the water at any point. 

But that didn't stop me from taking some pictures that make me want to jump in right meow! 

How bout you Little Timmy??

 Sorry for all the selfies Little Timmy. 
The boyfriend I was with on this trip, Pizza, isn't exactly the biggest help with picture taking. 
Maybe CB can come next time?

We also visited the in-water portion of the boat show, where our company had a few slips. I snapped some shots and got photo bombed by a bird, as you can see. 

Better than a different kind of bomb by a bird though... 
**nudges Little Timmy's arm repeatedly** 
ha ha ha... ammmiright, Little Timmy???

 *pats self on back real hard*

DAT turf DOE, Little Timmy! Dat turf doe....

And finally Little Timmy, there's this beer pong float that if I don't have immediately I will die. Let's just hope it doesn't come with a punch in the face

Ok Little Timmy, that concludes my trip to Miami. Which did you like best? The Food? The Surf? Or the Turf? 

Me? Well, I liked the beer pong float best. Thanks for asking. 



  1. I love that you embraced your natural hair texture. When I lived in FL my hair hated me... and it was the height of STRAIGHT IS THE BEST trends... and my hair was like NOPE... Afro for you my dear!

    This looks like a great place to be on a work trip for sure!!!

  2. great pics, great review and I love that sundress you have on.

  3. jealous. It is currently a balmy 2º (feels like -24º with the wind chill, according to that jerk of a weatherman) and I'm looking at these pictures and actually physically aching for that place. There are so many gorgeous colors in these pictures and all I've seen since November is 50 shades of grey...and white...and black.

  4. Shake Shack!!!! Yummmmmmm!

    That looks like an amazing time. Even if you were there for work!

  5. LOL at Little Timmy! :D I've heard such good things about Shake Shack! That burger looks AMAZING! I love your pictures, so gorgeous!

  6. You got some gorgeous pictures, even if you were there for work!

  7. A beer pong float?! Seriously? I need that, even though I suck at beer pong. That would be perfect for the 3.5 seconds of summer we get here in Wisconsin. :) Also, I'm loving your maxi dress and the pictures of the beach want to make me escape this negative wind chill temps I'm feeling ASAP.

  8. man, this is gorgeous. makes me want to go to the beach.. oh wait. JK I just need a vacation (or do i?) you look super pretty and I cna't wait to see your face tonight. Bring Timmy!

  9. and where's the "i jumped in CB's arms because i missed him and he had flowers and general and veenie was there too!". that's what lil' Timmy really wanted to read ;)

  10. These photos are everything! Glad you had fun :)

  11. Those photos are so gorgeous!!! I love Miami!!

  12. Ok, that food looks delicious and I love your maxi dress. Not to mention the beauty of the surf. What a fun work trip! Happy weekend!

  13. I don't know exactly why, but I have never been a big Florida fan. Carolinas are more my speed for a vacation like setting. However, I did stay at the Loews Hotel in South Beach for a work event and it was amazing! The beach, the food, the turf! If I never leave that hotel I could easily be a happy camper! lol!

  14. A post that has made me feel happy I don't know why it just did........just saying

  15. Well it was a very thorough recap and we have Shake Shack here in NYC, it is dangerous!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. I love your post, Little Timmy, you're too funny. These make me want to explore Santa Monica beach and it's here in Cali, that's where I am, no airfare needed.
    Aphrodite+Kidd's Closet


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